Finally, the unethical employee has fired by the organization. Dilemmas occur when we facing two choices, yet all of It lead to less than desirable consequences. Either adopts an Illegal strategy and risk going to Jail, or does nothing and risk going bankrupt. From the video, the first discussion has started by “Dumpster Diving”. Dumpster diving can be trade as is a highly unethical behavior by Because most of the hobos become dumpster diving, is Just intending to get some basic necessities to survive, such as foods, clothing and money by reselling recycled cans.

So why must we Judge them as unethical? However, Hobo 1 and 2 in the video actions can be traded as highly unethical as from the various actions they are trying to racketeer 3rd party for money. A very bad morality of the two hobos was. After they had found out the fraud in Million authorize projects in the organization, they trying to collaborate instead of the report to top level management. The second discussion is forces on the unethical employee. From the video, I had analyzed out some of the unethical errors did by Whitney Blintz.

During working time, she is browsing at social network. In addition, she fraud the organization through collaborate with outsiders. Lastly, she is talking bad behind colleague. This bad morality are not acceptable in the business world and also others sector. We should not do private things during office hours. For example, if we are a leader of an organization, we often doing personal task during office hours, how would the down line think about us. Collaboration is unacceptable by the society such as fraud happened in the organization.

We can cooperation with others, but the premise is not harmful to the interests of others; Saying something hurtful behind others is very unethical, and contraindications in everywhere, it will hurt others and also harm personally. Saying good things is a virtue and why not we learn on it. In addition, if those of the evil habit have spread and allow in an organization, it will harm the organization rules and regulation and also the organization behavior, and finally it would become a unhealthy organization culture. The last discussion is spying or eavesdrop habit.

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However this can be treated as dialectical reasoning. Dialectical reasoning is attempting to discover the truth about something by working one’s way through a series of partial truths. In the video, one of the employee is spying or eavesdrop others people conversation. In morality we are clear spying or eavesdrop is an unethical habit, but when it can to dialectical reasoning, it may be forgiven as long as it do not harmful to the interests of others and business ethics. For example, two of the spying characters are doing right things.

When they accidentally discover something that is damage to the interests of the company, they did not cover the mistake. Dilemmas are playing important rules in every organization. In the first video, the value that I learn is, in business world there is a lot of intrigue. People do things by hook or by crook in order to get something they need. If the company organization behavior is in a good practice, then we should follow without questions. When a principle is part of a person’s moral code, that person is strongly motivated toward the conduct required by the principle and against behavior that conflicts with that principle.

Counter if the company organization behavior is in a bad practice, then we should try to influence others get back on reasonable track or if really can’t then we should leave the organization as early. The second video is about different type of Job discrimination happened in the organization or workplace. In the video they divided Job discrimination into six forms. It has included Direct Discrimination, Indirect discrimination, Association discrimination, Harassments, Factorization and Perceptive Discrimination.

The first discussion of Direct Discrimination is when someone is treated less favorably than another person because of a protected characteristic. For example, one of the employee often facing loads of work stuff and he have to stay back after the work time in order to completed the Job task, however the others employees who are good relationship with the boss would not face these problems. Second example is top decision makers often fail to have professional Judgment when it come to circuiting, they will tendency to men over women as women will get pregnant and get off on maternity leave at any time.

The second is Indirect Discrimination, which is when there is some rule, policy, condition or even a practice in your organization that applies to everyone put a certain group at disadvantages. For example, The strongest candidate Leo Chosen, a Jewish people who is unable to be proposed for a Job Just because of he has to leave earlier at every Friday for their Jewish Shabby preparation which make him couldn’t attend the management meeting that hold on every Friday as well. The indirect coordination is also suitable to apply on race, age, religion, marriage, and sex.

Nowadays it had been extended to cover Gender Reassignment and Disability also. Third is Association discrimination which is direct discrimination against someone because they associate with another person who possesses a protected characteristic. For example most of the people are unacceptable of gay or lesbian, however in some other country there is a law to protect those person, and it will be unlawful to discriminate against someone because they associate with a person who possesses a protected characteristic. For example, a guys sister who is claimed to be a lesbian is aiming by her boss because of her sexual orientation.

The forth is Harassments. Harassment is unwanted and unwelcome conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating intimidating, humiliating, degrading, hostile or offensive environment for that individual. For example guy often invite female colleague hang around with bad intention. The famous harassments in workplace are sexual harassment. For example, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and there verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature. Because of unreasonable matter.

For example in the video Tanya is scolded by her higher-up and said that she is so delicate and fragile creature, because she has warrant a meeting for the complaint brought up by the consumer. This would include the isolation of someone because she has made a complaint or giving her worse work. Lastly, is Perceptive Discrimination which is direct discrimination of someone because others perceive them to have a protected characteristic even if they don’t. For example a young, good looking and free thinker are always have a protected harmonistic by the male manager, and because of this it would directly discrimination others.

From the second video, The Value that I learned is discrimination in workplace is totally unmethodical behavior. In employment involves adverse decisions against employees or Job applicants based on their membership in a group that is viewed as inferior or deserving of unequal treatment. We should provide Equal Employment Opportunity to every one of interviewees and also trained to be moderation especially treat with employee as a fair working environment without discrimination could motivate the employee to improve their performance ND achieve organizational goals. Video 3 – Unethical Cooperation, Monster Inc.

This video is a summary of an animation movie called Monster Inc. From the video, there are few ethical issues of corporate responsibilities can be discovered. The CEO of Monster Inc. Only focuses on the effectiveness of the production methods instead of balance up with the sense of ethic. He chooses the way of scaring children to extract their scream energy in order to generate power supply for the monster world. An ethical company should not use inappropriate way which could harm the other arty or sacrifice the other’s party happiness to help the company to earn profit.

However, the Monster Inc. Chooses to amuse the children and extract their laughter to become their power supply after the CEO of the company has changed to the other person. In this way, the company can have both the utilitarianism and the productivity. Beside this, there is a worker named Randall planned to kidnap kid and steal all of the scream energy by using “scare extractor” to extract the scream energy which could harm the children in order to boost up his own achievement. This is a very selfish and unethical way to make achievement in the workplace.

Employee should have use the fairest and ethical way to compete with his colleague by following the rules and regulation of the company. Moreover, the CEO of Monster Inc. Is stressed out due to the incident of human kid came to the monster world which is caused by his employee plus the human kid nowadays is getting harder and Mike told him about Randall evil plan, the CEO turned out to claim that he already know the plan and he is agree to Randall action even that this will hurt the human children. This shows the CEO doesn’t care about the effect of the “scare extractor” on he human children and all the consequences might cause at all.

He Just wants to save the company but he chose to use unethical way. Although this is the CEO responsibility to save and keep the company to run, however ignoring the harm and effect would bring to the other party is Just not the right option. CEO should consider all the consequences and the effect to the other party before taking any action. In addition, the CEO planned to turn the human kid, Boo over to the Child Detection Agency and banished Sully and Mike out of the monster world in order to keep this arty secret and cover his track.

Again, this shows how selfish and irresponsible the CEO is that he is willing to sacrifice his own employee to cover the conspiracy and wanted to apply the evil plan impenitently. An integrity employer should provide a comfortable environment and sense of security to their employee with the morality plus don’t force and ask employees to anything that is against to the morality. When the employee done anything wrong, the employer has to stand up and correct the employee. Besides, an employer should be able to differentiate what is right or wrong wing to do instead of support the unethical idea even it could help the situation.

At the end of the video, it shows that Sully and Mike eventually prove and show the secret to the authority successfully. This action called whistle blowing which is a person who exposes misconduct, dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization. This is a very good example that shows what an ethical worker should do in order to protect the public interest. From the third video, I have learned how important of the right Judgment could affect an organization. Plus, an employer or ass should have the responsibility to be the model of the organization.


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