Luke Atkins, a current student enrolled at the Richard Ivey School of business at Western University. Luke had developed various calendars to help support his charity fundraising cause. He has had previous experience in this industry when he decided to raise money for his rugby team; he displayed his team members posing on calendars each month, so that he could develop the calendars to make money. These Rugby calendars where one of his greatest successes as it grossed about $10,000 in sales.

Luke has been recognized as an important member when it comes to fundraisers for charity events, which is why he has decided to develop another calendar to raise funds for local charities such as the Breast Cancer Society for Woman or the Jesses Journey Foundation.

London, Ontario, which would be the home of Luke’s Calendar, is a good location to develop and promote his product due to the fact that he would be selling among his peers, his fellow students, student athletes, school alumni and the locals of London. Within London there are approximately 330,000 people with 26,000 of them at Western University and total number of 240,000 Western alumni scattered all over the world that have been a student of the University.

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There are a number of channels that are becoming available with local stores; book stores, campus sites and advertiser site outlets carrying a variety of types of different calendars, allowing the market to gain some growth. Many Charities and fundraising organizations are taking advantage of the development that Luke has used to produce calendars for insistence; firefighters designed a calendar for 15$ each and ended up sell about 10,000. More and more calendars are used at special events, holidays, theme occasions, or organizers/planners for the consumer.

After examining his competitors and their prices, he decided that he would sell his product at a margin of $10-$12 each which is roughly $3 less then competitors. As well, he realized that the extra pages he had in the calendars, he could use them for his sponsors, to help pay out expenses. Luke decided that he would want to develop a calendar for both male and females with 12 models of each sex for the calendars.

Also he is deciding whether to create a 16 or 28 page calendar and if it was going to be black and white or in colour. Extra space on the calendar would also be provided so that the customer would be able to write down information such as important dates. He anticipated that the 24 models he had would also act as sale representatives for his calendars so that it can attract consumers to purchase the product. Luke hired a professional photographer to take his pictures and the cost would be approximately $5,000 for back-to-back photo shoots.

To create an impact on the student body and alert them that the calendars are in place and ready to be sold, many tactics and ideas are viewed to achieve this. Models would promote, Internet usage, Outlets at advertiser locations and to reach the alumni and any other interested consumer, a media press conference will be used. Luke had also created a communication line with a local DJ who was the host of a live to air show, which could possibly lead to a “plug in” for his calendar.

Two of the critical issues, which need immediate attention, are:

* Company itself has little to non recognition as a brand

* Company is a little competitor in huge industry

Baxter’s main objectives are:

* To achieve a higher sales revenue then previous calendars which made about $10,000 in sales

* Needed a cause that was consistent or at least not conflicting, with his concept of calendars featuring seductive pictures. He was also exploring the idea of having men and woman compete for their respective charities

Current and Market Situation


Currently the calendar is enjoying a steady growth in its industry. Through out student stores, local stores or small shops, a variety of different brand and type of calendar are available.

Major usage of calendars is used in exchange for charitable donations which is a big selling point. Calendars being as a substitute for day planners is also growing trend, giving more of a motive to purchase one. Calendars are also used as a form for advertising and promotion for a brand.

Industry sales:

* Firefighters produced 15$ calendars with fighters modeling for each month. 10,000 copies were sold which made $15,000 in sales.

* Almost $ 10,000 in sales was made by making a calendar of Western rugby players featured in every month.

* Western university gave our free calendars to all their first year students.

Important selling periods:

* An important starting period to sell would be during the starting of the year, due to the fact calendars are used as organizers.

* Special holidays, occasions, events would also help promote calendar themes with each aspect.

* Important trends affecting industry:

* Calendars are more commonly used as planners and gifts

* Themes of calendars, that are unique and distinct in their own way

* Money for calendar being used as consideration charitable donation.

* Things within the calendar that may catch the attention of the potential buyer

Channel Information:

These days calendars are being used more then a prop that will be placed on your fridge door. People are now using them as gifts with themes, as consideration for charity donations or a weekly organizer instead of a planner. With these new methods and ways of use for the calendar more competitors have entered such as charities, organizations and consumers. Many channels of distribution for these calendars would be local stores, outlets of advertisers, campus sites and kiosks.

Consumer profile:

Who is the consumer?

* Students and alumni of Western University

* The local residents of the London, Ontario area.

* Individuals who need a planner for their own use.

* Those in need of a gift to give

* Mainly anyone that is in the middle teens and up can be put into a category of potential customers.

Consumer needs?

* Good quality calendar where there is space to include personal info such as dates and meetings, this space can be used for many things, which may appeal to the potential buyer

* Well detailed pictures and sturdy binding will allow for strong lasting use.

* Suitable theme or type of genre that will be suitable for the potential customer.

Where consumer can expect to locate product?

* Local stores that are vary popular

* Campus kiosks or bookstore within the campus or in the surrounding areas would create a great sales opportunity.

* Advertisers that can create outlets to sell mass quantities of these calendars

* Sales representatives that can push certain themes or genres to a potential big customer.

When consumer can purchase product?

* Main sales would be made at beginning of the year, with strong push for calendars to be bought

* Beginning of the school year, would be crucial for certain theme

* Holidays, b-days, special occasions, charitable events will allow for other means of the calendars to be sold



o Population in London 330, 000 people

o Population of Western Students 26, 00

o Over 240, 000 Western alumni around the world.


o The more the demographics (population) increases with students in Western University the larger the target market will become and this would allow for more sales.

o No funds were allocated to Atkins for this potential project

Social and cultural:

o Society is sensitive on the issue of the amount of exposure the human body receives, and this was a base fact that would be used in many calendars

* i.e. Topless Calendar models


o Recycling is more of a factor in buying goods, where customers by goods because they can be recycled.


o Internet provides easier and faster method of communicating with potential clients. This also allows them to see samples of potential product.

o New cameras and printers provide a more detailed and sharp image/picture that will allow for better consistency to produce a better image, for a calendar and for a specific month.


o Wide market encourages large market for different competitors from commercial retailers, charities and many more organizations, this competition will allow for a broaden target market.


Prices + Taxes

London Firefighters Calendar


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar


Anne Geddes Calendar


NHL Calendar


Below shows competitors as well as their prices:

Opportunities and Issues


o Luke Atkins has experience in the Calendar business.

o A strong and noble cause is the purpose for calendars

o High quality calendars with sharp pictures are being used to satisfy all customers.

o Established reputation with owner Luke Atkins and his fellow students and many other people within the community.

o Previous calendar was success, and that may be the base for many other great calendars


o Company itself has little to non recognition as a brand

o Company is a little competitor in huge industry

o Restrictions on content in calendars such as seductive pictures. Has cut of a certain target market that may be reached to expand the company.


o More ideas are being used for usage of calendars such as gifts, office tool etc…

o Calendars being used more as a fundraising instrument

o Student population steadily increasing, widening target market that may create many more styles of calendars to be produced.

o Technology developing better picture quality and to satisfy the customer to the fullest

o Developed relationship with a local DJ of a live to air show that can promote the company, and give it great praise.


o Higher technology means more costly product

o Established competitors make it harder for newer smaller competitors to enter and succeed

o Advertising costs may be to overwhelming

o Charitable organizations may question making a relationship with Luke an independent new manufacturer, due to the fact that they may be involved with a old company that has been their for awhile.

Main Issues

Can Luke really compete with established competitors that can put him totally out of business because of experience?

Will operation and advertising costs allow Luke and his calendars to be profitable, or will it be a total loss in profits because of high expenses?

Is the calendar industry just a fad, or will it stay around for Luke to be a big time player?

Will they be able to manufacturer enough for growing consumers, and mass orders?



* To achieve a higher sales revenue then previous calendars which made about $10,000 in sales

* To collect a well sum for charities, that will allow the company to be heard of, through appreciation awards.


* Needed a cause that was consistent or at least not conflicting, with his concept of calendars featuring seductive pictures. He was also exploring the idea of having men and woman compete for their respective charities

* Use the 24 models to step into the role of a sales representative

* Contact DJ about a “plug in” promotion on a local popular radio station that goes towards the potential target market that is trying to be captured.


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