As we used questionnaire in our research, and we asked different inquiries from 39 visitants in Cambridge metropolis Centre for detecting their sentiments. Pie charts are used to expose consequences in ocular signifier. All information gathered from visitants, converted in to pie charts and displayed above. Pie charts are demoing sentiments obtained from existent visitants with the aid of questionnaire.

Very first inquiry was about their general information. General information included nationality, age and business. Nationality asked from visitants. Among the 39 visitants, our sample, 44 per centum were female and 56 per centum were male. Age of 41 per centum were in between 18 to 30 old ages and 26 per centum were in between 31 to 40 old ages. 12 per centum were in between 41 to 40 and staying were above 41.

Question about business, 36 per centum visitants said that they are presently unemployed and 31 per centum visitants were pupils. 10 per centum were business communities and outside the Cambridge and 21 per centum are making occupation anyplace. 13 visitants out of entire 39 said that they are sing really first clip Cambridge and 9 visitants sad they have 2nd trip. 6 visitants said they have 3rd trip and 11 visitants are basking their 4th or more trip.

In the inquiry in which type were asked, 33 per centum were basking their independent trip and merely 18 per centum said they were with their friends and household. Large part of visitants, 31 per centum, were on their educational trip, trip to Cambridge University, ant 13 per centum visitants were on concern trip. How long they stay here? 13 per centum said merely for half twenty-four hours and 26 per centum said for full twenty-four hours. 38 per centum were populating more than 2 yearss in Cambridge and 8 per centum answered, non yet decided. In the inquiry, what they do in Cambridge, 8 per centum said basking boat circuit and 18 per centum said they are basking conditions by walk. 36 per centum said they are here for train trip and 31 per centum said on route. 2 per centum usage to pass clip by Equus caballus passenger car trip.

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What services they used in Cambridge? All visitants vote for sightseeing circuit with 5 per centum, local transit with 20 per centum, nutrient and drinks with 31 per centum, adjustment with 9 per centum and 24 per centum they consumed other installations and services. Unique inquiry, did they bask Cambridge? 92 per centum, decidedly, said yes. 8 percent respond with No, due to some grounds. Quality of services used, good response seen in Cambridge ‘s favor. 0 percent ballot for low quality, 8 per centum ballot for just and 39 per centum visitants said quality of services was good in Cambridge. 20 per centum said quality of service was really good and 8 per centum ballot for excellent. 25 per centum give no reply to this inquiry.

In the last, simple inquiry were asked and that is will they see Cambridge once more? 58 per centum, more than half of entire visitants said yes of class they will certainly see. 28 per centum said it depends on future conditions, they are non certain yet and 21 per centum said you manner, they are now happening new better topographic point for circuit.

With the aid of questionnaire and other methods used in our research, Tourists ‘ motive and experience towards Cambridge, different sentiment collected from existent visitants. Consequences showed that most of visitants are male, under 40 old ages age, pupils, employed and business communities, and sing Cambridge for more than 2 clip and willing to revisit it once more. Reasons behind these replies are someway related to civilization and nature of Cambridge. Cambridgeshire is celebrated for University ab initio and so metropolis of engineering. Students like to see the university and more than 25,000 pupils are occupant of Cambridge. University of Cambridge is included in universe ‘s top five universities. That ‘s why major part of visitants is consist of pupils in different country.

Cambridge metropolis is besides celebrated for engineering. Software and life science are nucleus industries operated in Cambridge and that ‘s the ground of concern trips. All engineering related organisations have offices and research Centres in Cambridge. Meetings and convocations are being held in this metropolis. Other grounds behind these consequences are games being held in Cambridge metropolis. Cambridge metropolis is celebrated for cricket, football, rugger, H2O athleticss and varsity athleticss. Varsity athleticss are athleticss play under Cambridge University against different universities and have tonss of attraction for the visitants inside and outside the Cambridge metropolis. Strawberry flavour music and art festival are besides ground behind motives for the visitants coming in Cambridge.

Questions about services used in Cambridge and quality of used services indicate that visitants like the manner they enjoy in Cambridge and they liked nutrient, transit system and adjustments in Cambridge and they selected these services and installations as a good quality services. This is besides ground behind the motive of being visited Cambridge once more and once more and some visitants visited Cambridge for more than 4 times due to installations provided here. Cambridge skyline, Quayside, Silver Street, King ‘s Parade and Trinity Street, places celebrated for trips in Cambridge and different festivals and events are besides grounds behind the Tourss and trips in Cambridge.


From the questionnaire, what we collect from the existent visitants and tourers is informations of our research and. Decision can be easy drawn through or happening as grounds are simple and logical behind the motive for touristry in Cambridge. Visitors are most likely, pupils, business communities, athleticss lovers, mugwumps, willing to remain here for longer period because of truth of services provide and quality of services used. Chiefly there are some grounds visitants used for motive to see Cambridge. Results shown that visitants from different country have same features and chief factor coercing behind motive is age and business of sample visitants. Under 40 old ages are in big measure sing Cambridge and by business, pupils and business communities are big art of tourer. Peoples who are free besides visit more Cambridge. University of Cambridge and industry of engineering is chief beginning of motive for tourers. City of athleticss, festivals and events are besides motive for visitants and people who like field day and sing different topographic points used these motives for Cambridge.

Question asked from sample visitants, did they wish trip in Cambridge, showed the denseness of similitude Cambridge and inquiry, will they see once more, showed the attraction of tourers toward the Cambridge. Overall, research helped to bespeak the beginning of motives behind the visit to Cambridge. One determination is, friends and household Tourss are more preferred from the tourer because of nature and civilization of Cambridge metropolis. Results indicate that tourers are more willing to utilize this topographic point once more for their trips and visits. Due to technological metropolis, concern universe compellingly need to hold visit this topographic point.


Cambridge metropolis is a great topographic point to see for household Tourss, educational Tourss, athleticss and music lover. Cambridge is non topographic point where you can happen some historical topographic points ad old thing. Cambridge is full of urban touristry and based on new beauty. As Cambridge metropolis is celebrated for instruction and engineering, authorities must take more stairss to increase efficiency in these countries because people point of position about Cambridge is good and green. Events and festivals are another beginnings of motive for tourers. Local authorization should advance events in worldwide in order to increase the strength of visitants.

Varsity athleticss can be used as another chief beginning of motive for tourers because varsity athleticss are included big Numberss of games and there is demand to establish them as a regional festival. From the rating of people ‘s sentiment, most of them said that beside the musca volitanss, engineering and educational motive, there is besides need to actuate kids for touristry. Creating attraction for kids and immature coevals can be great beginning of touristry.

Improvement in installations and back uping services can besides assist to increase the attraction of visitants. There is need to be after for careers in order to grape more visitant ‘s clip and money. With beginning of twentieth century, economic system was quickly turning so pull offing Cambridge is rather easy in improvement of touristry. Use of different thoughts in touristry program, can act upon in hereafter. Entertainment companies can be used for pulling tourers.


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