Carson WallsProfessor ArcherEnglish 1010 BG-106 December 2017Hiding The Truth Cancer is the one word you never want to hear a doctor say. It seems like every year you hear of cancer more and more. With all the donation money and attention that’s on the disease you would think they would find a breakthrough. However, if there was a cure found that would result in cancer patients no longer needing treatment, this would cause a great decline in the healthcare economy. Pharmacies would be driven completely out of business. Cancer treatment facilities would go extinct. Theories such as the Big Pharma ,Monsanto Conspiracy, Cancer Overdosed, and Tobacco are just the beginning of this major problem.Big pharma encourage people to see prescriptions as the only solution and, as a result, make a big profit by overpricing these drugs. “Big Pharma is an entity comprised of corporations, regulators, NGOs, politicians, and often physicians, all with a finger in the trillion-dollar prescription pharmaceutical pie”(Blaskiewicz 1). These companies could not care a less about patients as long as they make their profit. The only thing that matters to these corporations is their money. For example, cancer patients are commonly targeted by big pharma. “Cancer treatments are often invasive and dangerous, and while the best practices improve outcomes for patients, they can still be unpleasant, even traumatic. Many times a patient may experience all of the side effects of a treatment and none of the hoped-for benefits”(Blaskiewicz 1). These companies are knowing they are selling a solution in which they can’t adequately achieve. One of the major problems with most of these cancer drugs/treatments is the after effects. Instead of helping out the patients these drugs put them in more pain and despair. I watched my preacher’s daughter go through cancer with chemotherapy and other experimental drugs. She looked in pain and the chemotherapy completely changed the way she acted and looked. The drugs and chemotherapy were slowly killing her and it was really hard to watch. It seems as though chemotherapy is the silent killer. Many of these experimental drugs cause a domino effect. One pill causes certain problems, then you need another pill for your problems after that. “In 2012, 12 of the 13 new drugs approved for cancer indications were priced above $100000 per year for therapy”( Light “High Cancer Drug Prices”). How is an ordinary person supposed to afford this. What happens is when a patient is diagnosed the doctor prescribes all these drugs they need to survive. The problem is financially this would be hard for an average citizen to afford. “Monsanto Co and U.S. farm groups sued California on Wednesday to prevent the state from requiring cancer warnings on products containing the widely used weed killer glyphosate, which the company sells to farmers to apply to its genetically engineered crops”( Polansek “Monsanto US Farm Groups”). Companies are trying to deny and hide the fact that their product contain cancerous products in them. That’s the first problem is that companies don’t care that there products cause cancer. Monsanto has a history of using farmers to better themselves. I watched a documentary about agriculture and within the first 30 minutes the majority of the farmers talked about Monsanto and their dislike for them. A major problem that is going on right now in the world is the overdiagnosis of cancer. The category that this is mainly happening in is the breast cancer area. “Around 40,000 individual women die from breast cancer every year”( Jaggar “Routine Mammogram Screening”). Breast cancer is one of the most popular forms of cancer however it is easily overdiagnosed. “The researchers calculated that 132 out of the 162 tumors detected per 100,000 women were small cancers that were not likely to grow large enough to cause symptoms or death.”(Jaggar “Routine Mammogram Screening”). This is the big problem, cancer doctors are over diagnosing small tumors that more than likely won’t lead to anything. This leads into harming the patient by prescribing them drugs or putting them on chemotherapy. Things like over diagnosing  could easily lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of cancer patients. “Instead of recommending lifestyle modifications proven to work, like cutting back on alcohol and exercising more, many doctors opt for drugs because they want to do something right away without having to rely on the often-unhealthy environment beyond their office walls”(Sifferlin “Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment”). Doctor’s think that the best way to help you is to just prescribe another pill. They never think of another option such as eating healthy and exercising. The doctors claim that they have yet to trust this theory because of a lack of results from this claim. Instances like this are perfect examples of overtreatment. This is when the doctors feel the need to prescribe things to a patient, other than seeing if the patient can fix the problem by changing something themselves. “Basil’s first reaction to her diagnosis was an animal-instinct panic that she registered as “10,000 bricks” crushing into her chest when she woke up in the morning. After that, Basila, who is now 60 and is now a teacher(O’Connor “Rethinking Breast Cancer Treatment”).She is a perfect example of why you make your own decisions. Instead of going through chemotherapy like the doctor suggested, she instead decided to not do anything. She didn’t have to go through any pain and is now living a cancer free life. Hopefully in the near future people will spread the word that chemotherapy isn’t the only option.One of the bigger trending problems in cancer conspiracies is , “does chemotherapy work”? “People who refused chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who are undergoing chemotherapy,” said Dr. Jones of his study, which was published in the New York Academy of Science (Jones “Carcinodisengenuous”). Dr Jones says that normal doctors who prescribe regular drugs don’t make any profit from that certain drug company. However he says first cancer doctors prescribe chemotherapy to the patient, next he buys the chemo from the company, then lastly pockets the difference between the amount he bought it for and sold. This is the reasoning behind why so many doctors are giving cancer patients chemotherapy. He claims that medicine in the United States is strictly a profit industry.


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