It would make any business prosper and benefit in many ways to have all employees have the as me dress code. When a customer or patient walks into your business the first first impression should always be the best. It would be more professional for a customer to w elk in and see every employee dressed the same in an appropriate uniform for their job. They would be able to take them more seriously when dealing with the issue or en De that they have. The company would have a better chance of growing and obtaining g more clients because they would be recommended for their professionalism.

They would eave more business with trusted clients and a good professional name in the community. In a business everyone is trying to work together to satisfy the need of the customer. With everyone dressing the same it shows that they are not just on business, they are one unit working together. The customer would know that they are all their for the same purpose, to help them. They would feel most important an d know that they are the center of attention. They would most likely want to come back if t hey know they are the only concern when they are there. It would make the customer m ore comfortable and satisfy their need.

When employees are driving to and from work and stop to get a drink or buy groceries everyone see’s them and see’s what they are wearing. If employ were wearing a company uniform with the logo or name on it everyone would see I t. It would advertise the company. It would show that all the employees love where they work and make everyday people want to go there too. It would in return make the com pa NY stronger by making more money and having more customers. It’s like having f ere advertising walking down the road! Someone in need of the service provided by your company would then know your name just by walking through Walter.

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It woo old make a broader audience and have longtime effects for the company. In conclusion having an identical employee dress code would make the com look better and become stronger throughout time. It would satisfy and gain m ore customers. It would also show the respect they company has for themselves, their employees, and their customers. It would gain more profit and show the Togo Ethernets and closeness of the company and it’s employees. It all around is the best and smartest business and personal decision to prosper, make stronger, and benefit in any business. It increases in all areas and will show longtime results.


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