The indispensable accomplishments and abilities associated with students’ personal acquisition manners are many of the capablenesss engaging directors look for when reexamining applications. University of Phoenix larning ends represent another set of nucleus competences that can assist you go recognized as an exceeding campaigner or employee.

Part A

Complete the Personality Spectrum on pp. 66–67 in Ch. 3 of Keys to Success. Based on the consequences. respond to the followers:

What is your primary strength? My primary strengths are that I am a THINKER and an ORGANZER. How does this strength make you a strong campaigner or employee? I am good at work outing jobs and I am responsible and dependable. What is one country of betterment? Bing a giver is an country that I need betterment in. How can you better in this country to go a stronger campaigner or employee? I can better by being more sensitive to others feelings and demands.

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Part B

Read the University of Phoenix Material: University of Phoenix Learning Goals. included in the stuffs for this assignment. Fill in the undermentioned matrix with sum-ups of how each university larning end can assist you with calling readiness.

University Learning Goal

How can each end prepare you for success in the workplace?

Professional Competence and Values

Having values and moralss can assist you in makin of import and critical determination in the workplace.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


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