Provide a brief overview of the social injustices that exist in our local community/ world. In this day and age, many social injustices are occurring throughout the world. One of the most heinous injustices that many people know of is Asylum Seekers. In Australia, we turn away Asylum Seekers and the subject has become a very popular debate in the community. For people who don’t know what an Asylum Seeker is, it’s someone who has escaped or Is fleeing their country in search of a better life filled with more opportunities. Not only is Asylum Seekers a popular topic but racism is as well.

Due to the large range of different races in Australia it makes it easier for people to make racial comments towards others and their religions. This causes children to grow up to be judgmental and continuing in the steps of their elders. As citizens growing up in Australia we are worried for our futures and the people we will grow up around. The longer we allow Racism to continue then the more our community will break apart. Another social injustice is that villages around the world that are in war-torn countries are being mistreated, and the work that has been done is not nearly enough to bring them all up from the ground.

Even when/if the villages get help to restore the village, who knows what could happen to all of their livestock and farms If another war comes along? Most people would be oblivious to all of these events If there weren’t organizations to spread the word. Caracas helps people around the world get back on their feet with serious problems like the ones that I have talked about above and many more that a lot of people do not know about. How does Caracas help assist to address one or more of these problems?

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After a Alan word that means loving and compassion, the company that we know today that helps improve mankind is Caracas. Caracas is a humanitarian agency whom opens their arms to all who seek help; they take them under their wing and provide them with the basics for human survival until they can stand on their own two feet again. Caracas helps those who are poor no matter the nationality, religion, gender or even age of the person, they do this by relying on the community, people like you or me. The more we donate, whether It be canned foods, money or clothing, we can help

Caracas help others. Caracas helps the villages that are in dire need of help by raising awareness in schools and doing fundraisers to raise money for materials. One of the unique ways that they help raise awareness Is to go to some of these villages, and make a video about one or more of the Inhabitant’s lives. This opens people’s eyes to the many unique way that helps them raise money is by providing a small box to each classroom in many schools, where the students can put their spare change in and also so the students can hold fundraisers themselves and raise money in that way.

An example of a student fundraiser (prepared by the teacher) is that a male teacher has to wear a school dress if a certain amount of money is raised by the class. So, how does Caracas do it? How do they help people in need? They show the poor that they are there and give them clothing and food without expecting anything in return. This charity work has helped many people over the years and restored pride and self-esteem in those who lost all hope. We hope that they continue to do these kind and helpful things in the future.

What Catholic values are evident in Caracas? How are they following Jesus’ example? Caracas shows many signs of Jesus through their teachings. Caracas helps those in need and spreads the word of the unfortunate; they raise awareness of homelessness and certain disasters that have happened in other countries. Their kindness and giving is a reflection of God and a certain saying by Jesus, “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself. ” Jesus gave to others without expecting anything in return; he healed many people and stood up for others.

Caracas is a great modern example of teachings that Jesus carried out not only until his death on the cross, but afterwards too. What are some ways we can help Caracas? Why is it important for us to do this socially, morally and spiritually? Find a bible verse to support your ideas. So how can we help Caracas? We can help Caracas by raising awareness, having fundraisers and of course donating. Donating doesn’t Just mean money; it can also include clothes and cans of food. Caracas is always looking for new ways to help those in need and it’s important we help them too. Why should we help Caracas? What’s in it for me or you?


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