Sunshine Bakery will be specialising in visually attractive cupcakes and bars. There has been a important addition in demand for capricious. overindulgent and visually stimulating bars. and Sunshine Bakery will aim particular events such as nuptialss. birthdays. christenings. bachelor girl parties and stork teas.

The Merchandises

Sunshine offers a broad scope of forte bars. All the spirits will be available in both cupcakes or bars. The different spirits on offer are: vanilla. lemon. strawberry. cocoa. cheesecake. red pick and bluish berry.


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Sunshine will concentrate on three distinguishable client sections. The first group is the marrying group. This section is turning at 15 % a twelvemonth with 32. 000 possible clients. The 2nd niche is the parties group. This section is besides turning at 15 % with 14. 200 possible people. The last group is the single purchaser ( walk-in ) group. This niche besides is turning at 15 % with 48. 000 possible clients.

Management Team

Acknowledging the importance of human capital. Sunshine has assembled a strong direction squad. The squad is led by Merlin Hull. Merlin comes to Sunshine with 10 old ages of baking experience. In add-on to her industry specific experience. Merlin has had 2 old ages of direction experience. Robert Morgan brings fiscal accomplishments to Sunshine after a 15 twelvemonth CPA calling. Marlene Hendricks will take the selling attempts holding participated in her ain PR house. Last. Debbie Reitz will be on the squad as an helper baker with over five old ages of experience.


To set up a on the job shopfront for Sunshine Bakery.
To develop the strong presence in the community needed to back up gross revenues ends. To develop a full bill of fare by the terminal of the 2nd one-fourth.


Sunshine Bakery purposes to be a basis in the community making a vicinity atmosphere where clients feel comfy and become instant habitues. We seek just and responsible net income. adequate to maintain the company financially healthy for the long term and to reasonably counterbalance proprietors and investors for their money and hazard.

Company Summary

Sunshine Bakery will be located in business district Mellville in a historical edifice. This downtown territory is a really popular finish because of the historical architecture for weekenders and tourers.

Company Ownership

Presently Sunshine Bakery is a exclusive proprietary owned by Merlin Hull. Finally. as the company becomes established. Sunshine Bakery will use to be incorporated.

Start-up Summary

The primary disbursal to set up the Sunshine Bakery is the mortgage loan estimated at R1. 750. 000 to buy the vacant infinite on 7th street. The edifice was antecedently used as a bakeshop and we plan to purchase the used equipment along with the infinite. This cost is besides calculated into the loan estimation. Merlin Hull intends to put R70. 500 of her nest eggs to cover the other cost of start-up.

These costs include:
Ad booklets.
Bakery ingredients.
Bakery accoutrements. i. e. paper bags. cartons. etc.
Sunshine Bakery provides specialised bars and cupcakes at premium monetary values for particular occasions. The undermentioned spirit will be available vanilla. lemon. strawberry. cocoa. cheesecake. red pick and bluish berry.

Market Analysis Summary

Our focal point will be to aim nuptialss. birthday parties. Easter jubilations. bachelor girl parties and stork teas.

Market Cleavage

Our mark market consists of three groups:
The Wedding Group

The nuptials industry is dining and Sunshine bakeshop will concentrate on this group for whom a premium monetary value can be charged for specialised and usage made bars or cupcakes.

The Parties Group

This group will likely pre-order a assortment of spirits. and it is non such a labour intensive order. because they will likely travel for the less expensive option of taking our criterion merchandises.

The Individual Buyer or “Walk-in” Group

Sunshine’s premises in the Bellville country. is a really popular finish because of the historical architecture for weekenders and tourers. which makes this section a moneymaking option. We will concentrate on window show to pull passersby.

Target Market Segment Strategy

In our mark market. we will chiefly concentrate on the “wedding group” since they will pass the most per order. We expect that the “parties” and the ‘”individual buyer” group will do up a smaller part of our clients. We are specifically make fulling the forte cakes demands of the “wedding group” . so we expect the most concern from this group.

Industry Analysis

Sunshine Bakery competes in the Food Services Industry. In add-on to viing with other specialised bars bakeshops. it competes with all eating houses. food shop. bakeshops and supermarkets for a portion of its customers’ nutrient disbursal. Sunshine is most concerned with rivals who differentiate their merchandises and services with a originative and arty focal point. Because this group is so big. Sunshine has chosen to restrict its analysis to other specialised bars bakeshops.

Competition and Buying Patterns
Presently there are two bakeshops in town that provide specialised bars:
Cupcakes from Heaven
Strengths: Stocks newly baked cupcakes and bars. Well- established bakeshop in town. Sells cakes in local food market shops. Failings:
Does non supply a broad choice of spirits. Furthermore the texture and spirit of their bars is really heavy and lacks zest.

Life is Beautiful Patisserie
Strengths: Makes bars and Brownies every twenty-four hours. Will do custom-ordered non- gluten bars.

Failings: Does non bring forth a broad choice or big measure of cupcakes. Their chief focal point is traditional flavour big bars.

Scheme and Implementation Summary

Our scheme focuses on functioning a niche market with choice goods. We are determined to go a portion of the community—an constitution that becomes every bit much of the community as a church or local food market shop. To accomplish these ends. we will supply the followers: Friendly. neighbourhood-feel ambiance

Quality baked goods for everyone to bask at a just monetary value
Visually attractive bars and cupcakes
Coffee gross revenues will be higher in winter months. and for summer months gross revenues of sodas Competitive Edge
Our competitory border is our quality of goods. We use lone merchandises of the highest quality that create unbelievable feathery bars that can’t be matched. We besides focus chiefly on capricious and modern spirits and designs. The other bakeshops in town focal point on traditional spirits.

Gross saless Strategy

Our scheme focuses on constructing a client base by supplying good client experience. With the add-on of the java saloon and tiffin bill of fare in early spring. we hope to hold clients make the bakeshop their one-stop finish for breakfast or tiffin. In the summer. when we open the outdoor terrace. more and more clients will do the bakeshop a finish for their tiffins more frequently since the ambiance will be so pleasing.

Gross saless Forecast

Our gross revenues forecast assumes the undermentioned alterations:
Cake gross revenues in the summer months will be somewhat higher since the nuptials season is at its extremum during summer months. Coffee gross revenues will increase during winter months.
Please infix a Gross saless prognosis graph here. bespeaking the jutting gross revenues for 12 months.

Management Summary

Merlin Hull is the laminitis of Sunshine Bakery. She brings to the bakeshop her experience as a baker and as an enterpriser. She has worked as a baker for over 10 old ages including two old ages as an learner in a well-known Paris patisserie. As a adolescent she helped her parents at the family’s general shop. both in gross revenues and selling. For her last two old ages at her family’s shop. she was the general employee director. Her responsibilities at the bakeshop will include employee engaging and preparation. caput baker and shop direction. Robert Morgan has run his ain successful CPA consulting house for 15 old ages. His responsibilities will include the clerking. stock list direction and stock fulfillment. Marlene Hendricks runs her ain PR company and will be helping the Sunshine Bakery in its selling runs on a parttime footing.


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