Business Research Application University of Phoenix Online RES/320 Business Research Application Research is imparitive part of the United States Army (USA) allowing the USA to revise the techniques on the battlefield and treatment of personnel with the organization. Research conducted by the USA in the field allows pre-testing data prior to the operational use on the battlefield. Acccording to Oxforch research is: “the systematic investigation into the study of materials, sources, etc. in order to establish facts and reach new conclustions” (Abate, 2002, p. 681). The importance of research is to show a reduction of risk and a decision-making process that is a result of a series of questions. Research Process Research is used as a deterrent to waste management and protection of war fighter resources in the United States Army even as the information gathered benefits the civilian sector. The use of research testing of the United States Army combat resources is for the purpose of gaining data and combating infectious disease.

The medical command of the USA Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRID) relies on this data to assist war fighters in the prevention of infectious diseases, which may waste resources human and tangible. The data received assists the United States Army personnel to treat and manage infectious disease during war scenarios encountered on the battlefield (USA Research Laboratoy (2006). Conducting battlefield management of infectious disease without this data collection process would be time consuming.

The difference between combat and a standard hospital environment is a hospital here in the United States has be the ability to maintain experienced personnel and the vital tools and supplies necessary to perform any emergencies. Research is conducted in numerous miens in the USA. In the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID), research is used as a directorate, which ensures the proper policy and mandates are kept in place to ensure the techniques and standards are upheld to highest standard of the United States Army.

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Once this research begins the test results are put together and sent out to the different subordinate offices to ensure pertitent personnel in the organization are kept abreast. The next step is to construct a plan to tackle the best approach to conduct the investigation. This ensures no pieces of the evidence are missing when conducting a crime scene investigation. How research can be used more effectively One way the research in the United States Army CID can be effectinet is to have criminal investigator personnel conducting the research.

In the United States Army research must be done by Commissioned Officers but the criminal investigators in the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command are enlisted personnel or Warrant Officers. The United States Army would be more effective by changing the policy to allow both enlisted and Warrant Officer to conduct research for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command. As an organization the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command could benefit from criminal investigators helping in the research process.

The United States Army Criminal Investigation Command wastes a substantial amount of money conducting research that never is used; by the time information is given to the criminal investigators the information is either outdated or is considered common knowledge. This problem has been brought to the attention of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command but the United States Army is very resistant to change. Another way that research in the United States Army can be used more effectively is if the research were available on the Internet so the information is easily accessible to outside agencies like the USAMRID (U.

S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (2004). In order to recieve the information from the USAMRID one has to petition to obtain this information. The information from there research is given to civilian agencies but only after the United States Army has declassified any research findings that could place the military in harms way. The process can be a lengthely process and in the meantime civilian agencies could be benefiting from this cutting edge research (USA Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (2004). Areas that more research is needed

Several areas in the United States Army that could benefit form additional research. The first one would be intelligence after the faulty intelligence leading to the war in Iraq, which in hindsight one could see why the United States Department of Defense needs to look into needed research for the intelligence programs. According to (Zavis, 2008), four thousand eighty four soldiers USA personnel have died since the beginning of the war, which could have been avoided if the United States Army had better intelligence prior to the start of the war.

Another area research needed for the United States Army is in the area of armor development because more than half of the soldiers who have been killed in Iraq were because the vehicles did not have adicate armor. If the United States Army is simply going to be in a war zone in which the enemy is using Improvised Explosive Devices, (IED) (small bombs) than the United States Army should supply the soldiers’ quality equipment and armor.

Soldiers of the United States Army assigned the best armor available but the United States Army needs to get back to the drawing board and develop new and better armor (Zavis, 2008). In the area of criminal investigations the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command is behind in research because research is not performing on new crime scene equipment, which would allow criminal investigators to find more evidence in crime scenes in Iraq (USA Criminal Investigative Command (2010).

Several soldiers in the United States Army have been killed in Iraq under circumstances, which are not clear even when there is equipment today to allow the criminal investigators to conduct better crime scene examinations. The United States Army Criminal Investigation Command has not begun the rearch, so the equipment cannot be bought at this time (USA Criminal Investigative Command (2010).

In conclusion one can see how research is used in the United States Army, and to be used more effectively, and areas that can use more research. The United States Army does a terrific job at conducting research in areas of War Fighter support. In the future there are still areas lacking such as War Fighter support for current operations. The United States Army realizes the importance of research and will continue to lead the way for the Department of Defense when pertainign to cutting edge research.


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