There is no exact description of King Claudia, but in Act Ill, Scene iv (Gertrude room) when Hamlet shows Gertrude pictures of both of her husbands and tells her to compare them, the implication is that Hamlet’s father was far more superior to Claudia in looks. When Hamlet says “See what a grace was seated on this brow, Hypersonic curls; the front of Jove himself, An eye like Mars, to threaten and command” (Line 56 -? 61) Hamlet is describing his father as Hyperfine, the ancient Greek sun-god, for beauty, avian a forehead like Jupiter and an eye like the god of war.

Hamlet is using allusion to emphasize the nobility of his father. He then describes Claudia as “a mildewed ear’ which shows that he is not in comparison with his father. In Claudia’ soliloquy in Act Ill Scene Ill, we see a different Claudia. He turns to prayer as a means of salvation, but finding no use in it. Claudia knows he should repent, but his passion to be king and his passion for Gertrude seems to manage his emotions. His confession comes as a big surprise.

In this scene we are able to see a sharp alteration in his character. He goes from being the insensitive phony to a caring and emotional person. Claudia can be compared to Cain (from the Bible) because both of them killed their brothers out of jealousy. When Cain realized that God was not pleased with his sacrifice but accepted Babel’s, his heart became more wicked thus becoming angry and jealous of his brother so he killed him out of envy.

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