A Business program is a scheme which is a written papers, and it define the company ‘s ends, outlines how to company intends to accomplish the ends.

The Business program is a route map for the operation and development of E-business.

E-Business is concerned with utilizing the cyberspace and related engineerings to incorporate and redesign an organisation ‘s internal activities, procedures and external dealingss, and make new ways of working that are significantly different from, and really frequently far superior to, what was possible ( or conceivable ) in the yesteryear, that is E-business is about developing new ways of working by innovatively working the new capablenesss of ICTs ( Information and Communication Technologies ) in general and the cyberspace and related engineerings in peculiar.

Businesss that can heighten their present gross revenues by the use of e-commerce. Typical clients will necessitate sites for the double intent of supplying 24-hour information to clients every bit good as supplying a buying locale. Potential clients are concerns in which e-commerce can supply extra incremental gross revenues.

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The Internet allows companies

To publicize information fast with about zero cost

To make clients with their scope

To present new and advanced merchandise quickly

To cut down costs and bring forth nest eggs

To supply complete information in short period of clip

To reply client inquiries rapidly

Its besides creates

More bargaining & A ; choice power

More perfect information market to the market topographic point

Visibility of concern 24/7 globally

E-business program must account for this difference in web hosting and carry through the demand of clients and

Greater chances for personalization of content

E-Business has ever focused on “ Geting nearer to the client ”

Executive Summary


The long-run end of Boat House Bed and Breakfast ( Boat House ) is to go the best pick on East seashore of Sri Lanka for impermanent housing by making a differentiated experience capitalising on personal service, the historical nature of the Boat House edifice, and its alone location in one of the most attractive parts of the Old East. We plan to be more than a great bed and breakfast. We plan to make an environment of pampered luxury that surpasses the criterion menu for East of the Island. Now we traveling to spread outing our exposure via the Internet and presenting the eastern portion to people that have non yet discovered this year-around Eden will let us to keep a higher than mean tenancy rate and above norm net incomes.

The Company

Boat House Bed and Breakfast is an established B & A ; B, and has been in operation for the last three old ages and a brief period of going established, Boat House will diverse into other ventures to guarantee a steady flow of frequenters ( tourers and locals ) through its doors. The Boat House Bed and Breakfast will be a partnership, every bit owned by Mr.Mahela and Mr.Sanath.

Our Servicess

Making a “ place off from place ” which is frequently more beautiful and palatial than where they are going from will guarantee many return clients. The wealths of SriLanka ever drew a important figure of tourers to the Island. In add-on to supplying information about such locations, we plan to join forces with circuit bureaus and concerns throughout the country by offering bundles and particular rates. As the B & A ; B becomes established through the extremum season, we plan to spread out our services to the occupants of eastern part in clip for the off-season. The adjoining suites open making a big country, ideal for formal or informal assemblages ( i.e. nuptials responses, office parties, cultural parties, etc. ) .

The Market

B & A ; Bs along with other short-run lodging on east portion of the island, have been a significant portion of the island touristry of the short-run diggingss on E, 4 are categorized as hostel, 9 as long-run rental installations ( leases, condos, and houses ) and merely 3 as B & A ; Bs, including the Boat House. Hotels/motels constitute the largest per centum of rental belongingss on the island in footings of units.

A modest projection for increased unit lease is 20 % per twelvemonth. Rivals on the island have averaged 20 % + rental additions over the past three old ages, and the East Coast Inn is calculating 40 % additions for the following two old ages before hitting full capacity. This projection is without any important addition in advertisement or exposure, but is based on the general mean addition in touristry.

Our two major client sections are tourers from the West who traditionally prefer the cosy environment of B & A ; Bs, and local frequenters who need the installations for assorted events. Subscriptions to assorted web services will supply international exposure to possible clients for nominal one-year fees.

Fiscal Considerations

Mr. Mahela and Mr. Sanath have invested ?50,000 in the concern for an initial capital for the start-up and a important portion of the investing was finance by Nation Trust Bank. It has secured a loan of ?100,000 from the bank with a payback period of 10 old ages. Because its household ain concern, ?50,000 would be contributed by two brothers raising its start up capital of ?150,000.

Now we traveling to pass ?2000 to plan and make an alone web site for our Boat House B & A ; B. We estimate mean monthly fixed costs to be at ?1,500. Peak and off-season will hold important impact on the monthly net incomes. For the first twelvemonth, on-season grosss will countervail off-season losingss. As Boat House B & A ; B builds its market place among the local frequenters, we anticipate that off-season grosss will be plenty to interrupt even during that season.

1.1 Aims

1. Enhance present gross revenues by the use of e-commerce.

2. Show a lower limit of 65 % tenancy averaged throughout twelvemonth 2009.

3. Increase exposure and market utilizing Internet engineering and direct advertisement to

Eastern parts of the Sri Lanka.

4. Through inducements and increased exposure on the Internet, we hope to increase off-

season tenancy by 30 % the first twelvemonth.

5. Increase off-season usage by depriving into other utilizations for belongings ( cater parties,

responses, nuptialss, etc. ) .

6. Offer best service at competitory monetary value.

7. Meeting demand of tourers.

8. Value of client ‘s money.

9. To be the best B & A ; B in the local country.

10. Constructing strong market place.

11. Maintain healthy and sound fiscal direction of the venture.

1.2 Keys to Success

In order to win, we will endeavor to accomplish the undermentioned ends:

Position Boat House B & A ; B as the best B & A ; B on East Coastal country among the legion tourers.

Construct strong market place among the local frequenters.

Maintain sound fiscal direction of the venture.

1.3 Vision

We are committed to dynamic growing and service excellence built on our heritage of traditional cordial reception. An ethic, respected and germinating organisation – a leader in excellence. We strive to systematically run into and excel invitees, employees and other stakeholders, outlooks.

1.4 Mission

The mission of Boat House is to go the best pick in Eastern Sri Lanka for impermanent housing by spread outing our exposure via the Internet ( with multiple webs and links ) , and presenting the island to countries that have non yet discovered this year-around Eden. We plan to be more than a great bed and breakfast

2.0 E-Business Facilities

2.1 B2C

Online Booking

Booking verification No

Online engagement options

Online Hotel Information


You have the chance to look into room handiness and besides do an online reserve.

When you click on the “ on-line engagement ” box you will be taken to a secure page – a recognition card will be required for you to do an on-line reserve. Your recognition card is merely used to procure the engagement and your history need non be settled by this card. Guest will do the engagement online and guaranteed by their recognition card.

We will advance through our web site by utilizing elaborate exposures of the Boat House and environing country, monetary value list of our suites and our eating house bill of fare, particular bundles, way map, attractive forces within 30 stat mis, online booking option.

2.2 Web Plan Summary

The Boat House B & A ; B web site will concentrate on the characteristics the Boat House B & A ; B has to offer. Each room with its different options will be on the site every bit good as images of The Boat House B & A ; B and the installations that it has to offer. The nutrient bill of fare will be displayed. Room rates will be given and way to the location. Attractions within 30 stat mis will be on the site and other local coloring material will be shown. Room reserve can be made on-line if the consumer wants to make so.

2.3 Website Marketing Strategy

Our website selling scheme will concentrate on corporate, visitants and groups who are looking for a embarkation and housing. The tourer will be our chief focal point. The Boat House B & A ; B will advance through our web site by utilizing:

Detailed exposures of the Boat House and environing country

Price list of our suites and our eating house bill of fare.

Particular bundle

2.4 Booking through Travel Agent

We will reach the travel agents around the universe


Sabre Travel Network

Gulliver ‘s Travels



Super breaks etc..

The above travel agents, they advertise our B & A ; B on their web sites, invitees make their engagement and these travel agents forward those booking to us and our inside informations to guest straight and pay the committee on top of that to go agents after having their committee bill.

Besides our web site is linked with the undermentioned web sites. It is another beginning of e-business to increase the gross and accomplish our mark.



Active Hotels

Late room

Last proceedingss etc..

Our web site is linked with all above mentioned web sites. It is another beginning of e-business to increase the gross and accomplish our mark.

B2B ; etc.

Booking Confirmation to Guest

Online Guest

Confirmation to the


Internal Check in Process

Guest Continuing to the room

Allotment of the room & A ; given the room key

Showing Registration auto by Reception

Guest with confirm engagement

Internal Check out Procedure

Guest cheque out

Settling the measure by hard currency, c/card, leger

Showing measure by Reception

Guest on response for Check out

Commission Paying to Travel Agent

TA directing bills to Hotel for Commission

Verifying bills by Account / Reception with the invitee record

Sending bills to TA for payment

Guest for Check out

3.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Initially we traveling to make a web page for our B & A ; B and traveling to hold a rank in ( an international web catalogue for Inns and B & A ; Bs ) will set us in forepart of 1000000s of computing machine screens on a day-to-day footing. The WorldRes spouse web allows real-time reserves on today ‘s most popular web sites, including AOL, Yahoo! , and Lycos. In add-on, WorldRes has developed sole relationships with finish and particular activity web sites and call Centres. WorldRes provides a free connexion to the Sabre travel agent system, supplying entree to over 100,000 agents worldwide, every bit good as to users of Travelocity, one of the most popular online travel sites. All of this visibleness is free, with the exclusion of a five to ten percent dealing fee for any engagement made straight via the service and online ; much less expensive, yet more comprehensive than traditional advertisement. However, non all B & A ; B frequenters are computing machine friendly. Therefore, we will be puting seasonal specific advertizements in regional newspapers and major metropolis magazines.

4.0 Inventory Control System

Joint web sites or travel agents websites supplying us a concern and we will apportion the suites and command the stock list. If we do n’t hold suites to sell we can shut their allotment and if we want to give some suites to them, we can apportion them figure of room as per our hotel demand. If travel agent has a client who is looking for a room in our B & A ; B or in our country and there is no room is avail able or room stock list is zero so we can sell straight to the travel agent. On both ways we are non losing the concern.

5.0 Supply Chain Management

Elementss Typical Issues

Customer Value of the money

Forecasting Predicting measure and timing of the demand

Food measure for interruption fast and dinner

Supply of the spirits, beer & A ; stationary

Design Incorporating client demands

Processing Controlling quality and programming work

Inventory cost Meeting demand of the invitees while pull offing stock list cost

Buying Measuring providers and back uping operations

Suppliers Monitoring provider quality, presenting and edifice good dealingss

Locations Determines location of installations

Logisticss Deciding how to outdo move and shop stuffs

6.0 Critical Success Factors and Critical Risks

Medium sized organisation

Well experient staff

Airy leading

Eco-friendly geographical location

Continues preparation & A ; development for the staff

Opportunities to turn based on high public presentation of the staff

Continues supervising on House Keeping

Food & A ; Beverage operations

Therefore, Boat House B & A ; B could last every bit good as it will make to the concern excellence, if the house can get the better of following hazard factors.

Due to the increased terrorist act activities in the universe, planetary certainty is being jeopardized. The September 11th incident in New York, Bomb blast at Marriott Hotel in Pakistan and recent blast at Taj Hotel India are some illustrations. This planetary uncertainness straight impact for the diminution tenancy rate in the hotel industry in chief capitals in the universe. The most hard undertaking is implementing proactive stairss to get the better of these challenges.

Present Financial Crisis in the planetary fiscal industry is another hazard for the industry as the portion value of many prima hotels is worsening. In such a state of affairs, industry is in a danger state of affairs as market is depending on economic sovereignty of any market section.

Second, should outlooks non happen, and so sub-par returns could damage the overall fiscal credibleness of the housing industry.

7.0 Competitive Edge

We start with a critical competitory border: there is no rival we know of that can offer the

convenience and luxury one will happen at the Boat House. We have travelled the state and

stayed in many B & A ; Bs. We know how to make the clime that others seek when shopping for B & A ; B housing.

8.0 Gross saless Scheme

Boat House will sell its suites straight to repetition clients, every bit good as via traditional travel

agents and through the Internet. Repeat clients will hold the privilege of precedence reserves during the high season. As mentioned above, the new proprietors will besides name Boat House on, which will do it available to 1000000s of international tourers.

9.0 Exit Scheme

Exit scheme is determined with the consequences achieved. If the program works out, concern will prolong BUT if non so agreements are made for disposal.


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