Executive Summary

There are a figure of concern industries runing all over the universe. Specializing in assorted merchandise and service lines, these industries aim to win through considerable gross revenues coevals and high market coverage. In Malaysia, several concerns are runing every bit good. As there are many industries in the state, competition for gross revenues and market is rigorous. Operators are so using assorted methods and schemes that will assist in keeping stable concern position, uninterrupted growing and success.

In this respect, this concern study aims on analysing the schemes used by one of the industries in Malaysia, which is Sony. The strategic analysis of this company will concentrate on the rating of its selling environment. In this mode, the industry will be able to use a more appropriate program based on bing concern state of affairss and challenges. In this paper, the electronics industry, specifically the digital camera industry will be taken into history. Assorted marketing appraisal tools will be used to measure the industry. The findings of these tools will so be used to anticipate the standing of the company in Malaysia in the coming old ages.

1.0 Introduction

Sony Company Limited is a maker and distributer of digital cameras and other electronic devices in the part. The company has been established in 2005 by its proprietor The primary competitory advantages of Sony is its OEM capableness, wide experienced in its research and development section, dependability, big merchandise line and good repute. The trade name name of the company is known as ECA and it is presently exported in major states like North America, Mid-East/Africa, Asia, Central/South America, and Western Europe.

Sony Company Limited is an ODM and OEM maker to bring forth different scopes of electronic devices like digital cameras, MP4 and mp3 participant, nomadic phone, GPS auto sailing master and digital camcorder. The chief aim of the company is to supply quality merchandises and services to the planetary market.

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2.0 Strategic Analysis

The description of the industry above suggests its strength in the Malaysia scene. However, a more elaborate analysis is necessary in order to find the existent strengths and possible jobs that surround the industry. For this intent, assorted tools will be used to analyse the electronic industry of Malaysia.

2.1 Stamp

PESTLE analysis is in consequence an audit of an administration ‘s environmental influences with the intent of utilizing this information to steer strategic decision-making. The premise is that if the administration is able to scrutinize its current environment and assess possible alterations, it will be better placed than its rivals to react to alterations.
To assist do determinations and to be after for future events, administrations need to understand the wider “meso-economic” and “macro-economic” environments in which they operate. ( The meso-economic environment is the 1 in which we operate and have limited influence or impact, the macro-environment includes all factors that influence an administration but are out of its direct control ) .

An administration on its ain can non impact these factors, nor can these factors straight affect the profitableness of an administration. But by understanding these environments, it is possible to take the advantage to maximize the chances and understate the menaces to the administration. Conducting a strategic analysis entails scanning these economic environments to observe and understand the wide, long term tendencies.

A PESTLE analysis is a utile tool for understanding the “big picture” of the environment in which an administration is runing. Specifically a PESTLE analysis is a utile tool for understanding hazards associated with market ( the demand for a merchandise or service ) growing or diminution, and as such the place, possible and way for an single concern or administration.

A PESTLE analysis is frequently used as a generic ‘orientation ‘ tool, happening out where an administration or merchandise is in the context of what is go oning outside that will at some point affect what is go oning inside an administration. The six elements organize a model for reexamining a state of affairs, and can besides be used to reexamine a scheme or place, way of a company, a selling proposition, or thought.

2.1.1 Political

The political facet of the state has less impact to its concern sector, or more specifically, to the electronics industry. The Basic Law of the state really protects it from major passages in jurisprudence in malice of its transportation to Thailand. Through this basic jurisprudence, the manner of life every bit good as the capitalist system of the state will stay the same for 50 old ages since the transportation. Therefore, political factors have minimum effects on the electronics industry. The production, export and import of stuffs for digital cameras will non be affected for the following 10 old ages due to this political understanding. Hence, the production installations for digital merchandises situated in Thailand will non be forced to relocate back to Malaysia due to regulatory steps. Hence, Malaysia enterprises in the industry can go on to profit from low cost production in Thailand.

2.1.2 Economic

The economic system of Malaysia is highlighted by the position of its international trade. The state is one of the taking trading states worldwide ; hence, it is one of the of import facets of the state ‘s economic system. Malaysia market has been favourable to merchandise and has been efficient in equilibrating its exports and imports. The significance of trade in the state suggests the profusion of its other related Fieldss such as the electronics industry. This has been evidenced by the high part of digitalized merchandises to single company gross revenues and overall economic development.

The of import function of the electronics industry in Malaysia suggests that there are several similar concerns that exist in the state. Due to high degrees of competition, the companies runing in this industry are placed under much emphasis of offering the really best. This besides implies the significance of strategic direction among these companies non merely to lend to the economic system, but most significantly to keep strong concern foundation every bit good as combat competition.

Assuming that the prosperity of the economic system in Malaysia improves for the following 10 old ages, the electronics/AV equipment industry will so go on to better and get assorted developments. But so of class, economic position is among the most unpredictable facets of a state ; hence, the industry must be prepared for future challenges that may originate. These future challenges include economic crisis, monetary value fluctuations and jobs on international trade.

2.1.3 Social

The societal and cultural background of the state is chiefly influenced by the Eastern and Western influences. This possibly, is partially due to the position of the state as a major centre for concern and trade. Although the state is greatly influenced by a figure of different civilizations, the state still has its old characteristics integral. While maintaining old traditions and cultural patterns, the state is besides unfastened to alterations brought approximately by international influences. This in bend makes the state ‘s civilization rich and varied. The prosperity of Malaysia ‘s economic system is significantly reflected in its citizens ‘ life style. Compared to other Asiatic states, the people in Malaysia are among those who live with the highest criterions. This implies that the people of Malaysia have entree to some of the finer things in life, including engineering.

2.1.4 Technological

Malaysia is a runing pot of both Western and Eastern backgrounds. The Western and Eastern influences that make up the state ‘s socio-cultural background play a important function to its current technological position. Sing that Malaysia has direct entree to technological developments from different states worldwide, these can be adapted in the state rather easy. Furthermore, the high criterions of life among the state ‘s citizens imply the ability of the people to back up engineering every bit good as their ability to use or implement them. The exposure to engineering of both local and international market makes digital merchandises, like camera, a marketable merchandise.

2.1.5 Legal

Locally, the political facet mentioned antecedently does non look to impact the electronic industry in Malaysia. In international trade, the Torahs on unfastened trade and free port allow the industry to exports its digital merchandises to foreign markets. Though the Malayan industry can administer its digital merchandises freely abroad, the openness of trade every bit good as the globalisation facet further worsens the competition among similar companies under the same industry. If competition will impact concerns in the industry, it is likely for other states to implement statute laws that will command the entry of imported merchandises. This will greatly impact the position of the Malaysia industry if this will happen.

2.1.6 Environmental

One of the major issues under the environmental facet that straight affects the industry is likely its location of production edifice and installations in Thailand. The cost of labour and land in Thailand, peculiarly in the state of Bangkok, is significantly cheaper than in Malaysia. Therefore, it is more practical to carry on the nucleus activities of the electronics industry in Thailand. However, merchandises produced by the AV industry require accomplishments among its work force. Therefore, cheaper labour cost may no longer be possible as companies would hold to pay larger wages for skilled and extremely educated employees. Furthermore, a figure of fabrication companies are besides relocating to Thailand, therefore land costs tend to be higher as compared before.

3.0 Rivals Analysis

The production of digitalized merchandises falls under the electronics company, specifically under the audio-visual equipment class. In Malaysia, the competition in electronics industry is considered as one of the most vigorous and tough. The fabricating companies of digital cameras and other electronic devices in Malaysia are made up of SMEs or little and average sized endeavors. The production installations nevertheless of most companies are located in mainland Thailand. Thus, the Malaysia offices are concentrated more on merchandise development, quality confidence and selling. One of the rivals of Sony Company Limited in Malaysia market is the Canon industry and other industries that offer digital cameras and electronic merchandises all over the universe such as JVC, Panasonic and others.

Harmonizing to the NSTP ( 2007 ) , digitalisation tendencies paved the manner for the industry ‘s important development which makes it digital camera and electronic industry more competent. In add-on, the company has many challengers since there are many other rivals which provide a broad scope of digital and electronic devices to run into the increasing demands of these merchandises. Players have increased well. This concern tendency led to the increased net income derived from high gross revenues of digital merchandises, proposing the strong opportunities of success in the industry. Furthermore, net incomes from exported digitalized merchandises are high in Hong Kong every bit good. This so implies that international market strongly supports the industry.

4.0 Porter ‘s 5 Forces Model

Michael Porter ( Harvard, Competitive Strategy 1980 ) developed the so called 5 Five Forces Analysis theoretical account to better place factors that shape the character of competition, to measure the structural attraction and concern value of any industry and to nail strengths and failings in a company.

In add-on to and in combination with the SWOT analysis, the Five Forces theoretical account by Michael Porter provides another analysis tool to place chances and hazards when come ining untapped district in any industry or market.

Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account, other than a SWOT analysis, provides clear action and therefore does non trust entirely on subjective judgement. If the actions that derived from the Five Forces theoretical account are synchronized with concern demands and ends it can go a significant concern driver in the competitory environment.

Porters Five Forces Model is used for analysis of an industry or pure competition within a market. It is likely the best theoretical account to be used in determinations of entry or alteration within a market, and should ever be considered during the concern planning phase in a company life rhythm.

The Porters Five Forces theoretical account proposes that an industry is influenced by five forces. An executive can utilize the theoretical account to understand the industry competitory landscape, to find how and where the house should run. The theoretical account is besides used to analyse the attraction of an industry construction.

Porters Five Forces Model is besides known as Porter ‘s Competitive Forces theoretical account, likely one of the most frequently used concern scheme tools. It has proven its utility on legion occasions. Porter ‘s theoretical account is peculiarly strong in thought in a competitory mentality – from external forces to inside the company.

4.1 Methods

The strength of each of the five forces impacting competition in the chosen industry is to be assessed. The company ‘s place compared to the implicit in causes of each force is besides assessed.

A program of action is devised that may include:

  • Positioning the organisation to supply the best defence against competitory forces.
  • Influencing the balance of the forces through strategic moves and other pro-active steps.
  • Expecting displacements in the forces and positioning the organisation and its ends and actions consequently.

Michael Porter ‘s Five Forces Model

Porter explains that there are five forces that determine industry attraction and long-term industry profitableness. These five “competitive forces” are:

  • The menace of entry of new rivals ( new entrants )
  • The menace of replacements
  • The bargaining power of purchasers
  • The bargaining power of providers
  • The grade of competition between bing rivals

Menace of New Entrants

New entrants to an industry can raise the degree of competition, thereby cut downing its attraction. The menace of new entrants mostly depends on the barriers to entry. High entry barriers exist in some industries ( e.g. ship building ) whereas other industries are really easy to come in ( e.g. estate bureau, eating houses ) . Cardinal barriers to entry include:

  • Economies of graduated table
  • Capital / investing demands
  • Customer shift costs
  • Entree to industry distribution channels
  • The likeliness of revenge from bing industry participants.

Menace of Substitutes

The presence of replacement merchandises can take down industry attraction and profitableness as they limit monetary value degrees. The menace of replacement merchandises depends on:

  • Buyers ‘ willingness to replace
  • The comparative monetary value and public presentation of replacements
  • The costs of exchanging to replacements

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Suppliers are the concerns that supply stuffs & A ; other merchandises into the industry.

The cost of points bought from providers ( e.g. natural stuffs, constituents ) can hold a important impact on a company ‘s profitableness. If providers have high bargaining power over a company, so in theory the company ‘s industry is less attractive. The dickering power of providers will be high when:

  • There are many purchasers and few dominant providers
  • There are uniform, extremely valued merchandises
  • Suppliers threaten to incorporate frontward into the industry ( e.g. trade name makers endangering to put up their ain retail mercantile establishments )
  • Buyers do non endanger to incorporate backwards into supply
  • The industry is non a cardinal client group to the providers

Dickering Power of Buyers

Buyers are the people / administrations who create demand in an industry.

The bargaining power of purchasers is greater when:

  • There are few dominant purchasers and many Sellerss in the industry.
  • Merchandises are standardized.
  • Buyers threaten to incorporate backward into the industry.
  • Suppliers do non endanger to incorporate frontward into the purchaser ‘s industry.
  • The industry is non a cardinal provision group for purchasers.

Intensity of Rivalry

The strength of competition between rivals in an industry will depend on:

  • The construction of competition, for illustration, competition is more intense where there are many little or every bit sized rivals ; competition is less when an industry has a clear market leader.
  • The construction of industry costs, for illustration, industries with high fixed costs encourage rivals to make full fresh capacity by monetary value film editing.
  • Degree of distinction – industries where merchandises are trade goods ( e.g. steel, coal ) have greater competition ; industries where rivals can distinguish their merchandises have less competition.
  • Switch overing costs occurs when competition is reduced where purchasers have high shift costs – i.e. there is a important cost associated with the determination to purchase a merchandise from an alternate provider.
  • Strategic aims is when rivals are prosecuting aggressive growing schemes, competition is more intense. Where rivals are “milking” net incomes in a mature industry, the grade of competition is less.
  • Exit barriers occurs when barriers to go forthing an industry are high ( e.g. the cost of shuting down mills ) , so rivals tend to exhibit greater competition.

While the Porters Five Forces theoretical account in respects to determination devising, is to roll up, analyze and present informations for the determination shaper, Porter identifies three generic schemes to turn to industry competition. Schemes can be formed on three degrees – corporate, concern unit and functional or section degree. The Strategies are cost leading, distinction and competitory advantage. The best determination will place the house to leverage strengths and support against inauspicious effects of the five forces.

4.2 Competition

The competition within the electronics industry comes in two classs. Locally, the chief competition is between the little and big endeavors. Major companies in the electronics industry have stronger trade name names and have greater capablenesss of making the international market. This is a important factor as trade name names in digital merchandises represent the overall quality of the point which consumers are after. Major companies besides have more resources to advance the merchandise through more expensive signifiers of media advertizement. Therefore, smaller companies are straight affected. In the international degree, the competition exists between the Hong Kong companies and the major AV equipment companies of other states.

4.3 Competition from Substitute Merchandises

With the rise of engineering, alternate options for appliance and similar merchandises are really much available. Digital cameras and other merchandises are no exclusion. At present, cellular phones are manufactured with camera characteristics, leting consumers to utilize the phone non merely for naming or directing text messages, but besides in capturing and hive awaying images. Other picture camcorders have camera characteristics as good ; therefore, some consumers would prefer to but an point where all characteristics are already integrated. Web cameras are besides alternate merchandises for digital cameras. In add-on, some of these alternate merchandises are less expensive and more practical as compared to purchasing a digital camera entirely.

4.4 Competitive Threat of New Entry

The per centum part of the industry to the Malayan economic system suggests the immense figure of concerns fabricating digital merchandises. This so suggests that barriers of entry for new concern entrants are low. New concern could easy run locally ; furthermore, the Malayan industry offers multiple merchandise lines under different trade name names. Hence, competition is instead rigorous. Furthermore, most of the concern in the electronics industry is considered SMEs, connoting that the degrees of little concerns or new entrants are high. With the high handiness of digital production installations, new entrants could easy get down fabrication and selling digital merchandises.

4.5 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

In the instance of the Malayan electronics industry, the bargaining power of the providers is high. Most of the stuffs used for bring forthing AV equipment are imported from providers, therefore they have greater control over the monetary values of supplies every bit good as the bringing.

4.6 Bargaining Power of Customers

Customers have entree to multiple options for AV equipment and merchandises, therefore, they have greater control over which point to buy. The high fight within the industry allowed consumers to hold entree to a figure of options, from trade names to types and monetary values of merchandises. Therefore, consumers have a high bargaining power over the electronics industry. In this instance, the smaller endeavors are greatly affected. Although consumers have different buying behaviours, in most instances trade name names greatly influences the penchants of purchasers. If there will be other options, consumers is likely to purchase known trade names even if they will hold to pay excess.

5.0 Evaluation

Based from the environmental and competitory analysis done for the electronics industry, the findings will so be evaluated. In this subdivision, the possible developments of the industry for the following 10 old ages will be considered. Factors that could impact this advancement, both positively and negatively, will be cited.

5.1 Optimistic

Based on the analysis done, the Sony Company Limited is likely to win and come on in ten old ages clip due to two of import factors. One of these factors is the market of the industry. At the local degree, the consumers are really much aware and exposed to extremely technological appliances such as the digital camera. In other foreign markets of the Malayan industry, such tendency is besides apparent. In ten old ages clip, engineering will go on to turn and present hi-tech appliances and merchandises that people will sponsor. Therefore, the hereafter development of digitalized merchandises made by Sony Company Limited will be supported by the market due to their openness to engineering. Furthermore, this market backing will of course ensue to uninterrupted net income coevals and market growing.

Another factor that will lend to the success of the Sony Company Limited ten old ages from now is the uninterrupted rise and development of globalisation and unfastened trade. Through these facets, Malaysia will hold greater market entree abroad, taking to better market and concern results. Furthermore, free port will let the Sony Company Limited entree to more modern engineerings that can be utile for fabrication and selling digitalized merchandises. This in bend will do the Sony Company Limited more competitory against foreign trade names.

5.2 Pessimistic

While there are great chances that the Sony Company Limited can utilize for future advancement, certain obstructions could impede it from development. For case, the usage of engineering is extremely accessible to all possible concern operators in the industry, increasing the jobs on competition, less distinguishable merchandises and trade names. In add-on, technological appliances like digital cameras lose value at a fast rate ; therefore, it is likely that such inventions would lose their worth to the market, or worse, this merchandise could be phased out wholly organize the industry and be replaced with better replacements.

Problems in the economic system are besides a challenge. Crisis in the economic facet is ubiquitous and hard to foretell ; hence, it is ever a job for all industries and concern sectors. Due to these jobs, monetary values for labour, land, production and other concern activities could increase, doing it hard for the industry to win.

5.3 Prediction

Based on concern results in the yesteryear, the pessimistic scenario is the 1 that is likely to happen in the hereafter. Old electronic merchandises like nomadic phones, cameras and computing machines for case, had been easy replaced by digital 1s due to fast-phased development in engineering. At present, several companies in the electronics industry are still carry oning researches in order to present new engineerings that the market demands. In add-on, economic crisis is a natural happening, though an unpredictable 1. Thus, even without foretelling when this will go on in the hereafter, concerns attempt to get the better of the effects of economic challenges by fixing themselves in progress.

Although it is likely for the optimistic scenario to happen every bit good, concerns in this industry must concentrate themselves on get the better ofing the worst scenarios. By fixing in progress, the concerns can forestall farther jobs in the hereafter every bit good as maintain the advancement of the industry.

6.0 Decision

In malice of the evident success of the Sony Company Limited in Malaysia, certain factors in its environment can do its possible failure in the old ages to come. Economic challenges, competition and changing consumer tendencies are merely some of the external factors that the industry must get the better of in order to guarantee future advancement. Although these affairs may look inevitable, certain actions could assist the industry to win, locally and internationally. Continuous merchandise sweetening and development for case, can assist in countering fast-paced engineering. Conducting consumer surveies on the other manus can ease the challenge on altering consumer behaviours. These actions in bend can assist in battling concern competition and globalisation issues.


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