I. Introduction
A. One of the first lessons learned about cause and consequence is the really of import lesson. “correlation does non connote causing. ” II. Top two per centum of Americans
A. Raise revenue enhancements
B. Taxing the rich is good for the economic system
III. Cause
A. High revenue enhancements
IV. Effectss of high revenue enhancements
A. Low wages- concerns can’t afford to pay high rewards with such high revenue enhancements B. High prices- concerns have to raise monetary values to be able to pay these high revenue enhancements C. Lower quality- alternatively of passing money seeking to do higher quality goods and services. concerns must take short cuts to run into their revenue enhancement payments. D. Loss of jobs- Whether concerns go bankrupt. move to another state with lower revenue enhancements. or merely hold to allow people travel. these all consequence in a loss of occupations for many people. V. More effects of high revenue enhancements

A. Foreclosures. evictions. and homelessness- people are no longer able to pay their mortgages or rental contracts which leads to foreclosures and evictions. which finally leads to homelessness. B. Poverty- because of the people non able to populate in their places any longer or populate off of their income. our poorness rate goes up. which causes an addition on budgets of authorities societal plans. C. Chronic Recession- high revenue enhancement for a longer period of clip takes so much off from the authorities. that we enter a recession and are at that place until we find a manner to repair it. D. Low existent revenue enhancement revenues- The lasting recession and loss of occupations caused by the high revenue enhancements causes a bead in authorities gross. as economic production beads. If the authorities were to so raises revenue enhancement rates to retrieve the doomed gross. production beads once more. and the gross drops even more. And it would be a ne’er stoping rhythm. VI. Decision


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