The changes in education does not stop there, more changes are made in the channels that the world has provided for making a man better that is the Internet. One of the most vital sector of having education is to learn how to communicate with other people. I think that the universal communicating platform is the use of English language. Many platforms in the internet has established opportunities for learning English. Learning English can improve one’s advantage in gaining better Jobs and integrating one into the community more.

This has always been the reason why man has always essential to get used to and even master English. And one of the many ways Is Internet chatting. I think that If you are willing to surf the web, then find people to chat with, o can unquestionably Improve your confidence In learning English will Increase. First of all, I am not a native speaker, I also encounter difficulties that non-native speakers have when learning English.

I think some non-native speakers have great grammatical aptitudes who use English in a formal context, but when these speakers go on to real-life situation where the native English speakers use slang and culture- based phrases, the non-native speakers will be pushed out from the discussion group, which can be a very frustrating situation for the non-native speaker. No tater how good their aptitude is in the usage of English language, they still lack the practical skill of talking proficiently and confidently using English, not because they lack the grammar to organize a sentence, but the suitable words used In the sentence.

In this world that has demand for people who have good proficiency In English rather than demand for people who only know how to write while lack the skills to understand slang of a particular country. I think learning English simply for the sake of taking grammar exams and writings are not purposeful because it is ally hard to understand local slang that can scarcely be educated by teachers or by turning pages of a grammar book. Recently, I have been surfing the web and it is not demanding to realize that there are a lot of online chat rooms.

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Common and popular webs like Backbone messaging, where people can chat with friends and also people from across the world, some not so common such as anesthesiologist. Originally, I thought that all these websites will be able to provide in depth learning experience. So, I went on to these websites and tried to talk with other people on the be, so I can test out whether it is likely to Improve my English on the web through chatting. During my use of the chartroom, I remembered I posted, “Hello, I am from Hong Kong and I want to speak to others online, so that I can Improve my English. “This is my objective for joining this online chat room group. Just that all of us online us are non-native speakers is because of the time difference for people in different parts of the world. While the United States and the Great Britain are in mid-night, we are at the afternoon. So it turned out that it is people of the similar time frames that are talking to each other. This poses a great practical problem for learning English by talking with native speaker. Also, English grammar may not be taken into account seriously on the internet, this also reduces the efficacy for learning English through online chatting.

Do you think I will become discouraged because of finding this problem in online chatting? Not at all. Because online chatting is not only constrained to talking with native-speakers. As long as you can find people who are eager to treat the grammar and the language used seriously, both of you can exchange ideas that can involves anything. One of the biggest pros that online chatting has compared to earning in the classroom is that people can talk about anything, any ideas without being restricted by the teachers to discuss only certain topics.

If the purpose of going online is for educational purposes, it requires all to agree to talk about academic issues. I think it is a good idea to make restriction for the discussion topics so that everyone can learn perspectives of a certain English issue, which can be a good option and tool for students like us to learn a particular local issue. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. I think this quote can really apply to learning through online chatting.

A person should always try to learn whenever possible, if we grasp every opportunity that we can acquire from the internet, we can definitely increase our skills in English speaking. Although online chatting cannot substitute learning at school, it can always be an assisting tool for learning. Online chatting clearly has its pros and cons and if we can make good use of resources that can be shared through chatting with other people, then why shouldn’t we exchange ideas? Therefore, in my point of view, internet chat room can be a platform for learning English.


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