The Gallic Revolution of 1789 consisted of many facets which led to the motion. Both long-run and immediate causes bequeathed to its victory. The Enlightenment bestowed a new construct of authorities and society. America besides influenced the nation’s controversial rebellion.

Many actions contributed to the Gallic Revolution of 1789 ; harmonizing to an extract from Travels in France by Arthur Young. ( Document 1 ) Observations made by this traveller from the old ages 1787 to 1789 encompass the huge taxing on those who were non Lords. the increased monetary value of staff of life ; doing the peoples’ purchase of the resource inevitable and the insane monetary values of feudal dues.

Harmonizing to Document 2. a diagram of the three estates in 1789. the relationship between the per centum of the population in each estate and the per centum of the land owned showed that the larger the population the more the land owned on the estate ; chiefly focused toward the 3rd estate. Inequitable fortunes subsisted in pre-revolutionary France. implying the 3rd estate confronting much more of the revenue enhancements and fees than the other estates.

In Document 3. extracts from the cahiers listed the undermentioned demands made by the 3rd estate in the Gallic authorities: reform of maltreatment and dictatorship. equal revenue enhancement amongst all categories. revenue enhancements granted for a limited period. and votes taken per individual within assembly.

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Another cause of the Gallic Revolution of 1789 as expressed by Lord Acton was due to the American influence. He suggested that the thoughts of philosophers were non the cause of the epidemic. but that it was the contemplation provided by the Declaration of Independence. ( Document 5 )

The undermentioned actions contributed to the success of the Gallic motion. Each cause led to the tumult of the 3rd estate that caused them to revolt. The paperss mentioned above are confirmation of the involved causes. The causes led to an ambitious battle for rights & A ; resulted in what we know as the Gallic Revolution of 1789.


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