British Colonist’s Pathway to U. S. Citizen British Americans traveled far and wide with hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for owning land, growing crops, achieving wealth was on the forefront of the colonist’s minds. British men and women left behind old lives and not so great previous living arrangements to better their lives for generations to come. While the King was invested to conquer and acquire wealth and new territory. This In Itself began the very process that started It all.

The first colonists gained citizenship because of poor Leadership and a hope for a better life. Many instances and circumstances and peoples choices went into the correlation of the steps that it took for the colonists to fight for their rights and lives to mean something to have freedom true freedom not Just Miming to fill the pockets of greedy ruler ship. That they themselves could attain what we call the American dream. I believe this Is one of the biggest accounts that had to take place was to Insight people to want better.

Not to settle for less than they deserve. Not to live under the regime of a tyrant but to live under civil liberties that we today get to enjoy and retake in. The United States went Into rebellion In 1775, declared Independence as a formal entity In 1776, and ended the Revolutionary War In 1783, which Is when It might be said that we became free from the British Empire; the assistance of France was vital in pinning down the British Army and ensuring the surrender of their key forces. That peace (Treaty of Paris) formalized U.

S. Freedom. Kingdoms of Great Britain, France and Spain, with Portugal in agreement, after Britain’s victory over France and Spain during the Seven Years’ War. Where the French Gave to Spain territories in America, like Louisiana, though not in full until the early eighteen hundreds known as the Louisiana Purchase. Because relations with England remained not on the best of terms, and U. S. And British forces frequently retaliated at each other in the years to come. The British still felt that the U. S. Ere splinter colonies, and impressed sailors from our fishing fleets which took the sailors captive and forced them to serve in the ships of the royal navy. This practice was one of the causes of the War of 1812, which included the sack of Washington D. C. And the burning of the White House. After that ordeal the War ended in early 181 5, the U. S was really independent of the Empire, and Britain stopped interfering so directly in U. S. Relations between Britain and U. S. Were still very fragile for the next several years almost going to war at different times though after the War of 1812 it’s safe to say the U.

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S. Was considered fully Independent, Britain had stopped trying to get the U. S. Back. “The term citizen was used in Rome to indicate the possession of private civil rights, including those accruing under the Roman family and inheritance law and the Roman contract and property law. All other subjects were peregrines. “But in the beginning of the third century the division was abolished and all subjects were citizens; 1 sell. Essays in Anglo-Aimer. L. H. (578). ” Bruiser’s Law Dictionary, 1914. What is a citizen?

According to business dictionary, “A person who is entitled to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by a state to the people comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or duties as called upon. Also called national”. Citizenship is the glue that holds the state and citizen’s association together. Citizenship is the commonality of a whole with like mindedness for a better wholeness. Citizenship is like a delicious cookie recipe, separately the ingredients don’t really make anything, nor have tremendous meaning or taste.

But after you pour each ingredient into the bowl and mix it up, you have a fabulous cookie dough ripe and ready for the baking. Amendable and ready for service which in this case is a trip to the oven for baking and then to the table to be shared till all gone. The ingredients (people) separately nothing, but together make citizens, united making of a fabulous statehood. Though the passage to America was brought about and even paid for by the King of Brittany, The Colonists could no longer devout their loyalty and lively hood to that of such a heartless, uncaring, tyrant, of a selfish, self-seeking Lordship, as he.

Inside every human being is the basic instinct to survive and thrive. Under the Lordship of Brittany the colonist King cared more about his pockets being overflowing then the well-being of his people, whom it was his soul duty to properly govern. The colonist’s legal rights and privileges of a citizen of Spain compromised their own well-being, and that of their families, which in sighted and activated their natural instinct to survive also then in sighting the need for a revolution and a new Lordship or Governing entity to take over or reign in place of Spain’s power and influence.

The People yearned and longed for their dreams to come true, owning some land growing strong successful crops, leaving behind something for their children to thrive off of. Most of the colonist had never experienced the open wide ranges as America possessed. They came from tiny little condo or small apartment time housing. Space wasn’t a luxury that these colonist had experienced. Having a taste of something and that very thing you tasted being dangled in front of you like a carrot on a string in front of a donkey.

That very thing, tasting, gave them the dreams hopes necessary, that with the right tools and the very chance they could very well obtain this dream. One thing great about humans, is that we are very resilient, we can take a licking and keep on ticking you could say. And being under the rule of a horrible deader ignited that drive inside each of them, that yes they can make it, yes they will survive, yes they will obtain and maintain their dream whatever the cost, they were more than willing to pay that price of hard work.

To fight for their natural rights, which outweighed the fear of what if. Though the King invested greatly in the discovery and colonization of America, knowing that it could all be for nothing that his investment could all be a loss rather than increase. The king pressed forward more than willing to take that chance, a two sided coin, loss or gain. Either way he was a winner, to fill his questions and inquisitiveness with truth of the unknown and the bonus and most important was that of riches, he went for it and sent ships with many soon to be colonists for trade and to gain wealth.

For the weight of it, the king wasn’t losing anything but everything to gain. The Kings men at his order conquered little by little taking all they could. The Kings soldiers drove out what was the current inhabitants of America even to the extent of murder, and even by taking slaves. Fully obtaining all that the America’s had to offer for gain. Regardless the cost for others he was willing to pay, at of course their expense. The King saw a great treasure mine of unmeasured possibilities.

It wasn’t until The Kings legislature of horrendous taxation without proper leadership representation and communication unto his countrymen inhabiting the newly taken American land that caused his own men to revolt and seek full separation from England Rule. If the King would of used wisdom and better treatment with clear communication thinking of his people rather than Just his pocket book we may all be speaking true English not slang version of English and an accent, drinking tea while eating crumpets.


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