This survey endeavored to analyse the pupil publications of the Catholic high schools of Bangued Diocese. Specifically. this survey looked into the repeating forms. the dominant subjects. and mistakes found in the News. Columns. Features. Literary. and Sports pages of the school documents.

Using the qualitative type of content analysis by Zang and Wildemuth ( 2002 ) . the research worker studied 11 out of the 16 pupil publications of the Catholic schools. The repeating forms found in the subdivisions of the school publications are: a. ) News – Frequent usage of the words assembly. jubilation. and spiritual footings such as Mary. Our Lady. Holy Mass. Eucharistic jubilation. Reverend Father. SVD. officers. feast yearss. Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian. SVD DD ; Summary Lead or Conventional Lead for the intelligence articles and Novelty Lead for streamer narratives ; . b. ) Editorial – frequent usage of the words pupils. young person. parents. and gratitude ; and the application of Editorial of Criticism and Editorial of Tribute for type of column ; c. ) Features – dominant usage of character studies of personalities in campus ; d. ) Literary – frequent usage of the words friend. love. God. supplication. attention. thank. life. you ; e. ) Sports – frequent usage of the words intramurals. athleticss. games. friendly relationship games. competition. hoops. volleyball. work forces. adult females. varsity squad. households. indoor games. out-of-door games. won. licking. tribunal. and lead.

The dominant subjects apparent in the pupil publications that were analyzed are: a. ) News – school-related and community-related subjects ; b. ) Editorial – Leadership/leaders. young person. jubilee jubilations. and life at the present and in the hereafter ; c. ) Features – character study of school managers. instructors. employees. and pupils ; d. ) Literary – love. friendly relationship. and life ; e. ) Sports – School intramurals and friendship games with other diocesan schools.

The mistakes found the assorted subdivisions of the pupil publications are: a. ) News –long paragraphs. verboseness. wrong grammar. incorrect usage of punctuation Markss. hapless sentence building. usage of personal pronouns. usage of adjectives. and inclusion of personal remarks ; b. ) Editorial – The inclusion the editor’s byline every bit good as the usage of personal pronoun “I ; ” c. ) Features – Lack of quotation marks from the interviewees. a few mistakes in sentence building. incorrect pick of word. and wrong information ; d. ) Literary – A minor faux pas in verb tense and claiming ownership to a celebrated verse form and puting the student’s name as its byline ; e. ) Sports – Incorrect grammar. wrong usage of slangs. and misspelled words.

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Campus news media is indispensable in the personal businesss of the school. Hence. the quality of pupil publications of the Diocese of Bangued need to be improved including paper size. printing quality. pick of articles. and content in order to turn to the maps expected of a campus paper.

Six pupil publications were offset printed and utilize tabloid format. In footings of content and quality. The Voice of St. Joseph Seminary and The Fount of Little Flower High School stood out among the documents of the Diocese followed by The Trail of Holy Spirit Academy of Bangued. Among the newssheets. Vision of Queen of Peace High School La Paz topped the list in footings of content and journalistic authorship. followed by The Eagle of St. John High School. and Palipyas of St. Paul High School.

The intelligence pages of the pupil publications were filled with school and community events. The columns portrayed issues that affair to the pupils whereas the Literary pages are deluged with adolescent emotions. Among the subdivisions of the paper. it was the Features Page which needed to be beefed up because all of the school variety meats contained character studies. In footings of athleticss composing. most of the yellow journalisms displayed an ace accomplishment in athleticss composing but for the newssheets. more preparations would heighten their athleticss narratives and the newssheets would be better off with a athleticss page.


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