Some of these issues are minor problems that can be solved, but some are the outcomes from bad management choices that might need a little more work to find a solution. Beadsman Island Resort is surrounded by the shores of the Kelsey River and is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination. The Island features many restaurants, three different hotels to meet your individual needs, and an almost unlimited list of activities to entertain and relax you. The Beadsman Island Resort was created for all types of travelers from family vacationers to people of trips for business.

Some of the featured hotels on the Island include the Beadsman Main Hotel, The Tunney, and the Melanoma Convention Center and Hotel. There are daily activities available at the William C. Martin Botanical Garden, Piccolo Fairways, Recreation Center, and Beadsman Island Oasis Spa. Not only are there many activities around the resort, there is also dining and shopping in the Meredith Visitor Center and all throughout the island. Another place to visit at the resort is the O’Dell Gallery of Fine Arts which is on the mezzanine level of The Tunney. This gallery has over 1200 square feet of collections.

The Beadsman Island Resorts goal is to separate themselves from other resorts by trying to show that they will be the best and most relaxing resort you have every visited. Substandard Equipment is not acceptable by any means in a resort type environment. The visitor wants the resort to be up to par and create a relaxing environment for them. A recent storm had a very negative affect on the island last month which caused floods and power outages. This leads to many of the guest voicing their concerns about the resorts blob complaining of the outcome.

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The visitors were told that the size of the island was too big for most of the electrical and plumbing equipment. This ethical issue created an unsafe environment for the visitors of the island. Management was unaware of the faulty equipment throughout he resort. They must become better at managing equipment and keeping it up-to-date or it can lead to more problems in the future. The Beadsman Island Resort has an online reservation system with kiosks in the hotels for guest to create or change reservations.

Throughout the resort blobs, visitors have been complaining of having been overcharged for using these services. The billing was corrected for the visitors but there has not been any proof that the system has been corrected for future users. There is the change that thousands of other visitors have been overcharged if they are not paying attention to their accounts. The resort should be doing system checks and updates more often to make sure these types of problems don’t continue to occur.

These checks should be used to monitor charges and catch any billing errors. It is their moral obligation to inform the guest of the error rather than the guest having to discover the error themselves. There are three different hotels and three different restaurants on the Beadsman Island Resort. Visitors have started to notice that prices are different at all the locations even if the product is similar. The resort blobs have been filling up with suitors commenting on trying to find out why this difference is occurring.

Guest will want an answer otherwise they may not want to return for another visit because they may feel that the resort is trying to take advantage often without telling them. If new visitors read these blobs before creating a reservation, they may change their minds and cancel altogether. These are just a few of the current ethical and moral issues that the resort is facing. They must review these issues and find solutions before it is too late. The storm happening may not be their fault, but it is their responsibility to have he correct equipment to create a safe environment.


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