Ceja Vineyard. a California based manufacturer and seller of premium vino has seen a nice sum of growing in their concern over the last three old ages. However the proprietors of Ceja vineries. led by CEO Amelia are seeking to make up one’s mind whether to chiefly aim the Hispanic market which will do them to wholly alter their selling attempts or go forth it up to the distributers and retail merchants to do that determination.


For the Ceja vinery squad to be able to find what determination to be made we must first expression at some of the cardinal issues they face. First they don’t have a concern or selling program to put to death a thrust into the Latino market and they are besides limited in marketing due to the three-tier system. Another issue that is noted is that the monetary value point of their current premium vinos might be excessively high for the Latino market. Finally the last challenge which is more like an chance is how Ceja vineries will pull off the growing of the vino nine. which has seen a considerable sum of growing since its origin.


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Harmonizing to the information. Amelia clearly states the deficiency of a concern /marketing program that Ceja vinery has when she states that the last clip a program for the concern was developed was in 1990 during her pupil yearss. The information besides reveals that spread outing distribution by traditional channels would be highly hard due to the bounds imposed by the three grade system. The three grade system comprised of Producer-distributor-retailer. This was dominated by the large 5 us distributers which made it highly hard for smaller houses like Ceja vinery to vie. Another issue that Ceja vinery had to face was the uncertainness to how the Latino consumers would have their higher priced vinos.

Pedro. Amelia’s hubby harmonizing to the informations believed that to aim the Latino consumer they would necessitate to shift their monetary value. a selling scheme that could ache their dress shop distributers. However harmonizing to appendix 2. the vino market council said the Latino consumer wine turning rate was higher than any other demographic. The research besides said that Latino market was an untapped market for vino and that they were 96percent more to pass 20dollars or more on a bottle of vino than the mean American consumer.

Finally the growing of the vino nine was deemed as the biggest chance for Ceja vinery. Harmonizing to the information this group had grown an extended sum from its origin day of the month. It was launched in 2003. In 2004 it had 150 people but in 2006 it had already grown to 1000 people. This fit right to Amelia’s program of marketing to Hispanics because out of her 1000 members half identified themselves as Hispanic. This market would be was the best shooting at Amelia’s end of finally selling 80 % of production straight to consumers.


It is obvious Ceja vineries needs a new business/marketing program since their last program was about a decennary ago. Besides Due to the deficiency of flexibleness the three- grade system gives them in viing against the large US vino distributers I would propose they stick to the program they have right now and allow the distributers pick their market because presently they don’t have the selling expertness or capital to shift their trade name and monetary value wholly to suit the Latino market. Finally I would propose Ceja vinery invest at least 30-40 % % of their capital and resources towards the vino nine. Harmonizing to the information they had to turn back people at the last event in Los Angeles. This group was already responsible for 25 % of their vino purchases and was turning at an exponential rate. Ceja vinery will necessitate to tackle resources to provide to this group because it was their future “bread and butter” .


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