The sight was very welcoming they were making Jokes, guys such as Bert attempting to “make the moves” on Karen. But, there aura was in for a rude awakening during their retreat. While in the home a strange knock was heard at the door. I know there were surprised considering they weren’t in a residential setting but, actually the woods where you neighbor was miles away. When one of the guys opened the door they were startled by, the homeless looking male whose skin is destroyed by the unknown virus.

It looked like he had a flesh eating disease and you would think at that moment you would try your utmost hardest to help him since that’s what the man requested. Unfortunately, the men weren’t trying to help and made every effort in not helping the poor guy. However, I do understand where they are coming from because it poked me out when I was merely watching it through a television screen. His skin deteriorating and he was coughing up blood the site was Just gruesome.

Once, the ill man noticed these kids weren’t going to help him he did what any one would do if they were in that situation he went over to their pickup truck and proceeded to cough blood all over their vehicle. The entire picture was disgusting and the college kids didn’t act accordingly when they noticed what was taking place. One of them came out with a bat to leer the man away but, things soon became out of hand. They inflicted boldly harm to ill guy instead of being a good Samaritan. The ill man was able to flee the scene although badly injured but, what takes place afterwards is here the climax of the movie.

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The man stumbles away from the students campsite and lands into a nearby stream which where his very own disease contaminates the local water supply. I really like how the director made this scene because from here it impacts the entire movie plot. Now, the students weren’t aware of what happen and Just presumed that the sick man was dead. They weren’t taking proper methods to ensure they were safe and healthy. They drunk out the water without boiling it and it simply ruined their life one y one.

After a while they saw that each member was getting the disease and in efforts to get help from the local people they in turn refused to help them same way they did to the in poor health man. In that very moment you can say karma is ***** because here they had the opportunity to help a man in desperate need of help but, cold heartedly showed no mercy to the poor man. Now, that the table has turned and since they are unclear with what’s going on they in turn receive the same treatment and that’s why “What goes around comes around” is the central theme of this movie.


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