Carnegie Mellon University is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking to exceed expectations. In this regard, I share a common vision with Carnegie Mellon. Since visiting campus two years ago, many characteristics of the university, from the small class sizes and tightly-knit student body, to the diverse, urban environment have stuck with me and continue to stand out in my mind. In these aspects, Carnegie Mellon University seems to match my vision as the perfect setting in which I can broaden both my skills and perspective over the next four years. Academically, I plan to continue pursuing my interests in the fields of business technology, finance, and psychology. Carnegie Mellon University promotes breadth of study, encouraging students to develop their skill sets through different subjects. This allows students to graduate with a diversified knowledge base and facilitates the combination of ideas from independent fields for innovative solutions in the working world. Through Tepper’s Business Administration Program, I would work towards my B.S. with a concentration in business technology while simultaneously taking breadth courses at CMU’s Psychology Department. In 2022, I would graduate from Carnegie Mellon knowing my education over the past four years helped build my foundation as an improved critical thinker who can apply core business and teamwork skills in any field.During this time, I would actively build on my high school extracurricular experience through Carnegie Mellon’s many student organizations. I hope to continue my studies outside of the classroom through Tepper’s Business Technology Club, both to improve my leadership skills and to expand my network of connections. To stay active, I would like to join an intramural basketball league and hope to spend some free time playing piano in the College of Fine Arts’ student practice rooms. I also look forward to taking part in the annual case competitions held at Carnegie Mellon to further build upon my experience with real-life business problems gained through my 3M IT Quality Analyst Internship.But perhaps most importantly, it is the student community at Carnegie Mellon that has attracted me the most. My first time strolling past the Fence with my family left a vivid memory. Seeing all the club representatives left and right trying to convince students to join their causes, there was an air of enthusiasm, a sense that Carnegie Mellon’s student body is connected by a shared goal of discovery and innovation. After this experience, I felt very comfortable with the idea of living and learning in the diverse environment at Carnegie Mellon.Armed with an open mind and experiences from my time in the 3M corporate environment, as well as from my volunteer work with organizations such as Woodwinds Hospital and the University of Minnesota, I believe I will bring a distinct perspective to campus.With so many new avenues to explore, I know a college experience at Carnegie Mellon will prove challenging, but ultimately rewarding. I look forward to a fulfilling four years of hard work, fun, and cheesesteaks.


I'm Niki!

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