With the liberalisation of the economic system in 1990s and the subsequent growing of the Indian Industry, concerns started coming to Goa for their Conferences, Meetings and Events. This has led to a growing in the concern of Conference Tourism in Goa and has alone characteristics that have the possible to make a different trade name personality of Goa as a Business Tourist Destination among the domestic concerns.

This paper attempts to look at the Destination of Goa which attracts Business Conferences, a tendency that is seeing important growing, both, during the season every bit good as during the off-season. An effort has been made to make a qualitative survey to place the impact of Business Conferences on the trade name personality of Goa.

A Case Study method is adopted to analyze the procedure of Business Conference organisation to capture the personality type and personality creative activity which occurs among the Business Conference attendants. The creative activity of a “ amusement ” personality of Brand Goa is seen as the dominant image which Goa has carved in the heads of the mark section, viz. , the domestic concerns tourer.


Branding and Brand Equity is a widely researched country in the Marketing literature. ( Aaker, 1992 ; Keller, 1993 ) . It has been argued that trade names and branding create value, cut down consumer hunt costs, cut down hazards for consumers and fulfill consumer demands. ( Biswas,1992 ; Berthon et al. , 1999 ; Bhat and Reddy, 1998 ) . Tourism finishs are besides trade names that tourers consume. Whether these trade names are created or emerge on their ain is a problematic point both in faculty members every bit good as in pattern. The function of branding procedure in making a finish trade name has been tried out in India ( the Incredible India trade name run in 2010 ) and has been researched in footings of finish trade name ( Cai, 2002 ) . Tourism finishs are besides perceived as a trade name ( Hosany, Ekinci, and Uysal, 2007 ) and as such can be conformable to marketing activities that enable the development of a specific trade name image due to the actions of the finish sellers or the outgrowth of a specific trade name image due to the actions of the ( supply side ) participants and the actions of the ( demand side ) tourists. Due to decelerate rate of alteration in the demand for touristry merchandises, which create the image in the first topographic point, the alteration in the image of the finish is besides slow. However such alterations in the merchandise portfolio of a finish have the possible to convey about a alteration in the image of the finish to assorted sections of tourers. This article tried to look at the conceptual facet of Brand Personality, Destination Product Portfolio and impact of specific merchandises ( Conference and Business Tourism ) on Brand Personality.

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Keller ( 1993 ) identifies trade name image as “ the perceptual experiences about a trade name reflected as associations bing in the memory of the consumer ” . These associations are formed either through direct experience or through information beginnings or through the illations from already bing associations ( Martinez and Pina, 2003 ) . Destination merchandise portfolio generates these associations in footings of giving a direct experience to the visitants to organize trade name related associations and it is so used in the information beginnings to make strong associations of the trade name to make a trade name image. The use of Taj Mahal, the historic memorial, as a symbol of Regency in India is to make the image of the “ Exquisite nature of India ” and this is done non merely in the touristry information beginnings but is used by many merchandises and services in India symbolically. ( Taj Mahal Tea, Taj Group of Hotels, etc. , ) Destination image which is the perceptual experience about a trade name is impacted by the finish trade name individuality as sought to be created by the supply side participants at the finish. Keller ( 2008 ) identifies trade name image as dwelling of ( 1 ) user profiles, ( 2 ) purchase and usage state of affairss, ( 3 ) personality and values, and ( 4 ) history, heritage and experiences. In a finish image state of affairs all the four facets given above tantrum into the creative activity of a finish image even as the same facets are available with the supply side participants to make a trade name individuality. The conceptual facet here to be studied is the function that image percipients have in the creative activity of a trade name individuality. This basically means that the trade name individuality sought to be created by the firm/supply side participant is really a perceptual experience which the visitant has about the merchandise she envisages to see. This is more so in concern and conference touristry because the merchandise i.e. convention, conference, workshops etc. are co-created as in a service state of affairs. Most conventions and other concern get-togethers are created by the house and the finish merchandise director to make an experience for the visitants. Due to the strong economic state of affairs in India and due to the emerging economic system that India has been in the last decennary, there has been a greater accent on the houses to offer to its associates state of affairss and experiences which are honoring and educative in the signifier of concern conventions at alien venues in the state. Goa which is an internationally acclaimed tourer finish is one of such venues where there is a good sum of concern conference/convention activities which are organized by assorted houses as a agency to appreciate the attempts of its associates and employees. These conventions are of a Leisure-Business orientation. The survey is a conceptual one to place the impact that these conventions have on the trade name personality and trade name identity/image of Goa.


The survey being conceptual it was thought prudent to utilize a qualitative attack to the survey and therefore a instance survey attack is being taken up. Goa as a finish is chosen to understand the flow of concern and convention touristry and the form it is taking as there has been an inflow of concern touristry merchandises into Goa in the last few old ages. Though there has been no statistical history or statistical survey done to place the type and figure of concern touristry visitants, adept sentiment of the participants in the market, both, interest holders every bit good as finish sellers, has been taken to place the creative activity of the finish image for the concern and conference tourers. Experts from the hotel industry, event direction industry and the Department of Tourism which is the nodal bureau to supervise and supplement touristry from the Government ‘s side has been targeted for sentiments and positions which would be the footing for researching the function of finish image creative activity and its impact on the finish image of Goa.


Tourism in Goa.

Politically, Goa became a portion of India in 1961. It was under the Lusitanian regulation for more than four centuries before that. It is the smallest province of India. It was given Statehood in the twelvemonth 1987 and prior to this it was considered as a Union Territory along with Daman and Diu which were besides ruled by the Portuguese boulder clay 1961. Goa has country of 3702 square kilometres and has a lovely pristine beach length of 105 kilometres. Goa as a province is surrounded by the Sea to the West, by the province of Maharashtra to the North and by the province of Karnataka to the South and E. Geographically Goa can be categorized under three distinguishable countries v.i.z. , the Western Ghats ( An ecological and biodiversity part of the mountains ) towards the E and South, the Midlands and the coastal part. Goa has a population of about 1.45 million harmonizing to the speedy estimations of the 2011 Census.Politically Goa is divided into two territories, North Goa and South Goa. The province comprises of 11 Talukas ( Smaller political/administrative divisions of the province ) and 189 Village Panchayats ( Local Self Governments ) .

This is the geo-political construction of Goa. In footings of economic sciences, Goa, which is the smallest province of India in country and 4th smallest in population, has the highest per-capita income in the state. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //unidow.com/india % 20home % 20eng/statewise_gdp.html ) . The major economic sectors are the Primary sector ( Agriculture, Mining, Fisheries and Dairy agriculture ) which contributes 11.39 % of the province ‘s GDP ( 2009-2010 at Changeless Monetary values ) , the Secondary sector ( Industries, SMEs, etc. ) lending 37.73 % ( 2009-2010 at Changeless Monetary values ) and the Tertiary sector ( Services inclusive of Tourism ) lending a sum of 50.88 % ( 2009-2010 at Changeless Monetary values ) .2 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.goa.gov.in/pdf/goa-esurvey-2010-2011.pdf ) . In footings of growing of the sectors the primary, secondary and third sectors grew by 2.38 % , 5.05 % and 20.63 % severally in 2009-10.

Tourism Growth

Over the old ages the domestic touristry and foreign touristry increased and by the twelvemonth 1985 organised touristry in footings of foreign Charter Flights started. 24 Chartered flights operated in the twelvemonth 1985-86 delivery in 3568 foreign tourers with them. Though this was a infinitesimal portion of the entire foreign tourers in the province ( 3.85 % ) it was a beginning which would take to the Charter Foreign Tourists organizing 45.3 % of the entire foreign tourers in 2007. Though the ratio of Domestic Tourists to Foreign Tourists is 4:1 the mean stay of the foreign tourers is by and large higher. The domestic tourers stay for an norm of 5 yearss while the mean stay for the foreign tourers is 9 yearss. This besides increases the visibleness of the foreign tourers which creates an feeling that there are more foreign tourers sing the province of Goa. The chart given at the terminal of the paper gives the growing of touristry in Goa from 1985 to 2010.

Business and Conference touristry was non a portion of the touristry scenario in a important manner till the CHOGM meet ( Commonwealth Heads of Governments ) in 1983. This was one of the major events to go on though non connected with Business Tourism. Since so there has been an addition in the Business and Conference touristry in Goa though there has been no effort to place the growing in statistical footings. The touristry industry has on its ain given a encouragement to the concern and conference touristry by heightening the capablenesss of the private substructure such as Hotel Conference halls, Event direction etc. , and tried to promote a larger concern visitant profile for Goa.

The industry experts view Business Tourism as a nascent progeny in touristry in Goa. There have been a figure of conferences and meets in Goa that are targeted at the Business Tourist. The experts identify that at least 700-800 such little and average Conferences/Meets/ Dealer workshops are conducted all over Goa in a Calender twelvemonth. Most of these are conducted from June to October as this is the thin season for touristry and as such the installations associated with the hotel ( suites and other substructure ) are available.

The mark market for these conferences to a big extent has been the Pharma companies and besides Dealers of different concern organisations who converge on Goa to carry on their Gross saless meets or Year End meets. Most of the mark market is in Delhi and Mumbai, the two most of import metropoliss every bit far as Business is concerned. The full merchandise ( Conference or Dealer meet ) is co-created by the Customer ( concern organisation ) , the service supplier ( Hotel ) and the Event Management organisation. Most of the amusement and other services are provided by the Event Management organisation which is a portion of the merchandise creative activity procedure. Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers etc. , are organized by the Event Management companies as portion of the Conference. The merchandise so created has the possible to specify “ value ” to its clients and as such has the possible to impact the sort of image that clients seek in such state of affairss. Most of the clients, harmonizing to industry experts, are from the socio-economic category B1 and B2 ( SEC B1 & A ; B2 ) as per MRSI ( 2011 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //mrsi.in/sec.html.


The difference between a trade name and a trade good is the thought of added values ( Meldrum and McDonald, 1995 ) . These added values are associated with consumer demands in assorted ways. The added values are those that create the intrinsic trade name personality that seeks to separate different trade names though they could be functionally the same. In touristry, the finish personality is used to leverage the sensed image of the topographic point and in assisting tourers choose the finish in the first topographic point ( Crockett and Wood, 2002 ) . Brand image and trade name personality have been used interchangeably ( Hendon and Williams, 1985 ) and trade name image is by and large synonymous with either the trade name ‘s strategic personality or its repute as a whole ( Upshaw, 1995, p. 14 ) . Keller ( 2008 ) has identified trade name image as dwelling of ( 1 ) user profiles, ( 2 ) purchase and usage state of affairss, ( 3 ) personality and values, and ( 4 ) history, heritage and experiences. Goa and its history of touristry can be analyzed through this four of dimensions.

Business tourers coming to Goa harmonizing to the industry experts are largely from the SEC B1 and B2 classs. The clients are Graduates/Post-graduates, Skilled, Executives or people in Gross saless / Supervisory or Junior/senior executives. Entrepreneurs in footings of those who employ less than 10 people are besides considered under this categorization. Since there are a big figure of little concern meets and conferences go oning in Goa the creative activity of a merchandise ( Business conference ) in this instance is wholly a co-creation between the organisation and the service supplier. Normally the Hotel has a Gross saless in-charge associated with Business and Conference touristry and he/she initiates the procedure of placing such potency in the market. The Sales-in-charge would so continue to interact with the consumer ( organisation ) and happen out the demands. These would include the locale demands in footings of type of nutrient, topographic point, installations etc. It besides includes the amusement which is so outsourced to an event direction organisation with which the hotel has an association. Give this procedure the client ‘s say in the creative activity of the concern conference touristry experience is intrinsic. The consumer ( Organization ) desires to hold an experience that caters or satisfies the participants based on its apprehension of the people whom it is forming the conference for, e.g. , Trade meet ( for its distributers ) , Dealer ‘s meet ( for its Traders ) , Annual meet ( for its Gross saless people ) , Quarterly meet ( for assorted sections of the organisation ) etc. Goa ‘s concern touristry section comprises of the above mentioned types of meets and conferences and has resulted in the user profile planing the conference experience for itself. This will travel a long manner in making a competency for the hotel/event direction organisation which is co-creating the experience thereby seeking to guarantee future conference and meets holding similar subjects. It ‘s a known fact that one time the acquisition curve is peaked so it is easy to execute with lower costs thereby increasing the profitableness to make the experience across different state of affairss and across different client sections.

Goa has long been known as a leisure and merriment tourer finish among the foreign and domestic tourers. The Tourism Master Plan ( 2001 ) had identified attractive force penchants of tourers sing Goa. 66 % domestic tourers preferred the sea side while 48 % preferable heritage sites. 60 % foreign tourers preferred sea side. Having a leisure focal point and acquiring concern tourers to the finish requires a mix of leisure-cum-business. It is exactly this facet that has appealed to the consumers ( organisations ) to assist them co-create the Business Conference experience. This experience created across the 700-800 little concern conferences across the province of Goa has the possible to make an image for itself every bit far as “ business-cum-leisure ” touristry is concerned. In about all the concern meets and conferences the fire terpsichoreans and belly terpsichoreans that are brought in from exterior of Goa perform to entertain the conference/business meet participants. This has initiated a strong penchant from the client ‘s ( organisation ) side to hold such public presentations as portion of the concern meet/ conference experience. This has the possible to gyrate into a finish image through word of mouth promotion on the type and content of concern touristry experience at finish Goa. One can see the elusive alteration in touristic behaviour that impacts some stakeholders in so far as the Casino Tourism is seen. The seaward Casions that started in Goa a few old ages ago are easy impacting the image of Goa in certain sections of tourers. Though nascent there is range for the finish to place the major impacting elements that lead to the co-creation of the image with regard to Business Conference touristry. The procedure of image creative activity or instead experience creative activity and its impact on the image of the finish is an country for farther research. Though this article is more conceptual there is a good potency to set about research from a service selling point of position, an economic point of position ( Resource use ) and besides from a societal point of position.


Though Goa is non considered as a “ Business and Convention Tourism Destination ” there are little attempts being undertaken by the stakeholders in Tourism at Goa to guarantee that there is a combination of Business and Pleasure for the concern tourers at Goa. In chase of that, there is a strong experience co-creation by the stakeholders and the consumers, which is taking to a elusive image formation and finish trade name personality of Goa. The nuance is of premier importance as it does non impart itself to specify intercession to make a specific image as is done with trade names in the selling idiom. This in bend has the possible to make a trade name image / trade name personality for Goa which can non be controlled to present a strong competitory advantage vis-a-vis other concern finishs. Industry experts point out that in order to alter the image to hold specific facets of Business touristry highlighted there is a strong demand to make choice substructure in Goa. Industry experts besides point out that at best each of the 5 star class hotels has a Convention hall with a siting capacity of about 1000. In order to make a strong trade name image of a Business Tourism finish it is pointed out that such halls need to be of at least 20,000- 30,000 seating capacity. That is the sort of way which needs to be undertaken if one has to hold a strong impact on the finish image. However the elusive impacts that are seen due to the co-creation of the concern touristry experience besides have to be borne in head since their impact has an “ emerging ” tendency instead than a “ planned ” one.


Keller, K. ( 2008 ) . StrategicA brandA direction. Building, measurement, andA managingA

brandA equity ( 3rdA edition ed. ) . Upper SaddleA River: A NJ: A Prentice Hall


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