The Canadian National Bank is a case involving employee grievances and ethical issues. On February 26, 1997, Lesley Mahon was shocked and upset about the serious allegation complained formally by her subordinate—Pam Stewart to the “National Committee for Employee Concerns”(NCEC). She was wondering if there was any action to take to solve the problem. This situation was a breakout of their conflicts in a long period. The main two causes of the issues were Lesley’s leadership and Pam’s obstinacy.

There were different kinds of actions that Lesley could take, and finally she should talk to her subordinate to analysis and understand the motivation and behavior of a difficult employee to solve the problem thoroughly, and at the same time learn experience from this crisis. Problem Statement Lesley, the manager of customer service at the Chatham Branches was just informed that one of her subordinates-Pam had filed a formal complaint about the manager impeding her personal and professional development with the NCEC. This complaint followed a long period of open conflicts between the two.

Lesley was shocked and wondered what action she should take to face this serious and possibly unfounded allegation. Problems/Issues Lesley and Pam had had several conflicts since the first day of Lesley’s appointment. 1?In the first meeting with Lesley, Pam was the only one who showed negative reaction to her, and they had a uncomfortable conversation. 2?When Lesley asked Pam for her referrals, Pam refused to make any referrals which were crucial to the development of the bank in the future. 3?Pam wanted to stop working on Thursday evenings to have her accounting course.

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According to comprehensive consideration, Lesley suggested that she should wait until September, but Pam thought Lesley was blocking her development and complained in a formal written statement to NCEC. These conflicts made Lesley upset and wondered what to do to prevent the crisis and solve the problem. The questions were about employee grievances and ethical issues. There were several causes of them. The main two were the weakness of Lesley’s leadership and Pam’s stubborn.

Analysis Lesley’s leadership Lesley was a young, highly educated, considerate, calm and competent leader. However, her leadership had some problems. ?“Effective leadership is critical to all organizations. ” An effective leader must be able to influence his subordinates to work toward achieving the organization’s goals. Lesley as a leader, she should take actions to influence Pam to work toward her group’s target. She got the reminding former manager about Pam, but she didn’t pay enough attention to it. She talked to Pam but was just tolerant toward Pam’s rudeness, not forced Pam to accept the goals and changes. That led to the following conflicts’ accumulation as this problem unsolved immediately. 2?Building Relationships is an important part of leadership.

However Lesley didn’t have enough communications with Pam which led to the final big crisis. Lesley never cross-examined Pam what was her specific ideas or meanings, she just thought Pam might have personal problems without authorization. 3?Managers cannot achieve very much without motivated employees. Managers require knowledge of not only the structures and culture of the organization, but also about how the employees of the organization of motivated, led and persuaded to work towards common goals. Thinking creatively will ensure handling various individuals and situations.

Lesley was too young and didn’t have experience to analysis and understand the motivation and behavior of a difficult employee. Pam’s stubborn The other cause is from Pam. As her colleagues’ description, she was stern, very exacting, and professional. She didn’t have a formal business degree which let her lose the position of manager which might be a reason why she was not friendly to Lesley. 1?Pam lacked of communication with Lesley and other colleagues. Some colleagues were intimidated by Pam, because she often found and pointed out mistakes or oversights.

She always refused the changes from the bank and was difficult to accept Lesley’s suggestions. Although she had a lot of experience, she had bad operational skills that she never had made referrals for 25 years. 3?Pam was lack of team spirit. As Pam felt big stress from the job Lesley arrange for her and lake of confidence about her ability of the jobs, she left her job irresponsibly. Also she always only focused on her personality problem which caused some conflict and thought that Lesley was blocking her development. Alternatives Analysis 1?Lesley should have a deep talk with Pam immediately.

Pros: Lesley and Pam may understand each other, and make mutual concessions to get an acceptable solution. Cons: Pam may persist her old ways, the situation may be worse. 2?Lesley could ask for help from Employee Rules and Corrective Action Procedure. Pros: The rules may be a progressive positive approach way to provide a comprehensive process for helping to correct employees’ problem. If Pam refused Lesley’s suggestion, she would receive a written warming which would be placed in her file. Cons: But if the above measures fail to correct the problem, a decision-making leave should be ordered. ?Lesley makes concessions to Pam, exchange her works with other colleague who was available to work on Thursday evenings.

Pros: The current crisis would be solved. Cons: The essential problem still existed and the conflicts might break out more fiercely in the future. 4?Lesley should be stricter and take actions to force Pam to make changes for herself, otherwise she would be fired. Pros: This is a very efficient solution to force Pam to accept these changes from the bank and work out a compromise between her and Lesley. Cons: The changes were very difficult to Pam and the conflicts would increase. If Pam chose to leave, there was no ne single person Lesley could use as a substitute for Pam which met a big lose to the bank. Recommendation Lesley should take some actions: Short term: Lesley should have deeply communications with Pam immediately, trying to analysis and understand the motivation and behavior of a difficult employee. Also she should develop a detailed short-term action plan dealing with such situation. Long-term:Lesley may try to learn how company policies and employee rights can affect an individual’s decision-making ability. What’s more, she could develop an appreciation for some of the difficulties a young graduated may experience in her first job.


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