Executive Summary

Juicegym, spelt J\_/ICEGYM the “ U ” is meant to stand for a cup, as it is associated with juice, it is a partnership concern owned by my spouse Tania and I, it will be located at 134 William street Granville, this location was chosen as it is near Granville tafe, leting pupils to utilize our installations as it is pupils that are most concerned about organic structure image and fring weight. Juicegym provides a broad scope of services including the regular usage of equipment, weightloss plans, Body edifice exercisings, usage of personal trainers, zumba categories, yoga, aerobic exercises and swimming lessons. Our chief map is to actuate and animate the community to go fit and loose weight. The chief intent of a concern program is to develop, analyse and refine thoughts, if you fail to be after, you plan to neglect, this means believing and be aftering your concern will understate any concern failures or declinations in the hereafter, this allows your concern to last in the long tally. A concern program determines how good ends have been met and keeps path on whether a concern is traveling over its original budget, analyzing a concern ‘ strengths, failings, chances and menaces leaves you a measure in front, merely incase of any bad lucks along the manner, cognizing these four things allow you to try to understate failings and menaces, as your concern becomes more popular and expands along its long-run endurance allows the list of strengths and opportunites to lengthen. Puting ends for a concern is of import as its allows the concern to make for its premier purpose, one time societal and environmental ends are reached concern repute will better and clients will be motivated to somehow take part with Juicegym ‘s services.

Business description and ownership.

My spouse Tania and I have decided to put in our ain gym, we have named it Juicegym, ground being Juice is dominately a healthy substance, and the gym is where persons come to chant up, loose weight and go tantrum. My gym is spelt J\_/ICEGYM the “ U ” is meant to stand for a cup, this is associated with juice.

My concern is run by me and my spouse Tania as partnership was the chosen legal construction, this is because me and my spouse hold merely finished university and have a deficient capital to separately get down up our ain concern we besides both have a great sum of cognition and have ever had an involvement in athletics, wellness and fittingness me and my spouse have every bit agreed on:

– The name of our Business.

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– Percentage of concern ownership.

– Net incomes will be distributed every bit.

– Conflict declaration processs.

We have besides sat and analysed all the positives and negatives in get downing a little parnership concern.


– Team work to accomplish ends of the concern

– Gives me and my spouse an chance to entree the specializer accomplishments.

– Mix of cognition and accomplishments

– Allows extra financess into the concern, which could be used to fund concern growing and enlargement.


– Unlimited liabilty, intending if fiscal duties are non met, each spouse will hold to lend from their ain money to pay of concern disbursals.

– Shared net income.

– More differences.

Maine and my spouse have decided to turn up our gym at 134 William street Granville, we have chosen this place because it is near Granville tafe, this allows all pupils on campus analyzing personal preparation and all regular pupils to utilize our installations, as it is immature people that are most self concious about their wieght. We conducted a study and asked the pupils what they thought of the thought and bulk were really pleased with the construct.

This is the first clip me and my spouse have opened up a concern and the first clip that Juice gym installations are accessible for the whole population.

Our premier focal point is the wellbeing of others this includes

– Weight loss plans, Assist you to get the better of your weightloss battles.

– Body Building exercises, increasing you strength, and better bone strength.

– Fitness/endurance better cardiovascular fittingness, lower cholesterin degrees and lessening blood force per unit area.

Our equipment will dwell of the latest technologically advanced merchandises, which come with a wider scope of exercising techniques, we have researched and found that over the old ages clients are acquiring bored of utilizing old regular gym equipment, so we ‘ve decided to do a alteration and add the latest gym equipment which include:

Cardio equipment including:



cross trainers


rowing machines

step climbers

manus bombers.

Personal preparation and stretching infinite:

tantrum balls

medical specialty balls

wobble boards

Floor mats



Soldierly humanistic disciplines.

Massage room.

Child minding, our qualified child-carers will make all the difficult work by oversing your kids, this allows parents to bask our installations.

Aims and schemes.

Juice gym aims to profit the community by assisting better fittingness, lose weight and alleviate emphasis, this impacts greatly on the lives of the communitys as maintaining yourself healthy leads to a strong bosom, our chief focal point to do our clients experience good about themselves, by actuating them to maintain exercise and eat healthy.

Fiscal goals- External and Internal Stake holders impact greatly on our fiscal ends illustrations of external stakeholders include: Customers/clients, Government, society, providers of stock, rivals and physical environment. Satisfying these external stakeholders by just rank monetary values and supportive staff alows more finance to come in the gym which is used to spread out and present more thoughts into the gym besides contribute in paying the internal stakeholders such as Employees and directors.

Emplyment relation goals- Juice gym want nil but the best staff for its installations employees must set clients foremost, staff must be friendly and caring towards clients, clients are our gym ‘s premier map without the clients concern will non last, if employees mistreat clients the must alter otherwise effects like go forthing the gym will non waver to happen. While traveling through the human resource rhythm to happen the most suited employees for juice gym, me and my spouse will be looking for employees that are genuinly friendly and attract clients besides they must hold a grade in physical fittingness and cognize what equipment should be used for the different equipment.

Social goals- Juicegym influences the community with the aid of our personal trainers as they motivate and inspire the community to go fit and healthy, they besides introduce healthy nutrient options, and this may give members in the community a longer life.

Environmental goals- Juicegym Airconditioning and warmers are run by solarpower, the lights-outs in the lavatory have detectors, they merely turn on when custodies are really placed underneath them, assisting to salvage H2O.


A concern program is a necessity for any concern. The intent of a program is to develop, analyse and polish the thoughts of the concern, so that if any mistakes are made they will be on paper rathar than when the existent concluding concern clears and declinations occur, by analyzing the concern from all facets. A program besides allows proprietors and investers to pull off their clip efficaciously and analyze a concern ‘ existent public presentation overtime, this could intend placing a concern ‘ oportunities for future enlargement. A concern program determines how good ends have been met and keeps path on whether a concern is traveling over its original budget. Another of import intent for the program is that investors will non set money into a concern without a busines program, as the program shows them that you are capable and responsible of having your ain concern and are organised along the manner.

After a period of clip of concern ownership a concern program can be a tool that notifys the proprietor on whether what was stated on the paper is traveling harmonizing to program, if non the concern program can be refered back to, this can take the concern back on path, and correct any mistakes made.


Strengths- Good Location, around local stores and country of uninterrupted activity.

– Latest equipment.

– Good name.

– Good start-up capital.

– Good repute.

– Professional, friendly staff.

Weakness- Not plenty accomplishments.

– Inability to maintain up with consumer demands.

– unsuccessful retail gross revenues.

– Young staff, non much experience

Opportunites- Sale on rank monetary values.

– Expansion of concern over clip

Threats- Increasing rank gross revenues.

– Rivals.

Competitor analysis- William street is a country of changeless action, there is a gym a few blocks from Juicegym located in Florie street this gym has been accessible for 5 old ages and is really familiar throughout the country, it is one of our chief rivals, nevertheless Juicegym has its many advantages that can overturn the rival such as:

– Advanced Equipment

– Near Tafe

– A street of uninterrupted activity

– Reasonable rank monetary values

– Good image.


Juicegym will supply a broad scope of services including, regular usage of equipment, personal preparation, yoga, aerobic exercises, zumba and weight loss categories. Every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12am a coach will get infront of the gym to take those that are interested to homebush pools, to take part in pool exercisings such as fittingness cardio and weighloss exercisings, before swimming lessons and techniques on pool safety, this plan is known by clients as “ swim2win. ”

With rank comes specific gross revenues for illustration, if client chooses the 1 month rank, they recieve one hebdomad free, nevertheless if 3 month rank is chosen, they are advanteged with 2 hebdomads free, 6 months means 3 hebdomads free, and a twelvemonth rank gives a client 4 hebdomads for free.


Product -My spouse and I have invested in a instead big gym, its physical qualities include gym quipment of the latest designs, the chief characteristic wall of the gym is Red with an athlete running painted on it, and the remainder merely obviously ruddy it is really attractive as intangible qualitites such as image affair, as it gives the gym a good repute, and old worn out gym habit acquire really far, people are looking to acquire there money ‘s worth that is why image is my spouse and I ‘s chief focal point.

Juicegym supplies protein bars and shingles that can non be found in your local supermarket and have a moderately high monetary value, the bars and shingles come in a eyecatching bundle which attracts clients.

Price – Juicegym truly appreciate clients and set sensible rank monetary values, along with memberhip monetary values comes locker rent payment, shingles and bars monetary values and drinks.

Membership monetary values vary depending on the clip period they go for:

1 Month- $ 60

3 Month- $ 130

6 month- $ 320

1 Year- $ 550

Parallel barss and shakes- $ 3

Locker rent- $ 1

Beverages- From $ 2.50

Promotion- This is really of import as it raises awarness, and influences clients to fall in the gym. Juicegym will be advertised throughout the media in the newspaper, hoardings and wireless.

Place- 134 william street granville, near granville tafe.

Target MARKET.

The mark market are possible clients, they are persons that intend on utilizing our gym installations, after uninterrupted research me and my spouse have found that our gym services are accesible for everyone that has a involvement in weight loss, fittingness, massage and soldierly humanistic disciplines, nevertheless immature people are one of our chief focal point ‘s as they are at a phase in their life where media is a major influences, immature people want to look like the theoretical accounts in magazines or celebreties on t.v, grownups are besides possible clients as many of them suffer from emphasis and utmost work load so our proffesional physical therapists are availabe from 12pm-5pm for massages, nevertheless assignment is required. Mothers are besides portion of our mark market as Zumba categories are available from 1pm-1.45pm Tuesdaies and Thursdaies, while our trained employees occupy their kids with mini games.

Staffing Requirements

Juice gym will hold a sum of 12 gym qualified employees, including a forepart desk recepcionist, cleansing agent, personal trainers that have makings for many different exercisings and stretches, besides for those that are interested in yoga or aerobic exercises, specialized trainers have been hired to take those categories. Before employees begin they must larn how to utilize the equipment and must non shirk with equipment if they are non qualified.

Employees are expected to work together, be friendly and patient so that they are able motivate and inspire clients, these makings are looked for throughout the choice procedure.

Employees must demo duty to recieve changeless recognition on how they are executing, the employees that perform good may utilize the equipment for free after workhours and possible wage fillip.

Along with client safety employment safety is besides a must, juicegym makes an understanding with the employees saying that their safety is within the gyms custodies, if employees of all time injure themselve or put on the line their safety, all infirmary and docter fees will be payed from the gym.

Juicegym will be unfastened mundane from 9am-6.30pm every gym employee will hold 4-5 hr displacements depending on wether the gym is busy or non, because displacements are short no interruptions will be required.



My Business program negotiations about my concern description and ownership, intent of the program and state of affairs analysis, aims and schemes, description of merchandise and service, staffing demands, market analysis and schemes and Financial forcasts, these were all mentioned in my timeline to be completed before the concluding due day of the month, and Is have done so, However there have been many things that i like and dislike within the program, I like where Is have chosen my location to be, i besides like that I have designed my gym to look modern and have the latest gym equipment, I besides like the fact that I put alot of though in taking my staff as without the good staff, Juicegym will free clients, On the other manus Is dislike that I have a popular gym a few blocks off from juicegym, in which is pretty popular, I besides dont like being a partnership because there was alot of statements and differences in the procedure of juicegym.


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