1. In the narrative. “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” the supporter is characterized as an foreigner. Reason being. is because he is he’s obviously a drug nut who wakes up in the center of nowhere. It even mentioned in the narrative that he had been to detox. He’s abandoned by the chaps whom he did drugs with. Clearly he did non suit in with most societal groups. and he had a difficult clip being accepted. Due to him being an foreigner. I believe that there was some type of event that lead him to be an nut. Possibly he was neglected. or he had a midlife crisis. In the narrative. he implicated that he wanted to decease. As he said when he was inside the auto and set all his bags on one side of the auto and said that he did non care whether he lives or dies. Surely all this adult male was populating for was so that he can make his ultimate enlightenment.

2. The cardinal subject in Susan Minot’s short narrative. “Lust” is running on empty. Reason I chose this to be the subject is because the supporter in the narrative is seeks and she’s in hunt for the right cat to fall in love with her. Yet. as she continues to be promiscuous activities seeking to happen the right 1. she realizes that they all want her for one ground. She knows that they merely want her for sex. and every clip she has sexual brushs with them she feels empty inside afterwards. We know she is empty because her parents don’t give her attending. she has no household. and she merely wants her bosom to be fulfilled. But as you read throughout the short narrative. you realize all this promiscuousness is her fulfilment. This is what makes her content. When she’s in the act of it she has nil to worry approximately. bc the sex is hot and passionate. She’s running in empty because she’s absorbing all these cats with the satisfying attitude of non being loved. And that is why she continues to lustful. .

3. In the short narrative. “The Half Skinned-Steer. the narrative takes topographic point a in Chicago on a spread someplace in the state outskirts. The scene besides causes me to believe that it’s set in the 1900’s due to the Chicago stockyards. In the short narrative. “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find” the scene of the narrative takes topographic point in Atlanta. Ga. someplace possibly in the metropolis. or the suburbs. The ground I believe that the scene is in the metropolis or suburbs. is because it took the household 20 proceedingss to make the outskirts of the metropolis. You can besides presume that the scene of the narrative is in the metropolis due to how the household are frocks. In the narrative. “A Worn Path” the scene of the narrative is in a state town Natchez. Mississippi on an early chilly cold forenoon on a way of pinewoods while the Sun is lifting.

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