Biography of Cam Newton By: Heath Stevens Heath Stevens 9/9/12 Gardner-Webb University Dr. Lisa Cantrell English 102-C Stevens 2 Thesis- Cam Newton is a phenomenal quarterback who has overcame many obstacles in his personal life in order to be where he is today. Outline I. Introduction II. High School III. College IV. NFL V. Conclusion Stevens 3 Cameron Jerrell Newton, or Cam as he is better known, was born on May 11, 1989 to Cecil Newton Sr. and Jackie Newton (Levin). It is probably a fair statement to say that Cam hails from a football centered family, as his dad had experience in the NFL, and his brother, Cecil Newton Jr. currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL (Levin). He is originally from College Park, Georgia, and attended Westlake High School (Gene). While in high school, his exploits on the football field earned him a coveted five-star rating, which constitutes him as one of the top thirty high school football in the United States of America in 2007(Gene). At this point, Cam chose to further his career at the University of Florida. However, he was forced to leave the University of Florida when he was convicted on charges of stealing another student’s laptop (Florida).

Cam decided to resume his playing career at Blinn Community College in Brenham, Texas with hopes of once again earning an athletic scholarship to play Division 1-A college football (Gene). While At Blinn, Cam won an NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) national championship (Gene). He was also named the NJCAA player of the year. Once again proving his prowess on the football field, Cam had many offers to enter into the ranks of one of college football’s elite programs, and this time he chose to sign with Auburn University (Gene).

A year prior to Cam’s arrival at Auburn University, a man by the name of Gene Chizik was lured away from Iowa State University to become the new head coach at Auburn University (Gene). When he hired his staff, he brought in a man known as Gus Malzahn to coordinate his Stevens 4 offense. Gus brought an offensive system commonly referred to as the spread option, which requires above all a quarterback with a very specific skill set that allows him to both be adept at running with and throwing the football.

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This system fit Cam to a tee, as he personally mixes an arm with throwing power comparable to a cannon, and also very good speed as he has been clocked as low as 4. 5 seconds in the 40 yard dash (Gene). With Cam’s personal playing style, and the offense which he was going to asked to run at Auburn, the huge stats and accolades where inevitably bound to happen. Whenever Cam arrived at Auburn in the summer of 2010, he did so to much fanfare and hype (Gene). As practices began, all of the tools Cam possessed began helping him to exhibit a high propensity for making big time plays (Gene).

While Cam and Auburn University together were expected to have a good year, no one expected for them to be as dominating as they showed throughout the 2010 season (Gene). While they received consideration to be included in the preseason top 25, they were omitted from the final list (2010). They were not even picked to finish well in conference since they are a member of the preeminent conference of college football, the SEC, and shared the western division of the conference with preseason number 1 and archrival, the University of Alabama (Staff).

Auburn opened their 2010 season at home on September 4, 2010 against Arkansas State University (www. auburnfootball. com). They easily won this game by a final score of 52-26, and as a result became ranked at 22 (Gene). Cam highlighted what an explosive player he was by totaling 357 yards of offense by himself (Gene). This 357 yards of offense was broken down into 171 yards rushing and 186 yards passing (Gene). This debut performance as an Auburn Tiger put him into elite company as he had the second most rushing yards in a first game, and the second most total yards in a season opener in school history (Gene).

Stevens 5 Cam continued to play at an extremely high level all season (Gene). Two of his more high profile games were against LSU and Alabama (Gene). Against LSU, Cam had a play that is commonly referred to as his Heisman trophy sealing run (Gene). In the third quarter with the scored tied at 10, Cam took a snap and ran 49 yards for a touchdown, breaking multiple tackles along the way (Gene). While playing Auburn’s archrival Alabama, Cam and the Tigers fell quickly behind to a score of 24-0 (Gene). However, Cam led a frenzied comeback in the second half to win 28-27 (Gene).

With the completion of the Alabama game, also commonly referred to as the Iron Bowl, Auburn was cruising on all cylinders (Gene). They were 12-0, ranked first in the AP poll, and were set to face the University of South Carolina in the SEC Championship game that is played annually in Atlanta, Georgia. However, scandal was soon about to surface regarding Auburn University and its recruitment of Cam Newton (Jabali-Nash). News began to surface that Auburn had paid Cam a large sum of money in order to secure his commitment to play football for the university (Jabali-Nash).

This placed his status for the upcoming SEC Championship Game in jeopardy, as well as his chance at winning the Heisman Trophy (Jabali-Nash). Cam’s status when kickoff came around was completely obvious: he would be playing with the hopes of leading the Auburn Tigers to an SEC Championship Game, as well as a shot at playing for the BCS National Championship Game (Gene). At the conclusion of the SEC Stevens 6 Championship Game, Cam had led the Tigers to a 56-17 shellacking of USC and a berth in the BCS National Championship Game (Gene).

He also had cemented himself as the favorite to win the 2010 Heisman Trophy, to be presented later in the month of December (Gene). Cam, in fact, did win the Heisman later that month as the most outstanding player in college football (Gene). With this all in the rearview mirror, Auburn was set to face Oregon for a shot to win their first BCS National Championship in school history (Gene). They did just this, defeating Oregon 22-19 in a highly exciting game (Gene). Cam set a career for passing attempts, with 34, and also for yards, with 335 (Gene).

Following this game, Cam decided that he wanted to enter the NFL Draft since he was being touted as the likely number one overall pick (National). The next step in this process was for him to attend the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana (National). After being invited to attend this event, Cam proceeded to electrify the showcase (National). He measured in at 6’5”, and weighed in at 248 pounds (National). He followed this by running an eye-popping 4. 59 seconds in the forty yard dash, an eye-popping stat for a man of his size (National).

He also had a 35 inch vertical, 10’6” broad jump, 6. 92 second three cone drill, and 4. 18 second twenty yard shuttle (National). With the production of his 2010 season, as well as these intangibles, the Carolina Panthers drafted Cam with the number one overall choice in the 2011 NFL Draft (National). During his rookie season, Cam continued to play at the torrid pace that he had during his 2010 season at Auburn (Cam). He passed for 4,051 yards to go along with 21 touchdowns Stevens 7 (Cam). He also rushed for 706 yards and 14 touchdowns (Cam).

With these stats, Cam won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (Cam). Cam has experienced tremendous success throughout his life on the football field (Levin). He was able to overcome adversity regarding his eligibility to play football, some his fault and others not , and still play at an extremely high level (Levin). He just began his second year as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and is continuing at his frantic pace (Cam). All in all, Cam Newton is a phenomenal quarterback who has overcame many obstacles in his personal life in order to be where he is today.

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