1. 1 Introduction
Since Koyo Jeans current active g markets are China. Hong Kong. Spain and France ; nevertheless researches have been able to happen out Koyo was non traveling so good in footings of internationalization and trade name value. acknowledgment in those current markets due to weak concern scheme and hapless understanding the market ; so in such. this direction brief will be focus on analyzing and urging a new market to come in. follow by suggestion on the entry manner for Koyo Jeans and by measuring the states attraction and advantages that can profit to Koyo Jeans to run in that state.

1. 2 Environmental audit of current markets in China. Hong Kong. and France 1. 2. 1 Executive Summary
Base on the first appraisal. refer to the PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis ( Appendix 6. 1 ) . the most attractiveness in China is the point of immense increasing population which have recorded 1. 370. 536. 875 ( National Bureau of Statistics of China 2012 ) on 2011. And as one of the BRIC states. China has besides recorded a 7. 4 % of GDP growing rate in 2012 ( Trading Economics 2012 ) . which is an grounds demoing China is a strong emerging market. Regard to the engineering used. China has comparatively lower incursion rate than the other two states. But runing concern in China has a lower cost than the other two states. illustration as the labor cost.

Hong Kong is a SAR ( Special Administrative Region ) of China ; but the whole political system is non the same as China. and it can bask extremely liberty. The instruction. political. socio-culture all aspects show this metropolis is favorable to hold concerns in. Most attractive fact is the high incursion rate of cyberspace users. as concerns can make the client widely.

France is the fifth worldwide in GDP 2012 ( Economy Watch 2012 ) . and has a highest figure of tourers ( Touropia 2012 ) ; it has the attraction on big client base. However it besides got a immense figure of rivals and runing in France is comparatively higher cost due the mean operating cost is higher than in China or Hong Kong.

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