With CAD you have the ease of modifying the geometry of cad you will always have a variety of editing options (example: cut, paste, move, delete, copy), you eve the simplicity of reproducing drawings in minimal time and make as many copy’s as you like also powerful scaling, rotation and reflection options. Another disadvantage of manual drawings is that you can’t use CAE/CAM, it’s important to simulate the loading conditions, the reason for this is to tell if the CAD geometry will be able to endure the real loading or not.

A great and beautiful advantage of cad is that you can simulate the mechanism checking its functions for errors or improvements, therefore not having to spend money on a prototype, You are not able to do this through manual drawing and Hereford the risk of spending money on a non-functioning prototype. An advantage of CAD is that you can use the files to generate a PDP and PALM database.

Once the database has been created it, the database can be accessed throughout a wide region network, and this proves to be a better source than manual drafting due to the fact that you can only store the drawings in locally. The CAD software is very logical it connects the Cad models and geometry entities, so it also means you can’t create Cad model that is not promising practically. Manual drafts you can’t make these checks therefore you can create anything meaning it COUld be wrong or right you won’t know until you make a prototype.

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Also we could say CAD is a good way to save money and be environmentally friendly because you don’t have to spend money on materials and paper which is necessary for a manual draftsman. Also with CAD you can put a level of restriction to you drawings which means some of the files cannot be accessed by just anyone giving your work a bit of security this is very important if you own a company, with manual drafts you can’t do this so you could lose work or end up in the wrong place and the infallibility level is very low.

But cad does have its disadvantages such as you are dependent upon your computer working. In the event of a power cut, you cannot work even if you have enough light, where as a pencil draughtsman can keep working. Also being electronic it is not as secure as a pencil drawing and can suffer from corrupted files. Even now with CAD so common, I find that engineers still refer to use pencil drawings (manual drafting).

ODL: I did research on a couple companies but the one that caught my eye was Bentley they were founded in 1984 and have been providing engineers with with logical architecture and engineering software solutions for satisfying infrastructure; what I have learned is that through CAD companies are being able to save money by reducing the time taken to create a new product, shortening quoting time and improving the quality of previous product designs in general.

Also by the company introducing a worldwide CAD system that will be connected to its clients, employees, and associates this help store previous designs and easier ways to transfer the designs through the internet (electronic formats) company’s using these methods now are GM. BMW and Mercedes.

This will reduce any money spent on delivering designs to clients worldwide this will eliminate paper communication which is less safe for a company and the risk of losing the paper design would cost a company a lot and UN-environmentally friendly also you would be saving around Seek; CAD is providing a more financial way to reduce the time taken to make a product design making this cost effective with cad a draftsmen can create twice as much product designs than he/she would take producing the design it manually allowing the company to save money (Increased drawing output at a lower cost per drawing); This way o could show clients more than just one product design is that it will reduce quoting and time taken to put together the product, this will save you around Seek on productivity improvements. Also CAD you have the option of saves and edit ideas, for example save the work for later and come back to it and do modification along the way without an extra cost. Also CAD this will reduce the need of recruiting and hiring agencies when dealing with a high work load; not only does CAD give you the money saving opportunity of minimizing staff training requirements. Also this will reduce the cost of prototyping because

CAD allows you to make virtual prototype that will do some analysis about the product giving us some sort of idea if the design will be functional or not reducing any risk of wasted money on a faulty prototype which would be a disaster creating major profit loss. UP: There are some CAD software packages such as Autocrat Pro, Incrustation, inventor and Silkworms; with the CAD software you are able to import the design into CAM software which you can then input into a CNN machine that will then machine the design although in our time you can process the design straight of CAD to CNN to machine it. CAD software produces a rapid prototyping that transforms designs into a virtual horizontal cross-sections and then makes each cross-section in physical space one subsequent to the next until the model is completed.

Many different projects can be simulated through the CAD software, you can program the computer software to simulate and show you how much stress the product can take; you could say it’s an advantage the software gives you by seeing if the product could use some improvements, another feature of the software is that you can simulate how much temperature the product can distant, also the simulation is a great feature of the software as it can show you the many things such as see if it can withstand the amount of stress you want to through not only that but you can improve in your product design according the simulation you go through. The CAD software makes the components list/ billing procedure to go into the CAM system in large companies or factories. This helps by letting the software system know what’s available in stock and what isn’t. After the software has gathered all the information it needs such what is in stock and how long it will e in till the materials are available. It can give an approximated time of how long it will take to assemble all components so the customer will have some sort of idea. If a more important client comes in, it can be manually programmed to accelerate the manufacturing of the product to the speed they are after.

To run the CAD software you need to have the right amount of hard disk space, memory Required, processor, video card on your computer these are the essentials, the hardware is the equipment you use to operate the software for example you need a mouse for your input or you can also use devices eke a digitizes, light pen or joystick; output devices such as a plotter or rapid prototyping to create a quick design preview, also so you can run the software smoothly you need some sort of hardware device with KGB ram or more, Disk space of KGB or more, Intel processor with 64-bit operating system; for storage you can use floppy disk, hard disk, memory stick, CD, network. MM: CAD is Computer Aided Design (sometimes it is addressed as CAD computer aided design and drafting). But drafting isn’t as essential as it used to be, reason for this is that it’s being done in the computer these days. An engineer can form a component inside the computer through CAD although at the beginning to get to this stage you would have had to use manual drafting.

Over the years technology has advanced hugely and new hardware has been presented, Years ago the computer program was just an analogue of actual drafting on paper, but these days the part is formed as ID solid. It can be viewed from quite a lot of angles, and parts can be ‘assembled’ in the computer, tolerances analyzed, simulations etc. Then the computer software produces paper drawings that would have been manually made by draftsmen however these are only for references. The computer also creates ‘tool path’ programs for machine tools to craft the part. This is a way to make work manufacturing hours easier in other words we could say that it is flexible manufacturing, where machines are self-loading, changing their own tools when they get damaged or dull, and the whole operation runs more or less unattended.

The CAD software system can be programmed to produce a COM program (coordinate measuring machine) to measure the parts as they come off the machine checking the all the dimension and making sure that they are the appropriate size according to the original product design. MM: ID CAD is very useful in the process of manufacturing a product design the reason being is that you can adjust and enhance your design along the way this will facilitate and make things much easier along the way. CAD allows us to do a continuous evaluation to this will provide the highest level of accuracy throughout the design process; you can also do a virtual test allowing you to see the reactions of the design.

Here is an example: A car if it was to crash into a wall at a certain speed limit CAD would give us a virtual simulation of what the impact might look like and the damages done to the car, through these analysis e would be able to reduce the cost on actual real life simulations and the productivity of a prototype plus these activity’s would be very hard to carry out depending on the type of vehicle, but overall with a virtual test this allows us to see if it’s in functional performance and also saving you time; also it will allow you see what stress or dangers your design might encounter enabling you to carry out an evaluation to see if the design is fit to do its job or if it needs some sort of technical; the great the thing about this virtual testing is that it allows infinite hangs and stores immense amounts of information and this is a vital part of the design process overall. CAD allows us evaluate and redesign were needed for example when building something as complex and expensive as an airplane or a spacecraft, the process of CAD is crucial, for example the spacecrafts or airplanes are designed to function in a very hostile environment which is at high altitudes and tight air pressure also it’s a very cold atmosphere so the CAD process is very important because the design team must put together a design that withstand these surroundings and it must be able to keep its passengers and pilots safe Without refraining for ours-day.

It must be designed to carry a lot passengers provide oxygen at such a high altitude so very important to use CAD along the process. Most drawings originate from a computerized model which is then sent to operations department to build the designed product; it is made up of millions of individual components generated by a computer but made by hand thanks to cad we know how each and every one of them functions with the design. DO: Well ID modeling can develop better design quality due to its far more comprehensive procedure than ID design. For this reason, many man made errors that could occur with predictable ID design methods are avoided. Also if you use ID methods you’ll have too much information to memorize mentally.

Also using ID modeling you can visualize the whole structure or product design with real life simulations and can avoid any component collisions and incorrect quantities, by reducing man made errors your saving time re-working on the design. Projections of a ID view may show a specific component in several different views while the other components of the design might not be present to maintain drawing precision. ID modeling makes the estimation process much easier because components are being represented on the way they function with the design. If CAD ID design is created at a close precision to the authentic life model, designer gets quantities with precise accuracy. ID can produce any three dimensional image, this would include jpg or GIF formatted images.

Although the images feature many measurements they also likely to be more precise and life like, which can be a big benefit when it comes to prototyping especially when it comes to data needed in a ID format. ID CAD can be of use in an effective way for draftsmen who appreciate hard irking level documentation, for example landscape designers, who would like to produce and edit there designs. ID CAD allows people using it to use a range of symbols, also they can select what they need precisely; this way they will be able to see how an extra component or appliance will fit into the original drawing design; for a selection facilities for example class room and fitting in an extra window. With ID CAD you can produce the needed prototype, rapidly and with ease, without unnecessary features.

Although various architecture programs were the first to enforce ID CAD reason for this is being is the shapes f the buildings are naturally in 31). Simple buildings and project designs are usually easier and quicker to draw up in ID. If the project becomes too complex for numerous designer input, a large ID system would speed up the designing process. Swapping to ID CAD to ID CAD is a big decision because you need to think of the costs and investments, running ID CAD software can cost IEEE+ this would depend on the amount of users and software packages. Also having to pay for training because ID CAD requires additional qualifications and skills compared to the skills from ID CAD.


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