You late completed your BTEC Extended Diploma in Business and Management. You now work for a concern consultancy house called ‘Biz Knowledge limited company ’ Biz Knowledge Ltd. provides advice to new and existing concerns.

Your occupation as a concern adviser is rather demanding. It involves supplying advice to administrations on how they should outdo pull off their homo. physical. technological and fiscal resources.

As portion of your developing your line director has asked you to bring forth a brochure which will explicate how different administrations manage their resources.

Your line director has given you a figure of clearly defined undertakings to assist you finish the brochure. Where required. he has included extra information.

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Enrolling and Retaining the Right People ( P1. P2. M2 )
In this subdivision of your brochure you need to see how Brooke House Sixth Form College ( BSix ) uses recruitment certification to choose campaigners that are most suited to the administrations demands. You will besides necessitate to measure the importance of employability communicating and personal accomplishments in recruiting and retaining good staff.

Undertaking 1
a ) Describe the full scope of enlisting paperss that are used by BSix in the enlisting and choice of a Learning Centre ( Library ) Administrator.

You must explicate the intent of each papers and where it is used in the enlisting and choice procedure. Task 1a references P1 Submission day of the month: 24th September 2012

B ) For the place of Learning Centre Administrator at BSix. gather all of the relevant enlisting certification.

Make a glossary for each of the declared demands under the undermentioned headers:
• Employability accomplishments
• Personal accomplishments
• Communication accomplishments Task 1b references P2 Submission day of the month: 1st October 2012

degree Celsiuss ) For each subdivision of the glossary. analyze the importance of each accomplishment to the administration in footings of recruiting and retaining staff.
Undertaking 1c references M2 Submission day of the month: 1st October 2012 Guidance notes

To accomplish undertaking 1 you must include the undermentioned elements:
• Job Description
• Person Specification
• Application Forms
• Short-listing Documents

Undertaking 1a
You must reply the undermentioned inquiry:
1 ) What is the intent of the papers?
2 ) What specifically is the papers used for when enrolling a Learning Centre Administrator at BSix? 3 ) What phase of the enlisting procedure is the papers used in at BSix? 4 ) What types of information should be included in this papers? Has BSix covered everything it needs to? 5 ) Has BSix missed anything of import? Why do you believe this? Why it is a error?

Contract of Employment
You must besides look at a contact of employment ( one will be provided to you ) . 1 ) Make a list of the headers of the contract
2 ) For each subdivision describe why it is necessary to include these. Undertaking 1a references P1

Undertaking 1b
• Obtain transcripts of the paperss shown at the start of the counsel notes ( above ) • Reproduce and finish the tabular array shown below

Undertaking 1c
To finish this undertaking. you are required to analyze. This can non be done utilizing the table format.

You must look at the positive and negative facets of each accomplishment type ( from the tabular array ) .

See the nexus between the listed accomplishments and their importance to BSix. in footings of ( 1 ) recruiting and ( 2 ) retaining a suited Learning Centre Administrator.

The Impact of Non Financial Resources ( P3. M1 )
You now need to see the suitableness of physical and technological resources for an administration. You besides need to see how the direction of these resources affects the public presentation of the selected administration besides needs to be considered. Task 2

a ) Describe the suitableness of the physical and technological resources used by BSix. Task 2a ) references P3 Submission day of the month: 8th October 2012

B ) Explain how the effectual direction of homo. physical and technological resources in BSix can better their public presentation. Task 2b ) references M1 Submission day of the month: 8th October 2012

Guidance notes

Task 2a )
When finishing this undertaking retrieve to concentrate on the undermentioned countries:
• Care
• Renovation
• Protection and security
• Intellectual belongings
Undertaking 2a references P3

Task 2b )
To accomplish in this undertaking you need to cover:
• How human. physical and technological resources are managed efficaciously in BSix • How effectual direction of these resources leads to improved public presentation Task 2b ) references M1

Scenario 2
Having successfully completed your preparation. your line director at Biz Knowledge Ltd. now feels that you are ready to get down giving advice to clients.

Sarah and Paul are immature enterprisers with really small experience or background in finance. They were both personal trainers with a acute involvement in diet and nutrition.

They have decided to put up a gym. in the Hackney country called ‘SP Fitness. ’

They plan to hold a cafe specializing in healthy nutrient situated on the same premises as the gym. They are besides be aftering to establish a new protein shingle which they will sell at the gym.

Sarah and Paul have already used Biz Knowledge Ltd. to transport out market research on the undertaking.

The consequences were encouraging and showed that there was a spread in the market for the type of concern they were suggesting.

You must now give fiscal advice to Sarah and Paul on how best to continue.

Beginnings of Finance ( P4 )
Undertaking 3
Prepare and show a power point for Sarah and Paul reding them on the internal and external beginnings of fundss that are available for get downing their concern.

Include any nest eggs which may go available one time they have started trading. Task 3 references P4
Submission day of the month: 5th November 2012 Guidance Notes:
Specific slots will be allocated to you for your presentation. You will necessitate to supply your instructor with a transcript of the slides and notes you intend to utilize before giving your presentation The importance of commanding costs and budgeting ( P6 )

Sarah and Paul are besides concerned about the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours fiscal direction of the concern.

They are sing bring forthing and selling a protein shingle and don’t want costs to gyrate out of control. They need advice on costing and budgeting.

You need to demo Sarah and Paul how to utilize interrupt even analysis and a gross revenues budget. To make this you will utilize information on Geoff’s Gym Ltd. who launched a protein shingle in 2007.

Undertaking 4
From the information provided below and the Gross saless Budget on the undermentioned page:

a ) Illustrate and explicate how break even analysis could hold been used by ‘Geoff’s Gym ltd’ for their protein shake.

B ) Identify the possible jobs with the gross revenues budget for Geoff’s Gym’s Protein Shake in 2007

degree Celsius ) Suggest possible solutions to the jobs that have been highlighted

Additional Required Information

Direct Materials: ?0. 40 per unit

Direct Labour: ?0. 35 per unit

Fixed Overheads particular to protein shingle: ? 12. 000 dad ( ?1. 000 per month )

Planned merchandising monetary value per unit = ? 2. 00

Undertaking 4 ( a ) . ( B ) & A ; ( degree Celsius ) addresses P6
Submission day of the month: 12th November 2012

Undertaking 6
a ) Using your cognition of ratios and the information in the tabular array below. interpret and exemplify the fiscal place of ‘UK Outfitters Ltd. ’ over the last two old ages.

The undermentioned must be completed as portion of this undertaking:
• Give a elaborate account of what each ratio shows and why you have chosen to utilize that ratio in your analysis. • Complete at least 4 ratios.
• Show expression
• Working out ( replacing in the relevant information )
• Compare ratios over clip
• Description of the result. detailing what is shown and what it means Task 6a )

Guidance Notes:

This undertaking will be completed during your lesson clip.

Failure to go to the lesson. in which this undertaking is completed. will necessitate attending at a workshop where the undertaking will be completed.

Undertaking 6
B ) Building on your work in Task 5 Part ( A ) and Task 6 Part ( A ) . create and show a presentation for John explicating how accounting ratios can be used to supervise the fiscal public presentation of an administration.

In your account you will necessitate to utilize illustrations of how ratio analysis could hold been used to supervise the public presentation of UK outfitters.

Task 6b ) references M3
Submission day of the month: 17th December 2012

degree Celsius ) Write a study which evaluates the utility of accounting ratios in supervising the wellness of a concern. Task 6c ) references D2 Submission day of the month: 17th December 2012


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