Compare and contrast cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are the most common house pets in America , their ability to fit in family’s is what make then such great pets but is one a better pet then the other? Both cats and dogs are domesticated so they can live in the house. If you have young children a cat or a dog could be a great pet because they are good around children. There are many different breeds in cats and dogs so you will have your options if you choose to get one. Both cats and dogs need lots of love and attention so you have to be ready for all the responsibility they come with. Responsibility is something you need if you are planning to get a pet but dogs require a bit more then cats do, cats can clean themselves but a dog needs to be given a bath by its owner. Dogs have a tendency to be more personal and affectionate with their owners, while cats on the other hand are perfectly fine being alone for hours on end.

The hours needed for sleep are also different in cats and dogs cats on average sleep 16 hours a day while dogs only sleep 10 hours a day. A dog needs to be taken for a walk at least 3 times a day and you need to monitor there exercise , cats can use a litter box and get there exercise from running around the house. Lastly cats have a longer life span then dogs do cats live about 14 years and dogs live about 11 years.

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About 47% of all household have dogs and 46% have cats so this shows that they are both popular and love house pets , but In my opinion one is a little bit better than the other and that would be a cat. I own two cats who I love very dearly they are always there when I get home and are very affectionate. They do have attitudes but they can also sense when I’m having a bad day and the comfort me. I love all animals and I would recommend either a cat or a dog to any family and I would also recommend that they get it from a shelter and not a pet store.


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