The United States Department of Transportation is a federal cabinet section of the United State authorities which is concerned with transit. It came into being thorough an act of parliament in 1966. Its mission is to “serve the United States by guaranting a fast. safe. efficient. accessible and convenient transit system that meets our critical national involvements and heighten the quality of life of the American people. today and into the future” Harmonizing to Jack M. Relly ( 2001 ) . coachs are the largely preferable agencies of travel due to their flexibleness in embarkation and perching at prescribed paths at regular clip intervals.

Bus companies in America

There are several bus companies runing in America. One of the largest coach companies is the Stagecoach Group. This is a taking international conveyance group runing in major parts of the universe but largely in United Kingdom and North America. They have varied agencies of conveyance runing signifier coach. train. ropeway. express managers and ferry. The group was founded in 1980 and is based in Perth. Scotland. It owns the Coach USA and Coach Canada trade names.

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It operates coach service across United States of America and subsides including the American version of Megabus. The Scots based Megabus services began in 2003 in United Kingdom and 2006 in the United States. operated by Coach USA. The company uses a curious output direction theoretical account used by low-cost air hoses where the lowest menus are offered to those who book early or on less popular journeys. As such the company can bear down every bit less as $ 1. It besides prefers out-of-town paths therefore avoids driving through congested metropolis centres in order to avoid holds. It is the preferable company of travel for those in a haste since it has minimum holds.

Tickets are purchased in progress and the more in progress. the cheaper they are. They are purchased online or through telephone. Passengers are given a reserve figure which they show the driver. They don’t sell tickets on the coach. With the web based in Chicago. the company has major operations in the United State’s metropoliss. To extinguish lavatory Michigans on the journey. the company has introduced dual Decker 94-seat tri-axle Leyland Olympian with lavatory installations inside.

Another major operator in the United States is Chinatown coach line or firedrake coachs. which is a private transit industry in Chinatown communities of East Coast of the United States since 1998. The same company is widening its services to the West Coast. It uses big coachs with a sitting capacity of 50 to 60 riders as compared to others. The company is alone as it screens films during a drive to pull clients. They have major operations non merely in New York and Boston but besides on all other major metropoliss in the United States. The company charges less fare compared to other major operators e. g. in 2006 the company charged $ 35 for a one-way menu from New York to Pittsburgh as compared to $ 45 charged by Greyhound Lines.

Chinatown buses offers express services which means it takes less clip for the journey. The company sells its tickets in booths on the streets or in eating houses and bakeshops. It besides sells its tickets online. The company is besides committed to riders safety e. g. in 2005. a Boston edge Chinatown coach stopped and evacuated its riders on the Massachusetts Turnpike shortly before spliting into fires without wounding anyone. The coach has become a pillar for your urban population as it inspires the immature by supplying amusement during the drive.

Another major operator and possibly the largest intercity bearer in the United States is the Greyhound Bus Line. which we will look into item about it subsequently. There are other operators in the united province but possibly with no national entreaty like there 1s aforementioned.

Greyhound Bus Company

This is the largest inter-city bearer company operating in the United States. Its central offices are in Dallas. Texas for the United States operations and Calgary. Alberta or the Canadian operations. It is a subordinate of British coach operator First Group. The company was founded in 1914 as the Mesaba Transportation Company in Hibbing. Minn. In 1922. it was renamed the Motor Transit Corporation and Northland Transportation Company in 1926 before it was incorporated under the name Greyhound in 1930. The current Greyhound Lines was organized in 1987 after it purchased the United States bus retentions of the former Greyhound Corporation ( now known as Viad Corp. ) . Greyhound was acquired by Laidlaw International. inc. in 1999.

Facts and figures about Greyhound bus company

( a ) Corporate

Intercity coach like Greyhound is the safest manner of conveyance over autos. trucks. trains. planes and other commercial vehicles. This is harmonizing to the U. S section of Transportation. agency of transit statistics. The company uses approximated 90 company-operated coach terminus and 850 agency-operated terminus or gross revenues bureaus. It serves more that 1700 finishs. It employs more that 8400 staff with more that 940 based at it Dallas corporate central office and more that 30000 driver based in 80 locations across the state.

The company operated about 5. 8 billion rider stat mis last twelvemonth transporting more than 19 million people. Its gross for the twelvemonth 2006 was $ 1. 2 billion. The top 10 busiest terminuss based on rider volume in 2006 were:

  1. New York. New York
  2. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania
  3. Atlantic City. New Jersey
  4. Los Angels. California
  5. Atlanta. Georgia
  6. Richmond. Virginia
  7. Baltimore. Maryland
  8. Nashville. Tennessee
  9. Washington. DC
  10. Dallas. Texas.

( B ) Customers

Greyhound serves clients of varied age group. Unlike the Chinatown Company which chiefly serves the immature urban population. Greyhound serves clients of all ages. Harmonizing to Greyhound web site. more than half of the clients who rides in Greyhound received higher instruction beyond high school. Most of them report that they own a auto considered sufficiently dependable to cover a trip of the same distance but they prefer going by Greyhound because it is safe and more economical. Most of the riders say they make most of their travels in Greyhound while traveling to see household and friends. The mean ticket monetary value is $ 45.

( degree Celsius ) Fleet

The Greyhound fleet consists of about 1250 coachs with an norm of 7. 2 old ages. One Greyhound coach takes an norm of 20 autos off the route. and achieves 162 rider stat mis per galloon of fuels. Greyhound operates 13 C2045 coachs. both 2004 and 2006 theoretical accounts. Model van Hool C2045 was introduced in 2002 in Greyhound service. It offers sitting capacity of 57 riders and all are equipped with shell-chair lifts.

The G4500 theoretical account was introduced in 2001. It offers a sitting capacity of 55 riders and is more fuel efficient. It has a quieter drive and increased luggage capacity. All the 290 coachs are equipped with wheel-chair lifts.

The MCI 102D3 theoretical account was introduced in 1996. It offers sitting for 47 riders. Greyhound has 77 coachs of this theoretical account. The MCIMC-12 theoretical account was introduced in 1992. The company has 240 coachs of this theoretical account with a rider capacity of 47 riders.


In 2004. the company made major agenda decreases in its paths extinguishing some long distance paths. Since the September 11 onslaught. security in the conveyance system has been a major concern. Train and coach security has been increased to a significant degree. To guarantee security of the travellers. the company has introduced metal sensor wands on all of it buses. It has taken the undermentioned major security inside informations in its operation.

  1. All the grownup riders must expose their exposure ID prior to get oning the coach. Children must be accompanied by a defender or have permission to go.
  2. All rider non US citizens will be screened to find their legality of their presence in the state.
  3. Passengers may hold their luggage visually searched. Devicess like those used in the airdrome will be used to test the luggage.
  4. In some managers. operators are shielded from the riders during a drive. Passengers are non allowed to come in into the driver’s country.
  5. Video devices have been installed on managers and at Stationss. GPS tracking devices have been installed on selected managers to supply exigency location of vehicles to alarm supervisors of insecure driving behavior including hurrying.
  6. Taking exposure. videotaping or audio tape is non allowed while on board.

It besides operates Gray Line Sightseeing. a tourer category managers. The company sells it tickets on-line offering a assortment of unrestricted menus classified into pupils. senior. children’s and military menus. They can be sent by mail or purchased for pickup at the terminuss utilizing their Will Call Service.

Tickets can besides be purchase over the phone on their toll-free figure 1-800-231-222. Credit cards are used to buy tickets. Tickets can besides be acquired from their terminuss nationally. They have selected locations offering a self-service booth for Will Call ticket pickup and ticket purchase. They can be purchased in progress on following coach available. This shows the flexibleness of their ticketing services high-breeding the theoretical accounts used in Chinatown and Megabus.

They accept hard currency. traveler’s checks. personal checks with proper designation. debit cards. and visa. MasterCard. Discover. American Express. and Diners Club recognition cards issued in the U. S. but they don’t accept money orders. To diversify their ticket sale theoretical accounts. they have hundred independent agents countrywide who accept cards. hard currency and recognition cards.

They besides have Gift Tickets Orders ( GTO ) which is available for purchase in their web site. This service allows one to buy tickets online but for person else. The tickets are delivered to the going Stationss on status that they are paid for. they are non sent outside the US. both Stationss are unfastened at the clip of dealing. there will be a 3 hr allowance from purchase to departure. and one gives appropriate ID or a watchword to pick up the ticket.

The Prepaid Ticket Order ( PTO ) allows one to direct a same-day ticket to a individual in another metropolis. The ticket will be transferred to another coach station on status that the purchaser pays $ 15 non-refundable to the gross revenues agent. tickets non to be sent outside the US. both Stationss are unfastened at the clip of dealing. and allowance of 3 hours to pick the ticket. ticket must be picked within 10 yearss. and appropriate ID or watchword available. They have two types of ticket.

The will name tickets purchased online and so picked up on the counter. A recognition card or a Free Will will be used to pick up the ticket. There is a non-refundable fee for all free will fine orders. Ticket by mail are purchased on-line and delivered by first-class U. S mail.

One can continue directly to the coach without look intoing foremost on the counter unless one has a luggage. However they must be purchased with a lower limit or 10 mailing yearss prior to day of the month of travel excepting the twenty-four hours of purchase. Lord’s daies and vacations. International clients are advised to utilize recognition cards for Will Call online ticket purchased. For those without toll-free entree. they should name 214-849-8100. This differentiate the company signifier others due to its diversified agencies of operation and closeness to the clients.

Greyhound community activities

We all feel the demand to do meaningful part to our community. The company seeks to make entree to chances for those who wouldn’t normally have the resources to make so. The company’s end is to “create a better community and a better work force. transfusing a sense of pride in Greyhound employees. its clients and those who benefit organize the plans we support”

However the company doesn’t give free conveyance for single but they do it to groups. They uphold societal duty by guaranting that their menus are kept every bit low as possible. The company besides provides charitable price reductions through other charitable bureaus. For its community duties. the company supports the undermentioned organisations:

  1. America Oran Transplant Association ( AOTA ) – It supply free transit of all organ graft patients.
  2. American Red Cross – It works with the local Red Cross chapter in times of exigencies and natural catastrophes.
  3. Home Free – In concurrence with the National Runaway Switchboard. it provides free transit to place for blowouts. Young persons who call the patchboard and if he or she is 12-20 old ages old. willing to return place to their defender. the legal guardian whishes them to return place. the defender has filed a runaway study and the plan ahs non been used by the young person two times before.
  4. Let’s Find Them – This is a free plan to convey back abducted kids.
  5. Marine Toys for Tots Foundation – Greyhound has collected 1000s of playthings every twelvemonth. It has collaborated with Toy for Tots in the D/FW Metroples with Stuff the Bus Campaign since 2004. This has been expanded to other towns.
  6. Travelers Aid International – The Company provides benefits to Travelers Aid members in signifier of price reductions. This is a societal service organisation supplying aid for those in demand
  7. Veteran’s Administration Hospitals – Discounts are given for patient’s going to and fro Veterans Administration infirmaries.

Noteworthy accidents/incidents

Like any other agencies of conveyance. coach conveyance is non 100 per centum safe. Road accidents have been reported in all parts of the universe and Greyhound coach line has non been exceeding. Harmonizing to Mike Buscko and Cindi Lash ( 2005 ) . On August 28. 2006. a Greyhound coach from New York to Montreal overturned at Adirondack North manner in Westport after enduring a blow tyre. killing 5 and wounding 48.

On November 27. 2005 a coach going form Los Angeles to San Francisco crashed near Santa Maria killing two people one of who was a 7-month pregnant adult female mentioning an epileptic ictus of the driver as the possible cause of the accident. The deadliest accident in the history of the company occurred on May 9. 1980 when cargo ship collided with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay in Florida. A Greyhound coach was among several vehicles falling into the bay where 35 people died including all the 25 in the coach.

The operation of the Greyhound Company has decidedly helped it procure a market section in the conveyance industry. It is preferred because it is dependable. It takes the safety of the client foremost. This shows why it is popular among all age groups of travellers in the US market. With intercity going going popular twenty-four hours in twenty-four hours out. but going will decidedly go on to be the most preferable agencies of conveyance non merely in the United States metropoliss but besides in all major parts of the universe.


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