Brands are an image, a feeling, a perception resulting from experiences Marketing messages build a brand Advertising can reach large audiences, create brand awareness, help differentiate a brand from its competitors, build an image of a brand Coupons, small gifts, and other incentives are part of sales promotions One of the fastest growing media use in marketing communication is Product Placement One of the goals of MIMIC is to overcome departmental differences with an organization companies benefit from MIMIC though brand differentiation, increased brand trust, improved internal coordination, improved accountability MIMIC makes brand messages more relevant, effective, sensitive and less wasteful of media and personal time Companies, agencies, and media are called the Golden triangle of MIMIC partners Product placement is the placement of products in entertainment programming The benefits of an in-house agency include all of the following except Greater access to creative talent printed buses , hot air balloons, street ads is an expelled of non-traditional media The ultimate in marketing communication integration is a situation where the medium is both the product and the message. Brand equity is the intangible value of a brand. T Public relations and publicity are the same thing. F Personal selling is widely used in most business-to-business marketing communications. T Customer service creates a brand image through the attitude and behavior displayed during interactions with customers. T Traditionally, marketing communications were dominated by advertising agencies. F Account managers act as the liaison between consumers and the agency.

F Integration of MAC is primarily driven by the needs of clients. The process of branding are generates brand awareness, engages consumer’s feelings, engages consumers’ thoughts, separates similar products form each other. Brands transform products or services into something larger than the product or service itself. The real brand meaning of a product or service Resides in the consumer’s mind. Intangible attributes are important in building brands because they are more likely than tangible attributes to involve consumers emotionally. Which of the following are tangible attributes of a brand? Design, size, price , marketing communication.

When marketers say ” a brand is a promise” , they mean you know what you can expect form a brand Generally brands fail to meeting consumers’ expectation when expectation are raise too high, overzealous advertising is used, products are defective, service is less than professional The challenge in brand positioning is to select a position that can be realistically supported by the product, the company, the marketing communications, be appreciated by customer and prospects All of the following are types of positions strategies except: Share of wallet position. ( category, unique product feature, benefit, image) Brand name usually characterize benefits, association, distinctiveness, simplicity (week) The primary consideration when selecting a brand is Trust.

Brand loyalty: a measure of the degree of attachment the customer has to a brand Praetor rule the observation”Eighty per cent of a brand’s sales come from twenty per cent of its customers” is known as CHAPTER 3 In the decoding stage of brand communication, the message: Is created to convey an intended meaning and elicit a certain response The four stages of brand communication in order are: Encoding, message, communication channel and decoding A company’s physical facilities says something about its brands and company. Noise in the communication process:Can impact negatively on the shiver’s ability to decode a message In marketing communication the intended group that a brand message is created for is called the:Target audience Repeating brand messages in slightly different forms is called:Strategic redundancy Fields of experience directly affect how receivers: decode assuages You are looking for a new car and your friend comes by and shows you her new car which she is ecstatic about.

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Your friend influences you more than the sales rep at that dealer because she has THIRD-PARTY CREDIBILITY When marketing communication managers think about purposeful dialogue they are considering communication that is: Beneficial to both nonusers and the company Chapters Business buying decisions are different from consumer buying decisions in that the -> involve more research Use more of a cognitive approach Involve more people -> are based on responses to Reps The reference group categories are personal, membership, experts, aspiration’s Reference groups are important to marketers because they an be extremely persuasive The order of think/feel/ do responses varies by -> product category ->type of buyer-> buying situation -> level of involvement The level of customer involvement will vary depending on: The relevance of the product t the customer’s personal interests In the elaboration likelihood model, the peripheral route is used when consumers: Use on emotional approach to processing information The models of brand decision making are Cognitive,Emotional, Habit/repeat.

Evoked set Marketing communication for habit/ repeat customers primarily focus on Brand reminders When marketer say buying decisions are influenced by head and heart they are referring to Cognitive and emotional Chapters ZERO-based planning starts with Current brand conditions, current market conditions, identifying target audiences, a clean sheet Business develop marketing imposing to Create a standard against which to evaluate the results Zero-based MAC planning steps are evaluate effectiveness, determine the budget, determine the MAC objective, Identify target audiences No company can be all things to all customers” need for markets to Target their customer groups SOOT are Internal factors of the firm, strengths and weaknesses, external factors, opportunities and threats 6.

When proportioning SCOTS mangers consider the realistic damage, realistic benefit, cost, time frame The criteria for well-written MAC objectives : specific, measurable, achievable, Hellenizing Convince 20% of prospects that the university is the best in the region is an example of a Fell objective the last component in MAC strategy development is Explaining to managers why the Mac ideas are sound A buttered is a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time to accomplish agreed upon objectives The pro formal is a breakdown of forecasted sales , on a per unit basis , that show the amount and %of money allocated for MAC and other types of cost/ expenses 12. The Sales forecast for the coming year and narrator package of that forecast ” Package of sales chapters

Harold is completing a report that summarizes the research and insights for the creative team in his agency. He is finishing a: Lateral thinking strategy Which of the following is not one of the three basic steps in developing a message strategy brief? Determining the MAC budget A creative message strategy that explains how to resolve a problem appeals the cognitive path to consumer response. A creative message strategy that tries to strengthen consumers’ association with a product appeals to the Affective path of consumer response. A creative message strategy that tries to get customers to make repeat purchases appeals to the Behavioral path of consumer response.

A selling strategy that is based on a product’s most distinctive difference from competing products is a: Unique selling proposition Customer insight is Gained by looking below the surface of what customers say they want and in a brand or product category In a selling strategy, _support is the reason or proof points on which the claim or benefit is based A beer company uses a television advertisement with image of a couple drinking beer in a romantic setting. This is an example of a Emotional selling strategy For MAC message objectives focusing on creating brand awareness, knowledge, understanding or conviction, Alan _limitation, Generic, Pre-emotive, Credibility message strategy creating a cognitive response would be appropriate. For MAC message objectives focusing on creating brand image and personality, Alan Emotion, association, lifestyle creating Alan emotional response would be appropriate. Chapter 7 message strategy the formulas used in common story formats?

New announcement, problem solution, comparison, demonstration In print messages the headlines and visuals primarily are designed to: Attract taxation In print messages body copy, boxes, and purporting visuals are primarily used to: stimulate desire When considering audio brand messages, a marketing communications manager will assess: past radio advertisements, the company switchboard, voice mail messages, automated audio information systems In MAC message execution, a series of pictures along with dialogue is called a: Storyboard In online design, the online creative person or web designer works with: The banner and Hyperlinks One of the strengths of online marketing communications is the potential for: Interactive communication Endorsers have to be: Credible A storyboard is made up of: a visual and a dialogue chapters In the last twenty years a major problem for media planners is: Media fragmentation, proliferation media choices, media clutter Richard is media planner for a major ad agency. When choosing media outlets his major concern is: What per cent of a medium’s audience are customers or prospects Tim is media planner for an ad agency.

When considering media choices he attempts to minimize intrusiveness by: choosing media whose target audience is interested in the product category, use championships, participate in event marketing Promotional video networks are:Companies that distribute programs and commercial messages through video or titillate transmission Examples of non-traditional media include: Auditioned, rolling billboards, hot air balloons, toilet doors Which of the following are examples of out- of-home media? Place-base media, Theater advertising, outdoor advertising, elevator advertising Product placement is:When branded products or brand names are visibly featured in a movie or TV program True test what does MIMIC not comprise of long and short term profit focus a consistent one voice approach t communications internal departmental silos who work purely one their own area of specialization which of the following a brand touch point for the marketing communicator? Intrinsic and customer-created generally speaking the two most important aspects of any media plan are reach and frequency print and broadcast in media planning “reach”.

In direct marketing the otter consists to people who have responded to related direct-marketing offers the promises people receive from a company in exchange for money or some other desired behavior the names and addresses of people collected form public sources the direct marketing offer -Takes prospects through the AID model Direct response marketing can be best described as one of the most -Accountable forms of marketing communication difficult form of marketing Visible forms of marketing communication in the last twenty years a major problem for media planners is -media fragmentation Proliferation o media choice died clutter )BBC Ray is media planner for a major ad agency, when choosing media outlet his major concern is what percent of medium’s audience are customers prospects- magazines can be classified by which of the following gumshoes contra E-commerce is the same as e-business Broader than e-business the primary goal of the extranet is increase communication between the company and it s outside stakeholders such as MAC agencies and suppliers Interest sales volume and profitability Reach new the help e-commerce companies address privacy concerns , the FTC recommend – Guinness for fair information practices


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