Every Canadian community is a gilded mine of diverse people. civilizations. traditions. and history. Rediscovering their wealth goes to the bosom of our Canadian nature. It is the cognition and high respect of their roots and sense of belonging at place. school. topographic point of work. or topographic point of worship. to call merely a few. that strengthens their feelings of who they are as Canadians. If person has been described as Canadian. it means that he is a portion of Canadian society. Canadians are free. They have the freedom to believe for themselves. talk what they wish. and live their lives to the fullest. in bend holding certain corporate thoughts. traits. and qualities. By and large. they possess a Canadian attitude. an credence of Canadian multiculturalism. and most significantly. Canadian pride.

While Canadians are sometimes depicted as a beer imbibing. party loving. and rugged in attitude. when in fact they are by and large rather reserved and inactive. In world. Canadians have become known for their great human-centered attempts. Canadians are continually recognized for the manner in which they go in after the happening of desolation and assist the civilian population. of that peculiar community or state. acquire back on their pess. An illustration of this was seen in the Kosovo crisis. when they brought refugees to Canada and provided for them while there was war in their fatherland. They are besides known for their peacekeeping ways. They are slow and cautious when come ining conflicts and are loath to take sides between states in Acts of the Apostless of inhumaneness and offense. Peoples from all around the universe semen to Canada. looking for safety. They have come to see Canada as a peaceable state. where they will hold a opportunity at a free and good life while being accepted and considered an equal.

The construct of a multicultural state is foreign to some people because they have lived in a state where people of the same race surround them continuously. However. Canadians have come to accept and love their nation’s “salad bowl” of diverse races and civilizations. and the entree to knowledge and power that make chances and possibilities endless. Unlike some states. if one has an thought or starts a concern. he is free to capitalise on it and do money that he may utilize for the good of himself. his household. and causes that he deems worthy. This is a changeless pull-factor that brings people from different lands into Canada. and it is one of the things that make Canada great.

While it is of import to hold. being Canadian doesn’t mean you have a piece of paper called a birth certification with “Canada” scrawled across the top ; that is merely superficial. The most of import quality of a Canadian is their pride in their state. There is so much to be thankful for. Canada has a wellness attention system that allows its citizens to be treated for their unwellnesss and sometimes even cured. They besides have an copiousness of natural resources like wheat. oil. timber. and fresh H2O that help them to keep a steady economic system.

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Then there is the pride and joy of the state. hockey. Everyone knows it. every state plays it. but it remains Canadian. Their pride can be seen non merely when they rise to hear their national anthem. but besides in the manner they sew the Canadian flag onto their back packs and coats. the manner they hold their caputs high in other states. and in the ill-famed Molson Canadian “Anthem” . It is their pride that creates a feeling of household across the state.

While their human-centered attitudes and credence of diverseness make them stand out in the crowd of other states. their pride separates them from the remainder. They continually strive to better themselves as persons and as a whole. by raising their instruction criterions for Canadian young person. maintaining their wellness attention system working at full capacity and keeping a peaceable state. Their pride can be shown in two lines of a vocal that all Canadians hold beloved: “With glowing Black Marias we see thee rise ; The True North strong and free. O Canada. Westand on guard for thee. ” It is pride like this that makes us all Canadian. eh?


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