1. Executive sum-up
    1. Current place
    2. Competitive advantage
    3. Growth program
  2. Business background
  3. Business scheme
    1. Tacticss
    2. Strategic impact
    3. E-commerce and engineering
    4. Core values
    5. Credibility and hazard decrease
  4. My squad
    1. Management construction
    2. Current squad
    3. Vacant places
    4. Retention and enlisting policies
    5. Mentors and concern support
  5. SWOT and critical success factors
    1. SWOT sum-up
  6. Market research
  7. Market analysis
    1. Market chance
    2. Market construction
    3. Market size and mentality
    4. Future markets
    5. Target market
  8. Rival analysis
  9. Fiscal program
    1. Start-up costs
    2. Funding
    3. Break-even day of the month
    4. Net income and loss prognosis
    5. Cash flow prognosis
    6. Balance sheet prognosis

1. Executive Summary

Bake and beans will be taking the Indian bakeshop merchandises to New Zealanders and fiting the demands of the locals and doing it visually attractive. Since the concern started in affect significantly increase in demand for the Indian bakeshop merchandises grew and demand for Vegetarian bars grew. The bakeshop will aim particular nuptials, birthday, graduation ceremonial, Christenings and 21stbirthday jubilations.

Current place

The current place of the bakeshop is proudly counted as the lone Indian Bakery who operates in New Zealand with the reliable gustatory sensation and highest quality of procurance. Bing the lone bakeshop that prides to convey vegetarian bars to clients

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Competitive advantage

The advantage of the company lies a positive nature of concern as after the gap in these old ages at that place have been no individual concern proprietors in the market who wants to vie and do similar merchandises.

Growth program

The Plan of the concern will be to ask for more of the clients to present the gustatory sensation of the reliable Indian bakeshop merchandises in New Zealand wholly and with the oculus of opening more subdivisions in South of New Zealand and even selling up the franchise and lead concern with keeping quality and turning the quality each twenty-four hours and run into up with the high criterions of the other concerns in New Zealand.

2. Business background

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Mr Shally Rana from northern portion of India with cookery as his favorite avocation and with an experience in culinary and baking accomplishments came up with the thought of conveying Indian gustatory sensation along with him to New Zealand.


The Goal of Mr Rana is to turn the concern and have the upper limit of stores all about in New Zealand. And to take Indian bakeshop merchandise to a tallness as to do it as a portion of New Zealanders day-to-day front-runner.


The offering of the Bakery will be of the purpose to be the corner rock in the community and make a fatherland ambiance for people off from their place state and to affect locals to their banquet and up convey the gustatory sensation and spirit across the state

Intellectual belongings

The Intellectual belongings of the concern is shared with Mr Rana’s Wife and the advantage of non paying the rent to the concern is more likely to do net income.

Locations and mercantile establishments

The location of the concern is at Auckland part of New Zealand in Mt Roskill. .

3. Business scheme

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The tactics of the concern will be re establishing the full scope of merchandises and advance the offer to sell franchise with the position of keeping the quality of the merchandises.

Strategic impact

The impact of the schemes will convey more interested clients who would wish to put with the concern

E-commerce and engineering

The scheme is to wish the two concerns with the online aid organize the squad of the other shops and supply larning tactics online to assist each other and use the upper limit of the engineering. The chief thought and invention for this concern will be advancing the merchandise on cyberspace through the web site.

Core values

The nucleus value of the concern is to keep the promise of conveying Indian gustatory sensation to the clients away from place, Guide the franchises to keep and learn so the indispensable demand of the concern if to supply the quality with a best client service.

Credibility and hazard decrease

The credibleness of the concern will be taken attention with the position to understate the hazard involved in maintaining secret of the formula and non allowing it dispersed and do it common on the evidences that to contrive the formula Mr Rana had invested upon a upper limit of quality of clip which the concern can non afford to leak and cut down the hazard by doing a patent right of the formulas and non allow anyone to do the same merchandise with the same gustatory sensation.

4. My squad

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Management construction

{ Enter text }

Current squad


Mr Donald Singh




New Zealand Degree in baking



Path record

2nd in bar devising competition in twelvemonth 2010


Mrs Sam Singh


Pastry head


New Zealand Diploma in Baking and pastry devising


Fixing Pastries for the Bakery and Cooking for Pies

Path record

1stin her academic category.

Vacant places

Position # 1 Customer service Supervisor

Pull offing stock lists and other client representatives and Covering with clients

Position # 2 Assistant Manager

Assisting director on his twenty-four hours off and on vacation periods

Position # 3 Assistant Baker

Helping Baker and Pastry Maker.

Retention and enlisting policies

All the Advertisements will be submitted in New Zealand Herald and welcome everyone to use for the occupation

Mentors and concern support

Mr Max Well will back up Mr Rana In engaging the best campaigner suitable for the occupation.

5. SWOT and critical success factors

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I will maximize them by:

Unique formula for Pie And Cakes

Keeping the secret of the formula


I will maximize them by:

Non handiness of the chief baker during his ill leave’s

Hiring a helper baker to cover his displacement


I will maximize them by:

Selling the franchise to the investors

Promoting and choosing the best investor


I will maximize them by:

Competitive Market of other merchandises

Introducing merchandises to clients and maintain the high quality.

SWOT sum-up

Chosen scheme

The scheme of the concern will be Increase the gross revenues and keep the quality and engaging new baker but engaging whilst maintain the secret formulas and advancing the concern to the market to sell as a franchise. The purpose of the concern of to avoid any obstruction in future

Critical success factors

The success factor of the concern will be the gross revenues prognosis of the concern.

Promoting bar gross revenues in Christmas and Easter clip and advancing nuptials bars and Indian savories along with the bars and supply suited price reductions to the client so that they attract.

The success of the concern will find the position of Mr Rana’s Introduction of the java machine to the locals and turning the bar store to a eating house where clients can order javas while they wait and decide to the bars.

6. Market research

Bake and beans is focal points on New Zealand’s clients to pull to the Indian Taste in bakeshop and as the concern is alone in New Zealand hence the Market research of the survey is divided into two sections of service concern analysis.

Bakery: Any bakeshop offering bakeshop merchandises.

Pies: Any Pies in the market including which is sold in ace markets.

Competition and purchasing forms.

Although the bakeshop concern is turning popularity amongst the new clients and increase in demand of vegetarian bars the clients are noted in buying the bars and bakeshop points from their local super markets, the ground of buying it from the super markets would be the easy handiness of the merchandises while they shop for normal points or the particular trades provided by the companies seasonably. To fit up with that we need to vie against the thought of clients and advance the quality confidence and freshness of the merchandises we sell.

While the gustatory sensation may be the factor for the client which is the normal gustatory sensation for the Kiwi’s and they non willing to pay more than what they see in the ace market. We believe that they will be willing to pass more if they will came to consciousness of the differences between the newly made bakeshop merchandises against the merchandise sold in supermarket with preservatives.

8. Rival analysis

Rival 1 ( Quality Bakery }



  • Old Kiwi traditional bakeshop merchandises.
  • Local clients
  • Competitive monetary value
  • Small operation of concern.
  • Hygiene
  • Lack of assortment


To better the merchandises and may be in future introduce an New Zealand formula in the bakeshop to pull locals.

Competitor 2 { Countdown Supermarket }



Large Operation.

Huge figure of day-to-day Customers

Ability to sell the merchandises in decreased monetary value

Runing off the merchandises.

Non availabity due to supplies.

Higher rates when bakeshop is non on particular trade.


To set up a client wages system so that the more the client purchase the more price reduction they can acquire.

9. Fiscal program

Net income and loss prognosis

First twelvemonth

Second twelvemonth

Third twelvemonth

Estimated gross revenues




Estimated costs




Estimated profit/loss




Balance sheet prognosis

Type of Balance




Entire Current Asset

Entire Non-current Asset

Entire Asset










Projected Cash Flow

Cash Flow of Bake and Beans.

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Bake and Beans


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