Khalifa Tower skyscraper located in the Emirate of Dubai. United Arab Emirates and Burj Al Khalifa is the highest edifice built by adult male and the tallest tower in the universe at heights of 828 metres. Began building in the Emirate of Dubai. United Arab Emirates September 21. 2004 was the completion of restructuring of State in the first of October 2009. and officially opened on January 4. 2010. to go the world’s highest edifice instantly replace the Taipei 101 in Taiwan

The top of the tower includes a balcony position unfastened to the populace. and besides the highest mosque. the higher the eating house. and the highest swimming pool. every bit good as the Numberss belonging to constituents of the tower. which co-implemented by about 12 1000 workers and applied scientists since its origin in 2004 [ 5 ] .

The cost of the edifice about $ 1. 5 billion with a entire reinforced country of 526. 760 square metres. divided into 171 870 square metres of lodging units and 27. 870 square metres of office infinite. 124 hundred floors with about 1044 flats. it was said that 90 % of the sale. despite the impact of planetary fiscal crisis on the existent estate sector in the part. every bit good as to companies and trade events.

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During the gap. announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Vice-President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. to alter the name of the tower of Dubai. to the Tower. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan ( President of the State ) and that held in award to him for his attempts. and the limitless support of Dubai and the other the other emirates in the state

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[ Tower Khalifa footings
The undermentioned set of facts and figures about the tallest tower in the universe:

Tower consists of about 200 floors. the upper floors will be occupied by human activity will be concentrated in the tower up to 160 floors. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Will remain and work in the tower about 12 thousand people. in a sort of “vertical city” [ 7 ] . 95 km distance you can see the top of the tower.

124 No. floor balcony where you are “top of the tower. Tower Khalifa. ” the highest observation deck unfastened to the populace in all parts of the universe. 160 Number of suites and luxury suites consisting the tower. 605 metres – height reached by the procedure of pumping cement. a universe record. 504 metres – the distance traveled by the chief lift service in the “tower” Khalifa. who is besides a universe record. 49 Number of floors for offices. including 12-storey edifice in the extension office tower. 57 Number of lifts within the tower.

1044 – entire figure of flats within the “Tower Khalifa. ” 3000 – Number of parking resistance. 5500 kilogram – the weight of the burden absorbed by the service lift in the chief tower. 31400 metric dozenss of steel bars used in the construction of “Tower Khalifa. ” 28. 261 – Number of glass panels used in the execution of the external interface of the “tower” Khalifa and edifices thereto. 15 000 litres – the sum of H2O that can be collected from infrigidation equipment in the tower to be reused to water the gardens. 900 pess – the length of fountains “Dubai Fountain” . the largest fountains next to the tower and the tallest fountains in the universe reappraisal. 19 hectares – an country of the gardens environing the base of the tower. 12 000 – the figure of workers who were in the work site during the peak period of the execution of building plants.

We’ve been salvaging At The Top for the twenty-four hours when we finally leave the U. A. E. for good. Since we live merely an hr off. the edifice visible from my sleeping room window. we were in no haste to see the position of Dubai from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. But when my sisters planned on traveling to the top. Masood and I decide to fall in them. And I’m so glad we did because I feel that the experience wouldn’t have been as merriment had Masood and I ventured entirely. Tickets are booked online a twosome of hebdomads before the visit day of the month. It costs AED 105 ( USD 28 ) as opposed to when one buys a ticket at the entryway ( no demand to book in progress or autumn in the waiting line. which means one gets entry right so and at that place ) for AED400 ( USD108 ) per individual. Please book in progress ; the experience is non deserving AED400. So we book seven tickets for the 1800 hour clip slot ( sunset is at 1820 hour ) .

Obviously we’re tardily. Certain ladies who really live a few blocks off are the cause of the hold. and one of them didn’t demo up ( but joined us subsequently for dinner ) . We leave our autos at the Dubai Mall Level 1 parking country ( make non drive straight to the Burj Khalifa ) . It’s a Friday and the parking is full! The ticket counter and entryway to the Burj Khalifa is right across the nutrient tribunal.

So we get in and line up for security cheque that makes us experience like we’re come ining the airdrome. Immediately after the security is a bluish drape. “Are you husband and married woman? ” asks a staff as if it is the most natural inquiry in the universe. “Um. yeah? ” we reply. “OK. base here. ” the staff instructs. With the blue drape behind us. we stand and stare at the camera. as another staff takes our image. A faux pas of paper with some figure written on it is handed to us. and we’re asked to travel to do manner for the following group of people. “Don’t forget to look into your images after the circuit! ” the staff reminds us. This full episode takes topographic point in one minute. I am still inquiring what precisely has happened. The walk taking up to the Burj Khalifa is an astonishing experience. There’s this dark hallway with traveling images that depict Dubai’s transmutation from past to show. This reminds me of Harry Potter pictures that move.

The position from the top is good during the twenty-four hours. but we specifically choose to see in the eventide because the metropolis is merely dramatic at dark. In the image below. the tall edifice is the celebrated The Address Hotel. The construction on the lower left of the pictuThe position from the top is good during the twenty-four hours. but we specifically choose to see in the eventide because the metropolis is merely dramatic at dark. In the image below. the tall edifice is the celebrated The Address Hotel. The construction on the lower left of the image is Dubai Mallre is Dubai Mall.

If you’re in Dubai. don’t girl traveling At The Top.

in the last. . I like to state for my friend to vist this most beautiful tower in the universe and tallest tower in the universe. I like this burj so much and one think if u vist this tower U will besides wish it. so if you went to dubai Don’t bury to vist this tower.


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