Business Research Ethics Loran Goldsmith REST/351 week 2 When it comes to ethical or moral codes, companies need to certify that the company as a whole follows the highest standards of moral codes at all times and for all occasions. In addition, having higher moral standards are important and necessary in business, as well as times of investigation. For this essay, I will be reviewing a case where dishonest business examination procedures were performed by a company. This specific business was unquestionably captivated in immoral research performance.

This is a pharmaceutical corporation that operated with a university professor that supplied the required research linked to the medication of flu (Dominick & Wimpier, 2010). Throughout the course of their agreement, the professor was requested to maintain the research information secretly and not to divulge any information to other people. The business did not want the professor to divulge information because the company was holding back important information, thus arbitrating the company as unethical.

The pharmaceutical company wanted to ensure that the company received high rates, regardless if the investigation was accurate at the rate of shared interests. Understandably, the inmates who are infected with the flu were extremely frustrated and upset with the circumstances as they are. The pharmaceutical company had no plans to give the earnings of the investigation to developing countries. The pharmaceutical corporation was supposed to provide factual data to developed countries, then to developing countries.

The purpose was to ensure financial growth for the company. However, the examination was not going to be provided to developing countries preventing others from being pared or treated from the flu. Had the information been provided, many people may have been aided if the information accessible to residents remaining in developing countries. Unfortunately, the people in this situation would not be able to forgive the company for such acts. Consequently, people would relentlessly suffer from the flu.

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The immoral analysis certainly had an effect on the company, the entity and also on ten general puddle (All, Moyer, Dawson & 2003). I nee Dustless was addle to obtain a large amount of sponsors and earnings from trading drugs in developed entries. Additionally, Dry. Howard Johnson was immersed in a moral dilemma. He was not able to truthfully expose the investigation for enhanced services of inmates in developing countries. Do to this situation; the public was also unhelpful.

With people living in an area succumbed with the flu needed assistance, however, medicine was not provided or accessible to them causing a large amount of people The business in this case should have had processes with the passing away. Intent of avoiding immoral practice and taken the information to the public in developing countries. The professor should have also introduced the required information to reveal the findings of his investigation.

Still, the professor had signed a privacy agreement with the pharmaceutical corporation at which he should have encouraged the pharmaceutical company to reveal all the statistical information for providing benefits to the public afflicted by the flu. Had the professor taken a more practical and moral attitude to disclose his findings, his immoral act could have been avoided. Briefly, companies around the world should have a certain standard with reoccurred to guarantee that the company does not portray or take part in any type of immoral acts.


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