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Caring and Compassion in the Nursing Profession

Nursing is a physically and emotionally demanding occupation. There are six virtuousnesss that should be followed when working as a nurse. Caring and compassion can be viewed as “nursing’s most cherished asset” ( Schantz. 2007 ) . Caring and compassion are two different features with similar significances. Caring is defined as demoing kindness or concern for others ( Oxford. 2013 ) . Compassion is defined as sympathetic commiseration and concern for the agonies or bad lucks of others ( Oxford. 2013 ) .

Some people choose nursing as their occupation because their desire to care for others. Bing a caring single allows you to do a curative relationship with a patient. When a patient feels cared for ; emotionally they develop trust and self-worth. Caring requires you to physically run into your patient demands. When a patient has a sense a being cared for they may be more willing to take part. Most nurses have a certain mentality as “Do unto others as you would desire done unto you” ( Watson. 1988 ) .

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Along with lovingness. compassion is ground why people desire to be nurses. Compassion is non sympathy you show toward a patient in demand. but instead the understanding that causes you to move on an interior desire to assist that patient ( Hart. 2011 ) . When demoing compassion it’s non making things you are accountable to make as a nurse. but making it because you are urged to make it as a human being to do a difference.

All six virtuousnesss define nursing feature as a whole. but caring and compassion are cardinal things to hold when handling patients as nurses. To keep a high quality of wellness attention revolves around caring and compassion. It makes a large difference to hold compassion in your bosom to care for others. Caring and compassion can hold such a good impact on a patient to warthere he/she will derive self-worth and self-respect.


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