1. I don’t to the full agree with Friedman’s vision of the level World. Though I think we are more affiliated and informed than of all time. Harmonizing to me I feel Friedman’s positions and research is largely refering the developed states concentrating on concern and aiming the cooperate universe. Today engineering. telecommunications has decidedly helped people around the universe to be closer. But Friedman’s does non advert the less fortunate states where the globalisation is still a far dream. I feel Friedman’s analysis is a good tantrum for the rich and developed states. where World has changed to a planetary small town.

2. Today’s educated Students have all the possible and entree to the universe of engineering at their fingertips. They can easy alter to the turning occupation demands and are ready for occupation alterations as needed. They sure got to hold good instruction as the competition is high in today’s economic system. I don’t think it’s hard to happen a occupation ; it depends on how unfastened you are to alter in the new universe of occupation chances and take the best option.

3. Students can fit themselves for this competitory universe by geting good instruction. Be updated in the field of your survey and maintain yourself unfastened to intelligence and updates and besides be more cognizant of the advantages and incommodiousnesss that they may meet while viing in a level universe

4. Steroids. engines can now speak to computing machines. people can speak to people. computing machines can speak to computing machines. and people can speak to computing machines father. faster. more cheaply. and more easy that of all time earlier.

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