1. How did you get at this job? Well. because during our TLE category. I really can’t stop looking at my rose that im turning in the school’s garden. That’s when I got funny and started to believe if these roses were comestible.

2. Why do you like to look into that sort of job where in fact there are 100s of other jobs? First of all. when I was detecting the roses. I was reasonably hungry and 2nd is because roses are a type of works which is various and can be used for different things. so I thought. why non nutrient. you know.

3. Problem – Is it Even possible to utilize Rose Petals for Jam?

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4. Hypothesis – I Think It would really be succesful judging from the fact that roses are comestible.

5. Aims of the Study – Is to cognize if roses can be utile even in the field of nutrient.

6. Significance of The Study – The cognition is really applicable in different survival scenarios. particularly when nutrient today is lifting in value.

Review of Related Literature and Surveies:

Well as you may cognize. most roses are comestible. This is why we have picked it as an ingredient for the dish. It besides gives a distinguishable and recognizable spirit that can be used to different dishes. Even though all ruddy roses look the same. there are really 100s of different sorts of ruddy roses. To look at it farther. there are really many more strategical ways to cook roses. I really read and learned that rose petals are acutally a great beginning of Ca. vitamins A. B complex. C. D. E and Iron.


* Rose petals ( ruddy. white and possibly tap every bit good )
* 2 cups sugar
* 4 and a ? cups of H2O
* Juice of 2 lemon
* Plastic movie
* Bowl
*These Ingredients may be either bought or borrowed. depends on supply ( and human generousness ) .

* Wash them and cut off the white bottm of each petal. Wash good to avoid chemicals. cheque for unwanted insects and discard petals that are brown. * Soak the petals for three yearss ( optional )

* Place the petals into a bowl and scatter them with sugar until they are coated. Bruise them good with your fingers and cover the bowl with plastic movie. Let it to rest overnight in a icebox. * Get a Saucepan and pour in the staying sugar. H2O and lemon juice. Dissolve contents on low heat. * Stir the rose petals on to the mixture and let it to simmer for 20 proceedingss. Bring to a furuncle and go on for 5 more proceedingss. * Put in clean warmed jar and indulge.

* Our informations would preferrably presented by a graph.

Time Table:

Date of Trials| Deadlines|
Nov. 3 ( Thursday ) | Nov. 3 Proposal|
Nov. 10–Dec. 14 ( every Wednesday if possible ) | Dec. 16 1st trail’s Whole advancement report| Dec 28-30 Last Touches for The Product| Jan. 6 1st Trial’s Product Outcome| Jan 7 or 8 – Make Improvements and modify| Jan 9 – Feb ( school ) |

* Well. our roses would be preferrably bought in the seedling park which would be about 40 pesos.
* our sugar to be bought at a cost of approximately 30 pesos possibly.
* our lemons to be bought every bit good in the market for approximately 30 pesos a battalion
* and our stuffs to be borrowed.


* For the 1 who proposed this undertaking is Rj Regala. who you might happen in group 2 of the investigatory undertaking groups of 1 Euclid. He has found this undertaking and researched more about it in different sites and beginnings all pointed none other than the hunt engine. Google. * His other groupmates are Gianna Parian. Luis Gavino and Rein Delos Reyes


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