In the instance. we learned that inauspicious conditions conditions are primary cause of holds at Logan Airport. When conditions conditions deteriorate. or when air currents from the northwest become reasonably strong. Logan’s capacity beads from three tracks ( where one track handles both reachings and goings. one track merely departures. and one track merely reachings ) to two ( where two tracks handle both reachings and departures. ) Arrival capacity in the former instance norms around 60 planes an hr. and in the latter instance ( a state of affairs that occurs on mean 30 yearss a twelvemonth ) . 45 planes an hr.

When conditions conditions are peculiarly terrible ( a state of affairs that occurs on mean 10 yearss a twelvemonth ) . merely one track for both reachings and goings is in operation at Logan. and entire reaching capacity drops to 30 operations an hr. a. What would you anticipate to go on if arrival rates exceeded service rates during any one period at Logan? B. Assume Logan’s weekday top outing pattern resembles the 2000 instance shown in Exhibit 8 of the Delays at Logan Airport instance. with arrival rates composing half of the operations per hr shown. For normal. good conditions capacity–i. e. . capacity of 60 reachings per hour– what are the estimated hold times and hold costs for a plane landing at hr 17? What if Logan beads to two sum tracks in operations ( each with an aveage capacity of 22. 5 reachings per hr each?


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