Bulgaria is a state in the eastern portion of Europe whose popularity as a vacation finish has greatly additions in the last five old ages. A prognosis done by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy shows that the figure of tourers sing the state will be more than 20 million for 2010. Equally good as known with its sea and ski resorts, Bulgaria is besides popular finish due to its rich history and alone nature. The current tourer activity is stretched over a figure of historical topographic points, many of which are included in the UNESKO universe heritage list, 1000s of undiscovered rural topographic points every bit good as traditional activities, 100s of natural mineral springs and attractive cultural memorials.

‘Bulgarian Dream holidays UK ‘ is London based travel bureau that sells air hose tickets and vacation bundles to Bulgaria entirely to British clients and Bulgarians based in UK. Two enterprisers created the company in 2005 to run into the turning demand from Bulgarian and UK clients. Soon after the company establishment the functions have been divided between their laminitiss. One of them took attention about selling of the company while the other, who had recent experience in gross revenues field, took on gross revenues. The expression that the company adopted was extremely successful, and they had to name two more employees to manage the increasing demand. Currently the company is seeking to spread out their clients target age. Therefore, the laminitiss decided to utilize classical concern theoretical account which involved selling vacation bundles in good known Bulgarian resorts. Due to important alterations in travel market and competition of other vacation providers, ‘Bulgarian Dream holidays UK ‘ has decided to utilize wholly different concern theoretical account. It launched offering unusual vacation bundles thoughts in Bulgaria such as dental, rural and utmost touristry. Dental private pattern in UK is really expensive, that ‘s why the company founders has come up with ‘dental touristry ‘ thought. It includes booking a private dental assignment every bit good as the necessary sleeping agreements in an attractive Bulgarian topographic point and this trade sometimes can come at a monetary value up to 3 times less so what a UK dental service would be. Dental and runing touristry became a existent “ topographic point on ” , in footings of bundle gross revenues, late. The current failing of the company is its web presence. The bing web site does non let users to book vacations and trips to Bulgaria ; presently its lone map is to give information about different types of vacations that company offer. The future programs include investing in a new web site that can be competitory against bigger vacation companies. However its new intent will be besides to let users book a vacation and book a flight trough their web site.

Similar theoretical accounts of concern

The first illustration is a web site called www.infohub.com. This website advertises trips and recommends different and inspirational travel thoughts.The nature of its concern is to supply a platform where different sort of travel companies and individual travel agents can publicize their services. The website benefits from immense popularity because of its alone travel thoughts in combination with good concern scheme. While standard vacation and travel web sites such as ‘Opodo.com ‘ and ‘Expedia.com ‘ offer trips to well known finishs, ‘Infohub ‘ has the inspirational turn for their clients which is likely their expression for success. Presently they are looking for travel companies that offer merely unusual types of vacations. With the combination of advanced attacks and maintaining the concern up to the current vacation and travel demands ‘Infohub ‘ is one of the most travel companies engaged in alternate travel concern.

The following theoretical account is a Bulgarian travel bureau ( www.magictours-bg.com ) that offers uncommon vacations bundles in Bulgaria. The chief thought is potentially prospective the web site has a figure of defects which can hold a strong negative influence on the concern. One illustration is the deficiency of specific information about their vacation offers such as day of the months and monetary values. Furthermore, the pricing information which is important for the users could be more meaningful by adding a currency change overing option. Multi currency show systems are wildly used in travel web sites feature that can non be seen in this web site. These are some of the failings which non in favour for the concern scheme of this travel bureau.

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In these two illustrations the companies are similar and offer comparatively unpopular vacation bundles, but they are different in the manner their concern is structured. In first instance with ‘Infohub ‘ , the scheme is simple – they provide a platform where bureaus can publicize their merchandises and acquire charged for the service from ‘Infohub ‘ . The slogan “ The ultimate beginning of animating travel thoughts ” expresses clearly the concern scheme of the company. While there are other web based companies seeking to sell similar merchandises, they focus on different vision about going. Presently they offer over 20 000 different inspirational vacations covering activities from Artist workshops to Yoga retreats. On a planetary operational degree thy have over 5000 spouses in 120 states. The one class that these two companies, ‘Infohub ‘ and ‘Magictours ‘ , can be compared is their advanced thoughts about going. In this comparing, nevertheless, the inquiry is what restrains the Bulgarian travel company ‘s concern to use to the same degree as ‘Infohub ‘ . The grounds can be summarized as follows:

Lack of good cognition in latest e-commerce tendencies.

Company message to the clients is non clearly stated.

Does non convert clients to purchase their merchandise.

No clear vision about company planetary outgo in the market.

Minor coaction with bigger travel companies.

Organizational and managerial construction

The manager will be responsible for concern scheme and company public presentation.

IT support officer-responsible for the website construction and regular updates

PR officer ‘s function will be to look after the company ‘s image on the travel market, interceding with advertisement companies and keeping dealingss with bigger travel companies. In the organisation the worker will join forces with the company manager and IT support officer.

Human Resources officer ‘s function will be to look after employees ‘ public presentation every bit good as reconnoitering for a new endowments that can be employed in the company.

Travel and adjustment officer ‘s function will affect determination and covering with traveling and adjustment companies in order to supply best possible services.

Activity adviser will be interceding with circuit operators and other cardinal spouses such as local extreme activities administrations, runing administrations, etc. His duties will be besides to rede client about visas ( where needed ) , travel insurance, auto hire, etc.

Strengths of Bulgarian truism sector

Failings of Bulgarian touristry sector

Harmonizing to current statistics provided by Bulgarian National Statistical Institute, there is a 15 % lessening of foreign tourers visited Bulgaria for the last one-fourth of 2010. This could partially be accounted by the current economic downswing and overdevelopment in the state. Furthermore, historical touristry is still undeveloped in Bulgaria. Although the state has many memorials, monasteries and archaeological ruins they are still rather unknown and unpopular amongst the tourers. Rural touristry is another component that needs farther development in Bulgaria. There are many topographic points and small towns in and around the beautiful Bulgarian mountains that can be great topographic points for eco touristry, nevertheless, they still need advertisement and farther publicity in order to be employed by the tourer ‘s sector.

Recent research done by National Tourism Agency shows that More than 90 % of Bulgarian travel companies do non offer vacation bundles for Bulgarian tourer topographic points. Their concern attacks abroad finishs in states such as Greece, Turkey and Macedonia.

Sum uping, the chief tourer attractive forces of Bulgaria can be grouped as follow.

Black sea resorts-the chief benefits are 380 kilometres of seashore line, mineral H2O springs, vacation small towns and campgrounds.

Snow resorts-3 chief resorts ( Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo ) are in service during the winter season in the period between December and March. This resorts are really popular finish for many western states tourers.

Spa touristry is non really popular in Bulgaria even though there are about 600 natural mineral H2O springs.

Historical touristry is another niche that is underdeveloped in Bulgaria, although has great possible and the fact that has been home for many ancient civilisations.

Hunting tourism-Bulgaria has 56 elect runing evidences but grosss for 2007 shows that merely 2 million Euros are spend for this kind of touristry. In contrast is Hungary has merely 6 runing evidences and grosss about 300 million EUR.


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