The main focus of this report is on real HARM practices though the theoretical discussion came only to fulfill the objectives. . 4. 2 Empirical Part Information for the empirical part of the report was collected from primary as ell as from secondary sources. In conducting the study and analyzing the data we have followed a deductive approach. Oral interviews were used as the data- collection instrument. The collected data were fed into computer and analysis was done with the help of computer through SPAS package. 1. 4. 3 Data Collection Method This report is based on primary data collected through face to face interviews with the contact person. Secondary data collected from publications of GPO, found in GPO library were also used.

These publications proved to be a good source of information. A questionnaire was also used to gather required information about the organization. Textbooks from BIB, Dacha University libraries and handouts given by the course instructor were mainly consulted in understanding different theories and principles and formulating questions. In these ways relevant information were collected then first organized and then analyzed to draw conclusions. 1. 5 Limitations a) We used regression analysis to forecast the total human resource of Gramophone.

We assumed that human resource depends on time since the firm is still in growth stage and will be in this stage for next few years. B)We assumed that turnover depends upon number of employees of the organization. C) It was presumed that the proportion of human resources of different departments will be the same in future. D) In our study the part-time employees and the interns were not considered. Their presence may modify the workforce requirement. Chapter-2 Industry Overview 2. 1 Telecoms Industry around the world: Worldwide mobile usage has been increasing since people came to realize its usefulness in day to day life.

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With the increase of demand the business growth went up rapidly and the size of industry has gone bigger than any other industries people traditionally could think of. Figure-I: Growth of Telecoms Industry forecasted to 2015 Fixed line growth 1980-90 = 54% 1990-00 2000-05 = 2005-10 (expected) 20. 8% 2010-15 (expected) = 28% Mobile growth 2005-10 (expected) = 172% 2010-15 (expected) = 354% 2. 2 Telecoms Industry in Bangladesh: Telecoms services used to be providing by Exclusively Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board (BIT) – a Gobo. Functionality.

For cellular ‘mobile telephone, the following private companies have been allowed to operate Pacific Bangladesh Telecoms Ltd. Gramophone Ltd. Shebang Telecoms (Now Bankrolling) Telecoms Malaysia International Ltd. Skate) Telltale (BIT Mobile) In 2005 the total Telecoms industry base was of 8. 2 Million customer where the market players had shares like following. Figure-2: Telecoms Industry in Bangladesh in 2005 The subscriber base in the mobile operators playing the country at present is reflected in the following charts. The following data are updated as of December 2005.

Figure-3: Customer base of Operators in Bangladesh The penetration rate of the market players can also be reflected from the following scenario (As of December 2005). Figure-4 Market penetration rate of the market players in Bangladesh We can e from the above data that the Telecoms Industry is growing very fast in mobile sector, Gramophone playing the leading role from the very start. With the growth of demand, quality of services has improved with the high competition in the market. The operators have covered almost every corner in the country in their network area.

Foreign Investors are now taking interests in operating in our country and with the rapid expansion of the market; much technological advancement is taking place, marketing strategies are being more innovative and aggressive. The industry is being the main focus in the job market these days. Chapter-3 Company Overview 3. 1 Background: Gramophone (GPO) has been established to provide high-quality GSM cellular service at affordable prices. Gramophone has a dual purpose: to receive an economic return on its investment and to contribute to the economic development of Bangladesh where telecommunications can play a critical role.

GPO endeavors to provide services to all people in the country, irrespective of their location. Gramophone was offered a cellular license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on November 28, 1996. The Company launched its service on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh. . 2 Organization History Gramophone has been established with the vision to grow as the leading provider of telecommunication services throughout Bangladesh with satisfied customers and enthusiastic employees.

Gramophone was awarded a nationwide digital cellular license in November 1996 by the government. 3. 3 Vision Statement The vision of Telethon Mobil “Ideas that simplify” is also the vision of 3. 4 Founders Gramophone was initially founded by a consortium that involves: Telethon AS – the state owned Norwegian telecommunication company Grahame Telecoms of Bangladesh – an affiliate of the world famous Grahame Bank Marine Corporation – one of the largest trading and investment companies in Japan Gonne Development Corporation – the telecommunication development company in the United States.

Nora, CDC AFC, DAB are the other investors of In 2004, the small shareholders withdrew their shares and Telethon AS now owns 62% share of the company whereas Grahame Telecoms Owns 38%. 3. 5 Launching In 1997, Gramophone launched services in Bangladesh on the historical day of March 26. There were only 72 employees involved. It took lease of Railway fiber optics for 20 years in September 1997. Gramophone received the famous GSM Community Award from GSM World Congress, France in February 2000. GPO started services in all 6 divisional towns by June 2000.

Currently it has around 500 dedicated employees working for the fulfillment of their company’s goal. 3. 6 Purpose Gramophone has a dual purpose: to ensure an economic return on its investments and to contribute to the economic development of Bangladesh where telecommunication can play a critical role. This is why GPO , in collaboration with Grahame Telecoms, is also aiming to place one phone in each village to contribute significantly to the economic uplift of those villages. . 7 The Strategy: Good Development, Good Business Gramophone’s basic strategy is to cover both urban and rural areas.

In contrast to the “island” strategy followed by some companies, which involves connecting isolated islands of urban coverage through transmission links, Gramophone builds continuous coverage, cell after cell. While the intensity of coverage may vary from area to area depending on market conditions, the basic strategy of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout Gramophone’s network. The Company has devised its strategies so that it earns healthy returns for TTS shareholders and at the same time, contributes to genuine development of the country.

In short, it pursues a dual strategy of good business and good development. Serving the mass market is one of Gap’s primary goals. By serving the general public as opposed to niche markets, the Company plans to achieve economies of scale and healthy profits. At the same time, service to the general public means connectivity to a wider population and general economic development of the country. In contrast to the “island” strategy followed by some companies, which involves connecting isolated islands of urban coverage through transmission inks, Gramophone builds continuous coverage, cell after cell.

While the intensity of coverage may vary from area to area depending on market conditions, the basic strategy of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout Gramophone’s network. In addition, GPO has positioned itself to capitalize on the declining prices of handsets, making its goal to serve the general public realistic. 3. 8 The People The people who are making it happen – the employees?are young, dedicated and energetic. All of them are well educated at home or abroad, with both sexes and different social groups in Bangladesh being well represented.

They know in heir hearts that GPO is more than phones. This sense of purpose gives them the dedication and the drive, producing- in about four years?the biggest coverage and subscriber-base in the country. Gramophone knows that the talents and energy of its employees are critical to its operation and treats them accordingly. 3. 9 The Technology Gramophone’s Global System for Mobile or GSM technology is the most widely accepted digital system in the world, currently used by over 500 million people in 1 50 countries.

GSM brings the most advanced developments in cellular technology at a reasonable cost by spurring severe competition among manufacturers and driving down the cost of equipment. Thus consumers get the best for the least. GSM calls are based on data or voice. Voice calls use audio codes called half-rate and enhanced full-rate. Data-calls can turn the cell phone into a modern operating at 9600 BSP. An extended GSM feature is high speed circuit switch data, allowing the phone to transmit Upton around 40 Kbps. Gramophone has a strategy to switch to a better and worldwide used version of Technology that is GAPS (General Packet Radio Service).

This is an extended service of GSM Network adding the ability to surf Internet on your phone at slightly higher speeds. GAPS Internet surfing is comparable to dial-up Internet service’s speed, operating at around 4 to 5 Kilobytes per second. 3. 10 The service Gramophone believes in service, a service that leads to good business and good development. Telephony helps people work together, raising their productivity. This gain in productivity is development, which in turn enables them to afford a telephone service, generating a good business. Thus development and business go together. . 11 The Result By bringing electronic connectivity to rural Bangladesh, Gramophone is bringing the digital revolution to the doorsteps of the poor and unconnected. By being able to Connect to urban areas or even to foreign countries, a whole new world of opportunities are opening up for the villagers in Bangladesh. Grahame Bank borrowers who provide the services are uplifting themselves economically through a new means of income generation while at the same time providing valuable hone service to their fellow villagers. The telephone has become a weapon against poverty. . 12 Culture As the Gramophone family, we focus on customer satisfaction and at the same time remember our motto of Integrity, Dignity and Respect with which we are committed to treating our employees. The aim of Gramophone is to maintain a perfect working relationship to encourage understanding and cooperation between the employees. We work in an environment where everyone feels valued, appreciated and supported by the authority and the colleagues. We demonstrate team spirit to excel in quality service to our valuable subscribers in the area of telecommunication.

Gramophone takes preventive and safety measures to avoid any kind of hazardous situation that might take place in some technical working areas. We set the highest ethical standards, foster innovation and teamwork and insist on instant improvement on quality and service. 3. 13 GPO Products Mobile phones are spreading rapidly throughout the country. Today, more than one in three telephones in Dacha and Chitchatting are mobiles. All six Divisional Headquarters in the country – Dacha, Chitchatting, Chula, Sylphs, Barista and Rajahs – are under Gramophone’s coverage now.

Gramophone’s network is divided into six zones according to the divisional borders: Dacha Zone, Chitchatting Zone, Chula Zone, Sylphs Zone, Barista Zone and Rajahs Zone. Currently GPO is operating in all six zones. The zone in which a subscriber is registered with Gramophone is that bickerer’s Home Zone, and all other zones are Remote Zones. Under Post Paid Service there are two products 3. 13. 1 GPO-GPO Regular (Postpaid) GPO-GPO Regular connects to all Gramophone mobiles and to other mobiles, subject to interconnection agreement with other mobile operators throughout the world, within Gramophone’s coverage area.

This product has a credit limit of TX. 1 000 on airtime usage without any security deposit. There is no incoming charge from a mobile phone but the incoming rate from LANA line or foreign numbers will be same as incoming calls to a BIT LANA phone (plus VAT). 3. 13. 2 GPO-GPO National (Post-paid) GPO-GPO National is another addition of post-paid products of Gramophone. This phone can connect all mobiles within the home zone and all GPO mobiles throughout Gap’s coverage area. It has National Roaming facility and a flat rate airtime charge of TX. (+Tax) per minute for all calls to anywhere within Gap’s coverage. The GPO-GPO Regular and National subscribers enjoy a number of GSM Features and Value Added Services (VASS): 3. 13. 3 Spooled (Pre-paid) This product has all the features of GPO regular; only the user has to buy pre-paid cards of Take 300 or Take 600 or Take 1200 for a fixed duration of 21 days, 42 says or 69 days. 3. 13. 4 Easy-Prepaid One can call to only other mobile operators in the country through this product. This is similar to the GPO-National product; only the user has to buy cards on pre- paid basis. . 13. 5 DEDUCE A new Pre-paid product launched in 2005, which was designed to cater needs of the growing youth segment. This product not only provides telecoms service to youth, it also regarded as a lifestyle of youth. 3. 14 GSM Features GPO provides Gramophone subscribers enjoy the following GSM features without bearing any additional costs: Caller ID: Display of the phone number of an incoming call n one’s handset before the call is answered Call Waiting: While talking to the first caller, one will hear a special tone informing one about the second call on the line.

At that moment one can put the first caller on hold and talk to the second caller. Call Conference: Receiving calls from multiple callers can be supplemented by joining these multiple callers so as to enable them to talk to each other. One will be able to communicate with a group consisting of maximum five callers. Call Divert: Call Divert lets one redirect or re-route his/her call to another Gramophone mobile or any other fixed (if one have BIT connectivity) or bile phone. Call Barring: Enables one to restrict certain types of calls to be made from his/her mobile.

This feature is especially important for security purposes. SMS: This is a very widely used and effective feature of GSM service worldwide. The user can use this “Short Message Service” to send text messages to other mobile phones. Gramophone enables all its users to send SMS to any mobile phones in the world. Data transfer: Large data can also be transferred with network permission though this GSM technology. WAP: This service enables the GSM user to use internet from the mobile phone. The use of this service also depends on network permission and phone-set feat rest. . 15 Value Added Services GPO Provides The following additional services are available upon request: voice Mail service (VIM) * VIM is a unique answering machine. * It provides a personal electronic mail box in our voice mail center. * It records personalized greetings as well as stores ones incoming voice messages. * It records incoming voice messages if one is: Outside Gap’s coverage area or Busy or Simply switched off his/her mobile. It provides 24-hour automatic secretarial service Makes one available to his/her calling party anytime

IVR:This is Integrated voice response that is 123 from Postpaid users and 122 for prepaid users. A caller can know all the bill/usage related information by calling these numbers and can avail the 24 hour customer service. Short Message Service (SMS) SMS in one’s mobile acts like an advanced pager. One can send and receive text messages of up to 1 60 characters, directly from his/her GPO mobile to another GPO mobile. Fax and Data Service (currently available only to corporate clients) One can use his/her mobile phone attached to a computer to send faxes or transfer data. There is no need to have connection with a fixed line.

One can use this service even when one is on the move within Gap’s coverage area. Push-pull: Gramophone first launched this service in the country. The users can send SMS to some specified numbers to get news/information of interest. The topics of this service includes News, weather forecast, cricket update, Maze timing, Travel information… Etc. One can also dial to some specific numbers to get voice information on these features. EDGE: Gramophone brings you EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution), an advanced mobile technology which enables high-speed mobile Internet and data services.

Up to 8 Times Faster Than GAPS. With EDGE, one Get Internet access any time, remain connected all the time wherever can you are, and have a great Web surfing experience Surf the Internet with super- fast speed from your handset Browse contents more easily on your mobile phone Send and receive e-mails through your mobile phone Send and receive multimedia (pictures, sounds) messages Download better quality content: high-quality ring tones, wallpapers, songs, movie clips, videos, animated logos, and themes that let you customize your handset in many ways.

Receive telephone calls even while browsing. Once the call ends, your data transfer will resume automatically. And lots more… Note: GAPS handset users will also be able to enjoy these services. Chapter-4 Organization Structure & Human Resource Division 4. 1 Management of GPO Gramophone has a board of directors headed by a Chairman. There are five directors on be half of the shareholders. Board of directors primarily looks after the activities of the managing director and this is the appointing authority of managing director.

Board of directors mainly conserve the interests of the shareholders. The managing director directly reports to the Board of directors. GPO have 5 divisions and 3 departments each having a director. All the directors report directly to the managing director. The GPO organism has gone through many changes over the years due to company re-structuring. 4. 2 Divisions: Gramophone currently works into 9 divisions, which are 3. Corporate Affairs 4. Finance 5. Technical 6. MD 7. Marketing 8. DIM 9. Sales & Distribution Figure-5: Organism of GPO 4. Human Resource Division: The vision of Human Resource Division is “Ensure improved business performance and competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining people in a winning culture that builds organizational capabilities to meet strategic objectives. The division is divided into four departments. 1. Recruitment & Selection 2. HER Operations 3. HER Development 4. Health Safety and Environment (HOSE) The organism of HER division is as below: Figure-6: Organism of HER Division of GPO The department activities are briefly described below: 4. 3. 1.

Recruitment and Selection: People sourcing Ensuring employment requisition is compliant with budget Preparing job advertisement and selecting media Preliminary short listing Developing test material Interview facilitation Database management Internship program Providing opportunity to find potential employees & increases Company goodwill n the educational institutions and job market Branding GPO in job market Participating in job fair/ workshop/seminar/corporate presentation Part time/ contractual employee management Recruitment/selection/salary arrangement/contract extension 4. . 2. HER Operations HER Policy and Research Annual Performance Appraisal: Facilitate the process Personnel Management Information System & Leave Provide Insurance related support Job descriptions, Personnel Record Keeping Employee benefits HER Routines: Employee confirmation, job separation, transfer, disciplinary actions, office circular, ID card mobile phone related activities, business card, purport event management, attendance, mobile directory etc.


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