INTERPRETATION OF DIFFERENT ARTICLES CANCER-CLUSTER MYTH 1. One reason why the cancer-cluster myth is perpetuated is that amidst all the big funding of the government to know the causes of the cancers, all the efforts seem futile. There had been no vivid reason found to explain the sudden multiplication of cancer cases. To get away from the citizen’s blame for not doing anything about this cancer, this cancer cluster myth was invented. It is to calm the people and prevent future revolts.

It’s use by the government to satisfy the people’s question about the cause of these cancers. v ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ .Katharsis is purification or a purging of such emotions such as strong feelings of sorrow, fear, pity, or happiness. He said that a death penalty is a catharsis. It’s one way of removing the feeling of injustice or satisfying the urge for revenge of the offended party.

Another illustration by the author is the citizen’s feeling of relief when notorious criminals were finally detained. By allowing death penalty to punish the criminals, the offended party will experience catharsis or release of the unwanted feelings of unfairness and getting even. ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Consumerism is a social and economic order that is based on the systematic creation and fostering of a desire to purchase commodity goods in ever greater amounts.

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By being disabled, someone will be susceptible to discrimination when trying to purchase a certain good. One example is when she was buying something, she asked the advertiser why they did not say that the product can also be used by disabled. The answer is that other normal and able people might not buy the product thinking that it’s design for disabled only. Hence, it’s like saying that disabled people cannot avail normal people’s commodity and for that they are discriminated.

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