The Canadian Museum of Nature’s web site is an mean piece of work that gathers audience from both English and Gallic speech production persons. The museum’s Web presence is elegant and simple to utilize. clearly dividing the English section from the Gallic section to let easier pilotage throughout the site. which. sing the size and diverseness of the system it represents. makes you inquire how the interior decorators and Godheads managed to draw it off in such a simple manner. Rhetorical Design The Canadian Museum of Nature’s web site is intended to advance the museum’s merchandises

and services on offer at the museum among English speech production and Gallic speech production tourers. Almost anyone sing this web site is most likely looking for information about a certain service or point associating to natural history and touristry. so it is safe to province that the primary audience for this web site are nature lovers and tourers wishing to see Canada or local Canadians looking for a topographic point merely to hold a good clip basking the wonders of nature. However. there is something for everyone in this web site. Even for those who don’t intend

to see the museum but want to win something. there’s a exposure competition subdivision on the place page that might function to pull more traffic to the site. This enhances the possibility of pulling more members to fall in in the class of the museum. The web site besides has links that connect to 5 of their other web sites. fundamentally to diversify and exercise their web and market presence in the field of nature. The context of the website explores the versatility of the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Internal organisation and merchandises and services offered by the museum. Information on the

place page is divided into 11 primary classs: Calendar of activities. visitant information. instructor zone. about the museum. reclamation. exhibitions. polar twelvemonth. aggregations. research. library and merchandises & A ; services. The site besides has speedy links on shopping. going a member. donating to the cause. staff. imperativeness room and there is besides a nexus for visitants to post remarks and inquiries to the staff. All these information is carefully and strategically placed on the page to let for easy pilotage and still leaves a batch of infinite on the site. Congested sites tend to be an oculus sore to the readers. but as for this one. no

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one has to worry approximately holding to travel through tonss of information to acquire to what you’re looking for. Interface Design The full web site is filled with exposures of animate beings and artefacts of natural history which blends in really good with the overall subject of the web site. Each page contains at least three astonishing exposures that keep the visitant glued to the web site. even if merely for the exposure. Actually. come to believe of it. the website contains really small text. it is merely the overall design and beautiful exposures that keep visitants busy on the site since there’s nil much to read from the web site.

The place page contains really clear navigational links on the left manus side of the page to other subdivisions of the web site with its interface being simple. consistent and functional. However. due to the limited sum of information on the web site. the interface does non supply sufficient feedback and does non hold a existent clip visitant – support staff duologue system. Visitors have to go forth a message on the contact us subdivision and delay for an unknown sum of clip for a feedback. All pages contain site pilotage links. Site Design Text on the web site is aligned to the left side of the screen. which is really effectual for both

the new and ordinary users of the site. The design of the site reflects the basic hierarchal organisation of the Canadian Museum of Nature. From the place page. links to other major divisions can be easy accessed from the left manus corner ; with each major hyperlink holding a page that directs the user to other major sub-divisions ; which leads the user to the exact information that can outdo fulfill the user’s specific demand. The information on the pages. although minimum. gives a clear apprehension of the basic purpose of the site proprietors.

The place page contains links to virtually everything person would be looking for within the web site. On the top right manus corner of the site. there’s an suitably placed site index which is really helpful in the pilotage of the web site. The site relies to a great extent on indexes as it is virtually impossible to happen what you looking for without associating to a page that contains the kind of information that will be of aid to the visitant. Page Design The web pages in this site are designed for users with 15 inch proctors. Since pilotage throughout the site relies to a great extent on the site index and tabular array of contents.

the pages reveal a consistent ocular hierarchy. The interior decorators of this site rely on museum’s logo on each page as a heading to invariably remind the user that they are still on the site. although the site could utilize the inclusion of a tabular array on the calendar of activities section to assist the reader cut to the pursuit and happen the exact thing he’s looking for alternatively of shoping through the links. Typography Merely three font types have been used throughout the web site. in order to do it orderly at professional-like. with Verdana being the outstanding 1. Coupled with a white

background and text that are aligned to the left side of the page. the pages are full of life and convey out the message in a instead natural and easy manner. Editorial Style The text in this site is brief and exact to the point even though it doesn’t cover wholly everything a visitant would most likely want to cognize approximately. The site does non utilize rubrics or captions as it contains functional links that act as rubrics. Graphics & A ; Multimedia The web site is reasonably simple and does non incorporate a batch of artworks – merely nature exposures. which are important in constructing the subject of the site – and perfectly no sound. picture.

life or multimedia of any kind and therefore it makes it easy for the pages to lade faster. even with slower cyberspace connectivity. Overall Impression To sum it up. the web site has a reasonably simple design. The fact that merely three font types have been used in the full site makes it easy to read through without striving. It is most likely to pull twice every bit much attending and traffic since it is written in two linguistic communications with clear and big plenty text. Besides. it entreaties to its audience due to the fact that it has incorporated keen exposures of what’s on offer at the museum and there’s besides the

changeless usage of the colour viridity. which is a symbol of nature. The green colour is likely to intermix in with the visitor’s feeling of the museum. What I liked most about this web site is its simple yet comprehensive design and the fact that it is written for a much more wide audience i. e. the English and French. However. the web site is excessively shallow and doesn’t have adequate information for visitants. This makes new visitants to the site dig deeper than the site in order to happen information that’s featured in the web site. On a general point of position. the web site can be rated “Average” .


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