Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Once an organism is classified, the classification cannot change.
The biogeography of a species can help explain all of the following EXCEPT:
All of the above can be determined from studying the biogeography of a species.
All of the above can be determined from studying the biogeography of a species.
all of the above
An animal with a rigid backbone would belong to which phylum?
What is the best explanation as to why early penguin fossils have been found in New Zealand?
New Zealand was once much closer to Antarctica.
Which of the following are used to develop a phylogenetic tree?
All of the above are used to develop a phylogenetic tree.
Which of the following factors is the most likely to affect the geographical distribution of a particular species?
plate tectonics
On a phylogenetic tree, a _______ represents the most recent common ancestor shared by the organisms above it.
If two organisms are placed in the same phylum, which of the following statements is TRUE?
They have some major body structures in common.
According to scientists, approximately _______ species exist on Earth today.
5-30 million
The Miller-Urey experiment was important because it showed __________.
that is was possible to form organic molecules from inorganic molecules
d. a and c
e. all of the above
The first eukaryotic organisms on Earth were _______.
green algae
Scientists can use __________ to determine the age of an igneous rock surrounding a fossil.
radiometric dating
When 50-90% of all species die off rapidly, this is called __________.
mass extinction
If you found a fossil of an animal that was found in many areas of Gondwana, on which of the following continents might you expect to find its descendants?
South America
Why are genes from ribosomal RNA (rRNA) used to compare genetic sequences between species?
They are found in all living organisms.

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