In the last decade, mobile technology has grown a lot. The number of mobile users was 16 million in 1991 while there was 230 million in 2003. Nowadays there are more than 3 billion cell phone in the world because mobile device has small size and that Is always available. Mobile banking, mobile payment, mobile learning and etc are common services in mobile network. There are three business roles In mobile network: mobile network operator, content provider, service provider.

Mobile network operators have offered value added services for attract new customer and keep the existing customers. Subscribers can use many services and contents. Different factors have affected In call cost and send/receive cost of SMS or MS. The International call delivery cost In GSM network Is very expensive because two International calls are occur. Suppose that a person A from country X roams to country Y. Person B from country X calls the person A.

In this scenario the person A Is charged for an international call from country x to country Y and the person B Is charged for a local GSM call. Another scenario is if person C from country Z calls the errors A, the result is two international calls. The person C is charged for an international call from country Z to country X. The person A is charged for an international call from country X to country Y. Call cost reduction is considered from two perspectives. The first: making change in infrastructure of mobile network operator.

The second: considering efficient factor in subscriber side call cost. The factor that affected call cost, send/receive SMS or MS cost of subscriber side include the following: day of week (weekdays or weekends), time of day (peak or off- eek), special events such as discount in call cost due to new year’s event, location like discount if contact is made from special locations or discount in roaming cost in some countries, membership in group, type of SIMI card (pre-paid or post paid), recharge option of SIMI card or billing, type of mobile operator in case of roaming etc.

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The main object of this paper is designing a model for formatting efficient factor in call cost to machine readable form, and then context information is reasoning and the best planning for call cost has been presented to the users.


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