As we known BMS are created to command cardinal computing machine method which has 3 footing maps, which is commanding, monitoring and besides optimising.

However, there is a BMS waiter package to ease the plants of installations direction which to working within the edifice and besides to carry through the edifice operation and care.

General Requirement

The BMS waiter system is composed of 3 sets of reducant computing machines, which communicate with several sorts of input or end product devices, subordinate computing machine system and higher order computing machine systems. The subdivisions described the package required to accomplish the coveted functionality of the BMS.

The package design is based upon existent clip informations acquisitions and control capableness. Data including point values, parametric quantities, messages, instructions, databases entree statements, maestro clock synchronism and other signifiers of computing machines informations exchange may arise from or be destined for other sub-system and computing machines and database which may organize rap of TAMS.

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It is duty of the BMS Sub-System Contractor to develop, trial, papers and debug package interface modus operandis and back uping hardware to carry through the interface demand of BMS to TAMS and any other system or sub-system with which the BMS is required to pass on.

The BMS Sub-System Contractor will supply package for the BMS Sub-System, which is proven in existent field installing of a similar size and range. The BMS Sub-System Contractor will supply complete information and responses with stamps including mention sites, name, and telephone figure of mention site contracts.

Software Licensing

KLIAB respects the properness nature of certain package. Commercially available package purchased from a 3rd party such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, OS/2 and similar package bundles are provided. Licenses are bound with the operation and care manuals for BMS system.

BMS maker ‘s proprietary package is provided to the full licensed. All BMS maker ‘s proprietary package will hold complete beginnings codifications, plans listings and back uping information deposited in an escrow history at the BMS Sub-System Contractor ‘s disbursal.

BMS Server Software

Operating System

The BMS waiter computing machines will use a multi-user, multi tasking operating system designed for client waiter operations. The operating system will back up all the needed package maps and application described in the BMS specifications.

Standard services supported by Operating System on serves will include the undermentioned:

Multi- tasking Multi- user support

POSIX 1003, 1 conformity

TCP/IP, SLIP Network Support

Network File System ( NFS )

C linguistic communication complier

The BMS Sub-System Contractor will supply to the SMC one complete set of operating system user manuals and coder ‘s mentions manuals bound as portion of each BMS Operation and Maintenance Manual.

BMS Software Executive

The BMS Sub-System Contractor shall supply a complete BMS package executive faculty which provides at lower limit:

Workstation communicating athletics

Printer quering and tasking

I/O Channel support for up to 99 communicating channel

Disk optimisation modus operandis

On-line database backup and Restoration

Memory direction maps

Software watchdog maps

Networking maps

Housekeeping maps

Diagnostic modus operandis

Server Redundancy Software

The BMS Sub-System Contractor will supply six complete waiter computing machines arranged as three sets of redundant ‘hot standby ‘ waiter system.

Each waiter computing machine are equipped with all hardware and package with complete capableness to back up the designated BMS undertakings.

Each waiter will coexist on the BMS web and are able to automatically presume full operation of BMS without any loss of informations, dismay, or position information.

The redundancy package provides full databases charges made to the primary waiter are propagated to the backup waiter without any operator intercession.

Conversions from primary to backup waiter are accomplished within 10seconds, whether manually initialed or automatically initialed.

Detection of any waiter package executing failure will do the automatic transportation of all server maps to the backup waiter and will originate a primary waiter failure dismay.

These dismay are distributed a BMS Alarm Handling Software specifications. These sewer failure dismaies are classified at the highest precedence degree.

The BMS Sub-System Contractor will supply a hardware or package switch to let the user choice of which waiter computing machine is the primary waiter, and which is the backup waiter.

Such choices are made freely and at any clip during the normal operations of the BMS Server System.

It is possible at any clip to wholly take one of the waiter computing machines for fix, care or other demand without interrupting normal BMS operations.

BMS workstations will automatically exchange the user interface and TCP/IP reference to the waiter in control of the BMS, without operator intercession.

Alarm Handling Software

Complete Alarm Handling Software faculties are provided in the BMS waiter package bundle.

The dismay handling package will supply comprehensive dismay sensing and direction installations to let fast and accurate presentment to the BMS of unnatural point values or conditions.

Alarm Attribute Table

Each and every BMS point capable of dismay will hold alarm property assigned in an dismay property tabular array.

The dismay property tabular array will regulate the manner and agencies by which the point dismay is reported by the BMS.

The dismay property tabular array are online definable and mutable by an authorised BMS user. Each point defined in the Alarm Attribute Table will, upon alteration of province, read the tabular array and be acted upon consequently.

For each point the undermentioned property are definable:

Print alarm/ inhibit printing

Printers assigned to publish point dismay

Print dismay merely

Print all point events

Workstation assigned to expose dismay

Alarm category 1-4 ( normal, pressing, low, diary )

Alarm precedence 1-9 ( 9 precedences within each category )

Unanswered Alarm Software

If dedicated BMS workstation is been assigned to have an dismay, each incoming dismay will get down a package timer who starts upon dismay coevalss and ends upon alarm recognition.

If an dismay is non acknowledge within a user defined figure of seconds, an unreciprocated dismay are automatically generates and displayed at the EOC monitoring room BMS workstations, whether or non the EOC monitoring room workstation were assigned to have the original acknowledge dismay. The unreciprocated dismay events are recorded as a dealing in the historical dealing database file.


These package were helped the installations direction operation within the edifice by using Building Management System to carry through the edifice operation and care. It is besides helped to ease of information handiness job nosologies and helped computerized care programming. However, this package was maintained effectual usage of care staff and it is give more satisfied an residents.


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