The Causes of cheating. The world will be better if people complement each thing in this life perfectly. It is fact that if want to do anything, it must be a high quality to attract others to what we done. However, we should not forget our honor and lie to ourselves by cheating others. There are several effects because of cheating. There will not be trust between anyone, people will lose their rights and cheaters will destroy other people’s talents. As we know, trusting is one of the most important thing in our life because that will make our life go easily.

Nevertheless, if we started to cheat people in any part of our life. This will lead to lose their trusting, which we can’t cultivate again. To prove this point, I had a class mate in secondary school she was very successful, but in the final year our teacher caught her when she was trying to cheat. Because that situation, she failed that level, but the most significant thing was is she lost people’s trust. All students and teachers said she graded a full marks in the exam because she was cheating us. This is a very hard feeling when you typify students in that school then suddenly, that thing backfired.

Another effect is people will lose their rights. This thing will cause lots of problems such as people start balk at doing their woke. If someone was working very hard to get a high grades after graduating from the university to get a good Job. However, there is another student who was not care about his future using this filthy way to get a brilliant marks. As a result, they have almost the same degree then the cheater has Job with good salary. However, the other one who was studying to come successful; he still tries to have any kind of Job to survive in this life.

This way will force people to be dishonest with each other because no hope any more if they lost their rights. The third effect is destroys people’s talents to be creative in their lives. Because cheating molded people afraid of being honest. In addition, having that ambition to be important and have a good position in the society. If people always cheat in their daily live thee will be no reason to work hard to achieve what thy want. It is useless to work hard for nothing going to be so if I were in this situation I prefer o cheat it is easy way to get what I want without any trouble.

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In conclusion, cheating has bad effects on people and our community. For example, there will not be trust between people, people will lose their rights and cheaters will destroy other people talents. These do not affect only our daily life. The relationship between other countries will be influenced by cheating. This could cause wars and bloodbaths between countries. Also, It should for teachers give advices to ten students auto nee erects AT accenting, to Aviva negative consequences In future.


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