Cause for joining the Military
When many people think about the military they automatically think about basic military training (BMT). Depending on what branch of military service you choose will determine how many weeks of BMT you are required to complete. There is more to military than basic training, which give many an incentive to join. Causes for joining the military are physical fitness, education benefits and stability.

An important aspect of the military is physical fitness and one might join to say at or reach a physical. Physical fitness is ones responsibility while they are serving in the military. All personal must be in “fighting form” and depending on what branch of service a person joins, determines the level of fitness you must maintain. Most military organizations participate in physical fitness activities as a group for morale purposes. Generally this takes place two to three times a week. Having soldiers run together cheering each other on is an excellent support system for staying healthy. Fitness standards are established to make sure that the military members are holding up their end of the bargain. All branches of the military have annual physical fitness testing. The areas that are tested are running, push-ups, and sit-ups. Depending on what branch they are in will determine the requirements. If the member does not successfully pass their fitness testing there are many consequences. They will most likely not be released from active duty but they will put you in an alternate fitness program designed to bring their fitness level to a point it needs to be at. Fitness is a big part of the military lifestyle. The most popular reason is because of the education benefits received. College credits are received for BMT and technical training that can be carried over to the degree that one is pursuing. When soldiers are in BMT they are able to sign up for the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB). To receive the MGIB they have to pay $100 a month for 12 months. This adds up to deliver you $37,224 in education benefits when active duty is completed. Soldiers can also contribute to the kicker which is an extra $600 which will add $5,400 to their total education benefits.

While serving on active duty they are given 100% tuition assistance up to $250 per credit hour and up to $4,500 per year. If one choses to go to a school where the amounts will be exceeded they are able to use the MGIB top-up. The MGIB top-up just means that government will take the extra money from the money that the combatant would use when their active duty commitment is completed. They can also use the MGIB top-up to eliminate out of pocket expense while you’re on active duty. Once their four years of active duty is completed and if decided to get out and go to school as a full time student they are entitled to $1,034 a month or $1,184 if one participated in the kicker. This monthly amount will decrease depending on if they are a part time or quarter of the time student.

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The MGIB provides up to 36 months of education benefits if they are going to school full time but have 10 years to use the money earned. In the military there plenty of stability, steady pay checks is one thing that most looking for as well as job security. Once signed on to active duty soldiers are guaranteed a pay check on the 1st and the 15th of every month for the rest of their enlistment. The base pay is based on rank and time in service. Every calendar year soldiers receive a pay raise usually it is 3.1%. Every two years they receive a longevity pay increase also every time promoted another pay raise is received. There are more opportunities to get increased pay raises on active duty than there are in the civilian world. Also included in a monthly pay check are a basic allowance for housing (BAH) and basic allowance for sustenance (BAS). Soldiers receive BAH if they are living off base and not in government quarters. BAH is based on location, rank, and dependency status. Soldiers are not forced to use the whole amount for rent which means there is room to make money that can be used on other things. BAS entitlement is based on whether you are an officer or and enlisted member. Officers receive a monthly amount of $187.49 and enlisted members receive $272.26. BAS is basically money for food for one self, not for dependents. These two entitlements are nontaxable entitlements.

There are numerous entitlements that are payable to you depending on where in the world you are serving. There are also many tax free entitlements, and any items that ends in the word pay are taxable everything else is tax free. In conclusion the military has a lot to offer if one is willing to take that initial steps. The military takes care of its members at time their dependents. Joining the service will definitely change a person and offers life experiences that are not found in the civilian world. From physical fitness, education benefits and stability these are cause for joining the military. Soldiers go from having little to no direction or motivation to having skill and discipline those others will not have.

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