Malaya is confronting rapid developments particularly in physical and economic system sector. Economic development and prosperity of states depend on metropoliss. The urbanisation and urban metropoliss gets life from the transit sector. Malayan urban transit has developed in a rapid gait but still needs to run into certain demands of the turning economic system and population. This survey aims to concentrate on some of those issues like rise in private vehicle ownerships, bike related concerns, traffic congestion, demand of more public conveyance, parking, route safety and air pollution. All or some of these factors are dependent on each other. So, rectifying one by one will relieve the major concerns of traffic congestion and other environmental jeopardies. When each of these factors is addressed the effectual part can do successful urban development.

Urban metropoliss in developing states have several factors that creates job to sustainable conveyance system. The population growing, high income and rapid growing of metropoliss and urbanisation has led addition in travel demand. The service of conveyance sector has ever non been up to the grade in developing states. Most conveyance installations fail due to miss of proper planning and design. Besides, the walkers and non-motorized vehicle users are less considered when be aftering urban conveyance system that creates mixture of traffic in the roads and farther complications. Malayan economic system is developing so fast that most of the people afford to hold private vehicles and therefore the vehicle population has besides boomed. Highly engorged roads with all types of vehicles and riders, going at different velocity are the present state of affairs of Malayan roads. This is farther worsened by deficiency of public conveyance installations and parking infinite. Air pollution and other environmental jeopardies are besides yet another concern.

Public transit can be defined as passage or motion of mass and shared rider from one topographic point to other topographic points. There are three manners of public transit which consists of land ( ropewaies, cab, coachs and railroad ) , air ( aeroplane and chopper ) and H2O ( boat and ferries ) . In order to better and increase the public transit, the Federal Government under the Prime Minister of Malaysia has introduces the Government Transformation Program ( GTP ) and he has put top precedences on public transit and as proves it was enlisted as one of the six National Key Result Areas ( NKRA ) which is aa‚¬A“improving urban public transportationaa‚¬A? . Towards it, one of the solutions were that the authorities has introduces and established Land Public Transport Commission ( SPAD ) in which all signifiers of land public conveyance in Peninsular Malaysia is under supervising and managed by this committee. The SPAD chief map is to guarantee the complete and good managed public transit system is important for the people, concerns and later for the urban and rural colony Furthermore, the traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur metropolis Centre is acquiring out of control and this has lead to air polution. Harmonizing to Rahim and Ghani ( 2006 ) , to get the better of the environment issues about emanations from fuel-propelled private vehicles that are damaging the environment and wellness is by utilizing the public transit. Furthermore, Duarte and Ultramari ( 2011 ) besides explains that theodolite oriented development ( TOD ) linear allows featured by the activities of commercialism and services, public installations and lodging to be distributed along conveyance corridor such as route or rail that could benefits and forming theodolite. In order to better the efficiency and effectivity of land public conveyance particularly rail-based-transport, the SPAD has introduces Urban Rail Development policies that was portion of Greater Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley program.

Under Urban Rail Development policies, the SPAD has green goodss programs and enterprises for a 20 twelvemonth sustainable National Rail Based Public Transport service. For the scope 2020-2030, the Light Rapid Transit ( LRT ) extension for Ampang Line and Kelana Jaya Line where both will stop in Putra Heights and expected to be accomplished by 2013. In add-on, NKRA initiatives besides to upgrade the service of KTM Komuter from 20-30 proceedingss to 10-15 proceedingss service per train. And to function the northwest and sou’-east of Klang Valley, My Rapid Transit ( MRT ) is presently under building between Sungai Buloh and Kajang through KL City Centre.

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2.0 Problem Statement

3.0 Aim of Study

The purpose is to steer this research from the beginning until the terminal. The purpose of this survey is to promoting My Rapid Transit ( MRT ) use through land usage by be aftering new land development and direction of bing land usage.

4.0 Aims of Study

4.1 To place the demand and supply of MRT in survey country.

4.2 To place the relationship between MRT and land usage planning.

4.3 To place factors that contributes to sustainable mobility

4.4 To find the travel and demand for MRT and private vehicles.

5.0 Scopes of Study

This research is to analyze on the issues and jobs of incorporating land usage and MRT. Main range of the survey is divided into three, which are:

5.1 Land Use

Locations for human activities ( residential, Centre of employment and urban installations )

Land usage form and street design

Urban hierarchy and urban development

5.2 Density

Population along MRT Alignment

Travel demands and supply

Traffic capacity

5.3 MRT Transportation

Capacity of MRT

Distances and path frequence

Average velocity of MRT

Traffic capacity

6.0 Methodology

Theoretical Study

Theoretical survey on the survey on depression of coach backing in Putrajaya

Level ThreeLevel One

Data Collection

Formulation of Goal and Aims

Secondary Datas

Available and ready informations

The books, diary, research, web cyberspace.

Primer Data

Raw Data

Interviews, Questionnaires, Survey Form

Analysis and Findingss

Analysis informations that include the stock list research and besides public perceptual experience study


Degree Two

In this research procedure, there are three general phases of survey that become the major counsel and mentions for each of the procedure that has in this survey. The phases of this survey would be done in three major phases, which are: –

Level One: Formulation of Goal, Objectives and Scopes

This is the basic and first degree that required signifiers end and aims that would move as the guideline for this transit research. This is importance as the purpose is that what we wanted to be achieves by the terminal of the research. The aims are the elements that need to accomplish the end to do this research success. Meanwhile the range is the countries of our research for the whole period of research.

Flat Two: Datas Collection

The 2nd degree is about informations aggregation where it is to be collected based on two types of informations which is primary informations and secondary informations. The primary information is the natural information and would be collected through the site visit at the research country. The procedure in roll uping this information involves observation, site study and interview. Next, the secondary information is available and ready informations. These informations is obtain at the authorities bureaus such as Planning Authority, Local Authority, Government Agencies, and publication beginnings such as cyberspace, booklet, diaries, magazine, books and many others.

Level Three: Data Analysis and Findingss

This phase is the critical degree after the information is collected. In this degree, all the information that had been collected would be gathered and compiled together. After the information had been analyzed, the possible and restraint in the survey country can be identified. The standard procedure in analyses the information is SWOT analysis and descriptive analysis. In this information analysis procedure, the informations would be analyzed based on the obtain informations. By the terminal of this degree, it really would assist by bring forthing the relevancy proposal that suited with the current and future development at the research country.

7.0 Significance of survey

The significance of research survey about public transit in Putrajaya is to work out the jobs originating particularly in work outing traffic congestion that frequently occurs during peak hours. Overwhelm volume of traffic could convey to bad images and individuality of Putrajaya of authorities planned metropolis. Furthermore, it is besides to turn to the deficit of parking in Putrajaya authorities edifices due to extremely figure of private vehicle on route come ining metropolis centre of Putrajaya in which to seek solutions so work outing out the jobs. Next is about the public conveyance available in Putrajaya and to optimising the extremely use of coachs and to suggest a new LRT in Putrajaya.

8.0 Brief Description of Study Area

Kajang is a town in Hulu Langat District and located in south-east of Selangor. The whole territory of Hulu Langat is under municipality of Majlis Perbandaran Kajang ( MPKj ) except mukim Ampang that was under disposal of Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya ( MPAj ) . The Kajang town is located 21 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The entire country of Kajang has 78,761 hectare and consists of Mukim Kajang, Cheras, Semenyih, Beranang, Hulu Langat dan Hulu Semenyih.

MRT is the authorities of Malaysia enterprises under Greater Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley that connected Sungai Buloh aa‚¬ ” Kajang ( SBK ) from northwest to southeast of Kuala Lumpur. The MRT undertaking aims is to cut down the traffic congestion by increasing the figure of people in utilizing public conveyance by 2020. Kajang is included in this system with nine Stationss within the Kajang Municipal Council ( MPKj ) country. The system was expected to be completed by 2016.


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